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How to craft a machine gun from wood - a guide to creating a mock-up of weapons useful tips for creating a fake machine


This toy gun shoots used cartridges from a 9 mm pistol and is powered by rubber bands and springs. How to make a homemade shooting gun from wood and improvised materials.

The gun is automatic. It has a built-in magazine that is loaded with seven rounds of ammunition that are automatically fed into the chamber during firing.

As bullets for a pistol, you can use any 9-10 mm copper or wooden blanks. Depending on the installed spring, bullets fly at a distance of 3 to 6 meters.

Warning: do not point the gun at a person or pet. If a bullet hits the eye, it can damage it.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

The necessary materials for assembling a wooden gun with your own hands:

  • Plywood 12 mm thick.
  • Plywood 3 mm thick. Plexiglass, masonite or other material suitable for processing is also suitable.
  • Two elastic bands "Silly Bandz".
  • Several very small thin wood screws, 1-1.5 mm thick. If you cannot find such screws, then glue can be used for assembly.
  • Two screws with M2 or M3 thread.
  • Large spring with a diameter of 9 mm and a length of 50-75 mm. If you cannot find such a spring, use an elastic band instead.
  • A small spring or metal elastic bar. You can take a piece of rubber the size of a pencil eraser.
  • One standard nail with a diameter of about 1.5 mm.
  • Sleeves or other cylindrical blanks with a diameter of 9-10 mm and a length of 19 mm.

How to make a simple machine made of wood

To diversify your child’s games, you can make a simple wooden machine. It does not take much time, but first you need to prepare everything you need.

  • Circular saw
  • Drill,
  • Jigsaw Saw
  • Sharpened 10 cm.
  • Sandpaper,

To simplify the work, print a drawing of the model of the machine. The drawing can be easily found on the Internet. Then follow the instructions below:

  • Take a wooden block or a piece of thick board,
  • Based on a drawing or photograph of the machine, carefully mark the boundaries of the future weapons on the tree with a marker,

If you print the image of the machine on paper, and then cut it out and use it as a stencil, the product will turn out to be very realistic. After all, all the proportions can be observed.

  • Start cutting straight lines with a circular saw,
  • Pay particular attention to sawing out the curved parts of the machine. To do this, use a jigsaw,
  • Using a sharpener, process the weapon along the contour,
  • To make the machine more interesting do not forget to drill holes such as the barrel,
  • Polish the resulting weapon manually using emery paper,
  • Take a small piece of wire, preferably made of aluminum, to build the trigger,
  • At the end, paint the machine or varnish,

Such a toy machine made of wood is quite simple to manufacture, and will give the child a lot of joy.

How to make a realistic Kalashnikov assault rifle

A realistic model of the machine can be made at home, using the available tools. So here is a list of things you will need:

  • Thick and wide board (thickness should be at least 4 cm.),
  • Shank of wood (quite thin),
  • Plywood sheet
  • PVA glue,
  • Paint,
  • Jigsaw Saw
  • Milling machine
  • Sandpaper,
  • Magnets
  • Marker,

To get started, select the necessary material for the job. It is better to choose a board from pine.

When choosing wood for the product, please note that it should not have bitches or slivers.

We make a sketch on the wood. Marker outline the future of Kalashnikov. It should be borne in mind that the store will be separately attached to the machine, so you need to draw it separately. When the image is ready, begin to carefully cut the blank using a jigsaw.

Next, on a plywood sheet, draw two sketches of the side parts of the machine. These details will be needed in order to hide the place of fastening of the store in the future. Plywood for this should choose a thin one.

To store securely attached to the base of the weapon, you need to try on it several times and grind. Nothing should catch on, only in this case the child will be comfortable during the game.

On the milling machine, add volume to the product. To do this, it is necessary to remove the chamfer from the handle, as well as from the butt. Subsequently, sand the workpieces as best as possible.

