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How to change the sole on the boots


In this post, we’ll talk about this type of repair, such as replacing the sole.
The reasons leading to such a repair are different, I will list the main ones.

When the sole is pierced to the hole, or simply broken in the place of the bend.
Yes, you can solve this problem by installing a soles, previously tightening the crack with threads, or by installing a patch on a well-worn place, grind it and install prevention on top.

The choice is always up to the client, the task of the wizard is to propose solutions to the problem.
I always evaluate the general condition of the couple. Very often, I simply refuse to repair.

Because I see no reason to invest good money in a good repair, in the deplorable state of the couple, in general.

To do as horrible as it is to reach is not for me.
Such an approach only at first glance seems wrong, as practice has shown, failure does not always lead to loss of the client, rather the opposite.
The client goes to another workshop, they do what he wanted, they often do not talk about the problems of the couple, which will soon come out.
As a result, a person first-hand is convinced of my correctness (it was not worth investing in this pair, it is better to think about buying a new one), while giving the money.
What workshop do you think he will turn to next time?
Let us return to the topic of replacing the sole, this pair was absolutely whole (I'm talking about the top of the shoe, the only problem is the sole), for this reason I proposed a complete replacement of the sole, along with replacing the welt.
At the end of the repair, care was planned, it consisted of cleaning the suede, fluffing the pile, tinting, bringing the whole couple in full order.
The whole process of replacing the sole and welt is shown in a detailed video, a pleasant viewing!

Continuation of the video on replacing the soles.

In the next video, you can see the final result of my work on this pair, with the care done.

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How to change the sole on the boots

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Almost every person neglects his shoes, paying due attention to it only when buying or when it needs to be repaired. Many are sure that shoes, boots or sandals will last a long time, but it is not difficult to imagine the disappointment that befalls men and women when their shoes are stuck, cracked or worn. It’s good if this happens at such moments when you don’t have to rush anywhere. But what to do when it is urgently necessary to repair shoes, and so that this is done not only quickly, but also very carefully?

How to change the sole yourself.

Our masters possess not only the proper level of knowledge and a wide range of improvised tools and tools - they really want to help! For them it does not seem to be a problem to repair the soles or install shoe pads, they will be able to restore old shoes so that they look like they are from the counter.

By the way, replacing the sole is the most popular service, which, in most cases, must be completed in a short time. Turning to our masters, you can not only quickly get “resuscitated” shoes, but also a guarantee, which in each case is individual. When working, specialists will use only high-quality materials, so that the shoes will last a long time.

The second life of your favorite shoe

Everyone knows what will happen to shoes if worn for several seasons. Sooner or later, she will lose her outer gloss and will look very worn or worn. Of course, this may require repairing the sole, changing the arch support or changing the heels, but the most important thing is the restoration of the shoe, in which it will regain its original appearance and will look like new.

Our masters pay special attention to women's shoes, since all the girls want to look more beautiful, namely, high-quality repaired boots or shoes will give the overall appearance of elegance and charm. Of course, new things will look much more spectacular, but it does not always make sense to buy new shoes, when our craftsmen can quickly and accurately replace the heel of the shoe or install new heels on the old one.

The replacement of the sole carried out by our shoemakers (as, indeed, any other repair) will give your shoes a second life, and you will save money on buying new things!

Sole repair price list

Replacement (pair)1000-3000 rub. Sizing500-1000 rub. Plywood (half pair)500-800 rub. Outsole patch600-1500 rub. Installation / replacement of prophylaxis on the entire surface of the sole (wedge heel)SW. 70%

You can fully familiarize yourself with the prices by examining the price list for shoe repair services or by calling the branch nearest you.

Also, you can always use the following services of the Prosper-SB shoe workshop:

Video on this topic

I am glad to welcome you on my channel. In this video I will show how to cut out the sole for sandals and make a welt with my own hands. My VKontakte group

Mikhail Nosikov: I, too, am about this way, but without a welt, I’m doing the sole immediately on the patterns and the leather jacket is the same, with a welt of course more beautiful, well done!

Sasha Lipatov: Handsomely!

Advantages of the shoe workshop of the Public House “MULTI-MASTER"

Regular customers in the reviews emphasize the quality of work of the MULTI-MASTER salon specialists. Their qualification helps the use of preventive heels of the brands TOPY, VIBRAM, ARHITAK, genuine leather, reliable synthetic threads, durable adhesives.

If you have any problems (tearing, cracking of the soles, loss of heels), call our phones, the workshop managers will give advice on the types of repairs, prices.

Other Services in Multi-Master

Replacing the treads to replace worn and lost ones

Stretching shoes, rearranging shafts

Restoration, painting, suturing

Prices for shoe repair in Atelier MULTI-MASTER:

Service nameCost, rub
Handling minor surface damage and shoe shine to give it a fresh lookFrom 700 rub.
Installation of pads to replace worn and lostFrom 780 rub.
Replacement of failed lightning and worn out insolesFrom 1500 rub. (lightning)
From 1500 rub. (insoles)
Repair and replacement of heels when they are broken or abrasion, change of broken arch supportFrom 1200 rub.
Installation of prevention and replacement of preventionFrom 1000 rub.
Stretching shoes, altering the shafts, as well as shortening the height of the bootsFrom 700 rub.
Restoration, as well as high-quality painting of shoes made from any materialsFrom 3500 rub.
GlassageFrom 1200 rub.

* The final cost of the service is announced by the master when contacting the salon directly with the product that needs repair!

Removing the old sole

Sole repair begins by removing the old sole. This must be done carefully so as not to damage all shoes, as this leads to unjustified loss of material and time, as well as damage to the welt, lip, insole or the insole itself. It is impossible to remove the sole from the shoes with the help of ticks until the fixing seams are removed.

To cut the seams that hold the sole and welt, use a shoe knife. The knife only in that case will be completely subordinate to the hand if the thumb rests on the sole a few centimeters in front of the knife edge. This position of the hand contributes to the stability of the knife when it moves towards the thumb.

Fig. 57. The position of the hands and shoe knife while cutting the old sole

If glue gets during the cutting of the seam, do not try to remove it by force, as this can also lead to damage. You can remove the glue with a solvent or by heating the glue, placing the shoes in the activator for 2-4 minutes.

Fig. 58. Activator

Cutting joints should be done only in places where the sole is removed. Cutting of the seams basically begins and ends behind the beam part of the foot.

Fig. 59. The surface of the sole with which the seams are cut:
1 - the beginning of cutting seams, 2 - the end of cutting seams, 3 - the beginning of cutting soles

After the seam is cut, the portion of the sole to be replaced is removed. The sole should never be cut before the seams are cut.