Take the prepared side parts cut out of plywood, and glue them to the main part of the machine, generously lubricating with glue. Particular attention should be paid to the contour of the workpiece. After pressing all the details, for more reliable bonding, and leave for several hours until completely dry. As a result, it is worth grinding the product again so that parts from the plywood do not stand out.

Start modeling the trunk of the future wooden machine. At this stage, you need a thin stalk (you can do it yourself, or purchase it in the construction department of the store). You also need to cut out the front sight and drill holes in the machine to later fasten the barrel. Lubricate all parts with glue at the bonding points. After the machine is fully assembled, give it time to dry.

At the final stage, start painting the resulting model of the machine. You can use dark paint or varnish.

If you prefer paint, then use water-based paint. She is safer.

To ensure that the store is attached to the machine more reliably, it is necessary to use magnets. If the purchased magnets are in the form of a tablet, then before sticking them, it is worth drilling small holes in the store and on the inside of the machine. The diameter of the holes should match the diameter of the magnets. If a roll-type magnet was purchased, then glue a piece of the magnet of the desired shape and size on the inside of the machine. And in this case, a metal plate must be glued to the store. Glue is better to choose quick drying, or superglue.

Now the machine made of wood is ready. This weapon model is very interesting and realistic, which means it will undoubtedly be in demand among children.

How to make a toy machine and wood

Before starting work on a future toy, carefully draw a sketch of the future machine and transfer it to the material from which the product will be made. In this case, each detail must be drawn separately.

Make sure that the entire set of tools necessary for the job is at your fingertips. For the initial decoration you need: hammer, chisel, hatchet, plane, hacksaw for wood, hacksaw for metal, drill, level.

For harvesting, you should choose coniferous wood. And on the "blank" leave at least 15% of the material as stock. This is required for subsequent adjustment of the shape of the product. All elements of the future machine are cut separately.

After all the details are cut out of wood, you need to proceed to the grinding stage. To achieve the desired result, use the following sequence. First process each part with files. Then use sandpaper, first coarse and then fine, to bring the surface of the product to the desired level of smoothness.

At the last stage, take care of the design of the future toy. To do this, varnish the surface of the tree, preferably in two layers. The places where the paint will be applied, pre-primed.

Let the toy machine dry. And you can start the game.

How to make a Schmeiser machine

You can make a machine from a tree in different ways. It all depends on your skill and materials that are at hand.

To make a model of the machine you will need:

  • Wooden rail - 2 pcs.,
  • Super glue,
  • Nails
  • Espagnolette,
  • Hacksaw,
  • Sandpaper,

The boards or slats to be used must be at least 50 centimeters long. Saw the first rail along the middle, leaving only a third. While the lower part needs to be removed. The second rail is divided into two unequal segments. The longer part will be the store, and the short one will be the handle of the future machine.

The prepared parts of the product must be sanded with sandpaper. Then fasten all the parts using glue.

Also, any weapon needs a fly. Make it from a nail by carefully driving it in the upper part of the barrel. Similarly, do the trigger. Attach the latch on the side of the machine as a shutter.

At the final stage, polish the future toy again with an emery cloth. After that, cover the entire machine with dark paint. And let the product dry.

Now you can enjoy playing with such an automatic machine and gain new victories.

How to make a simple Schmeiser

It often happens that there is not enough time to create a complex model of an automaton. But this is not a problem, because a simple Schmeiser can be made from improvised materials. You will need:

Divide one of the rails into two parts. It is desirable that one of the halves be longer than the other.

On the second rail, cut a few pieces in the area of ​​the future trunk. Also in the opposite part, saw off a piece of wood so that an acute angle is obtained. It will be an impromptu butt, an assault rifle.

Finally, with the help of nails, attach the magazine, and the handle to the main part of the toy.

How to make a fake machine made of wood

Often an excellent material for creating dummy is ordinary plywood. Using one of the methods, you can easily make a model of the machine with your own hands.

To work, you will need the following "basic" tools and accessories:

  • Plywood. It is not necessary to use a whole sheet of material, in most cases, enough scraps. However, it is important that the pieces are of suitable size and thickness. Sometimes it’s worth choosing a thicker plywood, as during use the layout can be subjected to significant loads,
  • Instruments. This list includes both grinding and cutting tools. To make various recesses and holes on the surface of the dummy, you must have a carpentry knife or a chisel on hand. While for sanding a few sheets of sandpaper, of different degrees of graininess, are enough,
  • Protective covering. The future product, first, must be covered with a special composition that protects against moisture. And then cover the dummy with wear-resistant paint. Most often use black paint for wood. But you can also use silver.
  • Glue. In order for all parts of the machine to be securely fastened, it is necessary to use epoxy resin as glue. If it is not available, then you can do with PVA glue. And in some cases, even super glue,

To create a real dummy, you need to find in advance, a sketch of this machine. It is desirable that all exact dimensions be indicated on the drawing.

When all the components of the future dummy are already cut out of plywood, it is necessary to glue them and fasten them securely, until completely dry. Clamps will be very useful in this process. They will reliably fix all the details together.

In order for the "blank" to take the form of the desired machine, it is necessary to recreate all the holes and recesses. Use a jigsaw for this, first drilling holes, and then shaping them.

The dummy must have a realistic look. So it will be necessary to work hard. If there is not enough experience when working with cutters, it is better to start with simpler details. Otherwise, you may accidentally damage the product and work will have to start from scratch. However, the result should please with its resemblance to the original.

Pay special attention to grinding. To give the necessary smoothness, carefully process the dummy with sandpaper. First, go over the entire surface with sandpaper with large grains. For example, with the marking M - 100. And then use small paper for a fine finish.

Of course, it is necessary to color the dummy. In this case, note that the colors must match the original, this model of the machine. Choose paints of the necessary shades.

How to make a machine gun shooting rubber bands

Any machine model presented above can be modified if you add the ability to fire.

The easiest way is to attach a small stalk to one side of the machine. A thin rail may also be suitable. You can set the "trigger" both from above and from the side. The main thing is to be convenient for small children's hands.

You can attach the handle with nails or super glue. The main thing is that the mount is reliable.

Another thing necessary for shooting is an elastic band. It is better to use the so-called "banking" gum. They cost quite a bit, and are also great in size. A couple of these rubber bands are available in your organizer. To charge the weapon, weave two elastic bands, to one of which attach a paper clip. If possible, better do a few charges. To take the shot, gently grasp the paper clip. In this case, the elastic must be pulled to the very edge of the handle. Then release the paper clip.

Try not to point the weapon at people or animals, because a shot can have considerable power and harm others.

Step 2: Tools for the job

  • Superglue or wood glue.
  • Sandpaper of various grain sizes.
  • Any saw or thin-blade jigsaw.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Nippers or pliers with nippers, you can take a hacksaw for metal: to cut the nail to the desired size.
  • Drill with small drills.

Step 3: Cut out the wooden parts

First you need to cut the wooden blanks. At the end of this chapter there is a link to a PDF file with drawings for making the toy. Download it, print and transfer the sketches to plywood. The easiest way to transfer is to cut out patterns from paper, attach it to plywood and carefully draw around with a pencil.

The drawings show all sizes: they are useful to someone who has a CNC machine.

We make cuts. The small cutouts on parts A, C, D, and G are designed to engage rubber bands.

We drill holes. We drill a hole in the part F with a diameter of 3 mm. The hole in part E will have a diameter of 1.5 mm, in parts G - 1 mm. Fixing screws must enter freely into the groove on part G.

After cutting out all the details, study the photo to understand how they are assembled.

Step 4: Grinding Friction Surfaces

Take sandpaper and sand all rubbing surfaces of the parts. These surfaces should be polished to the highest quality. Finish sanding with a grit of at least 400 grit. In the photo, all the sanding areas are marked in green.

  • The inner surfaces of both halves of part G are made of 3 mm sheet (they are shown in dark green in the photo).
  • Shutter on all sides (part F).
  • Internal surfaces of parts A, B and C.
  • Both sides of the trigger (part E).
  • All sides of the shop pusher (part D).

Step 5: Getting Started

Glue parts A, B and C to one side (part G) as shown.

Attention! Try to avoid getting glue on the rubbing surfaces of parts.

Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6: Install and Adjust the Trigger

Install the trigger (Part E) in the back of part G. Insert the nail into the holes of these parts from below.

Make sure that the trigger rotates freely on the nail, otherwise you will have to slightly increase the diameter of the hole in the hook.

Now mount the trigger spring. Look at the pictures: there are three different mounting options:

  1. If you find a suitable spring, install it in the groove.
  2. If you have a flat elastic bar, install it as shown.
  3. If you did not find the spring, insert a cylindrical pencil eraser or other elastic rubber element into the groove.

Step 7: Install the Shutter

Insert the shutter (part F) into the gutter above the trigger. Screw one screw into the bolt hole through the groove of part G on the back. Do not fully screw in. Make sure that the screw will not abut against the edges of the groove, otherwise it will simply rip off when fired. Another such screw will be screwed on the other side of the gun.

Spring or elastic?
If you have a spring with a diameter of slightly less than 12 mm and a length of 50-75 mm, then install it behind the bolt (part F).

If there is no spring, use an elastic band.

Step 8: Install the second side

Glue the second side of the gun (part G). To make the gun collapsible, use screws instead of glue for assembly.

It is recommended to pre-drill holes for screws to avoid cracking plywood.

The nail used as the trigger axis must pass through the hole of the second part G.

Step 9: Final Assembly

After installing the second sidewall, cut the protruding nail at the level of the surface of the body and screw the second screw into the bolt (part F).

If you do not have a mainspring (which is installed behind the F shutter), you need to tighten the rubber as shown in the photo. You can experiment with different gums, different strengths.

Step 10: Learning to shoot

Insert 9 mm rounds into the magazine. They should be free to move inside the store. Holds up to 7 rounds at a time.

Insert a pusher and put on an elastic band on it, as shown in the figure. The gum presses the pusher, which in turn feeds the cartridge into the chamber when the shutter is cocked.

Cock the shutter by pulling the screws back. In this case, the pusher will feed the cartridge into the chamber.

Point the gun at the target and pull the trigger. For the next shot, cock the shutter again and shoot. Shoot until your opponents are defeated.

Watch a video on how to use a gun.

I’m telling you how to do something with step-by-step photos and video instructions.

How to modify the machine

In order for the wooden weapon to be fully equipped, in addition to the machine itself, you will need a bayonet knife and a belt for carrying. This will be especially true if the toy was made of solid wood.

The belt can be made of canvas tape. And fasten to the machine on two rings of metal wire, or in pre-cut holes. Also, for more comfortable wearing, you should make a “double loop” of tape. To do this, you need a piece of a weapon belt twice as long as the standard value and a thick wire ring. First, we fasten the belt to the machine, so that one of the edges is fixed near the barrel, then we pass the belt into the prepared ring and draw it closer to the base of the barrel. We pass the middle of the tape through the mount near the butt. If everything is done correctly, there should be a long “tail” from the belt, to the edge of which, it is necessary to sew a ring of durable metal, which remains to hang on the fixed section of the tape.

In the future, it is the elongated part of the belt that is worn on the person, and the machine remains to hang on it. This option of carrying wooden weapons will allow the child to play carefree, without having to hold the machine gun all the time with his hand. However, when calculating the length of the belt, it is worth considering that in the free position, the barrel should not touch the ground.

Now the wooden dream machine has been created and is fully equipped!