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Spices for pumpkin (Pumpkin spice)

I want to share the preparation of a mixture of spices for pumpkin pie. It turns out a universal spicy seasoning that we will use in the preparation of not only pies and pumpkin tarts, but also in the preparation of seasonal warming drinks, and New Year's cookies, and much more. It is important to store the spice mix for pumpkin pie in a hermetically sealed jar.

All that we have in a non-ground form must be ground, this can be done in a coffee grinder. Grate the nutmeg on the finest grater. Mix all the ingredients.

The resulting mixture of spices is transferred to a clean jar with a hermetically sealed lid. Store at room temperature.

Natalia Lopez

Hello! My name is Natalia. I always loved to cook, I started from school times and from my mother’s book “On Delicious and Healthy Food”. My mother was an artist by profession and in life, and even a simple, uncomplicated dish was always very original decorated and served. I still remember how the meat in the pots was choked, the lights turned off, any alcohol that could be set on fire was poured on a baking sheet, and all these pots were taken out of the kitchen to the guests in surprise. It was impressive! Therefore, I inherited my addiction to everything beautiful from my parents. For me, serving a meal is no less important than the dish itself, and it doesn’t matter if it is something cooked in the near future or it is a recipe that requires long cooking. By fate, I have long been living in Latin America, in a country with an unusual climate, where you can find air temperatures from +40 to -2 degrees, where there is snow, and the coasts of two oceans - the Atlantic and the Pacific, where there is a jungle and alpine meadows, and beaches. Of course, such a variety could not but leave an imprint on the gastronomy of Colombia. The country has a lot of seafood, meat and a variety of exotic fruits, the gastronomic preferences of the local population vary from region to region, well, and I draw inspiration from all this local flavor. I cook a lot, I don’t like monotony, so my kitchen is very diverse. I can’t say which cuisine I like more, I love Mediterranean food, Russian, local and Asian, I also love pastries and shortbread dough. Well, you understand, everything is delicious! If I try something new that I liked in a restaurant, I always try to first understand what seasonings and ingredients are there and if I really like something I reproduce it in my kitchen and amaze my family and friends. Of course, a very important source of inspiration is the Internet and various cookbooks. But if the recipe does not have a beautiful photo, I won’t even read it! For some time now, she began to share her acquired knowledge and skills on instagram, (@vlasna) from which I picked up a camera. I believe that a decent picture should accompany any recipe, so that the viewer understands what is on the plate and how it can be served, and ideally, so that he also wants to eat it! )) Well, I try to choose recipes that are not complicated to execute and do not require a huge investment of time. Everything as we love: #JustFastTasty. I have my own recipes and tested over the years, but if I interact with others, I usually redo them a bit for myself. Anyone who cooks a lot and often, I think will understand me. Here I will gladly share with you my experience, favorite recipes. Cooking for yourself and friends is so exciting! If anyone has questions, I’ll answer, and of course I will be glad to see you on my @vlasna instagram page. Come in, I will be glad to talk!

Step by step recipe with photo

Pumpkin is a versatile vegetable! From it you can cook everything from soups to dessert. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, carotene, fiber. But in order to maintain useful properties and enjoy the taste and aroma of this wonderful vegetable, you need to cook it correctly and choose the right spices and seasonings. Spices for pumpkin can be different, depending on what you are going to cook. The four Pumpkin spice fragrances offered are the basis.

You can safely add a mixture of spices to pumpkin pies, casseroles, smoothies.

We will prepare all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of seasoning for pumpkin. I have all the spices - in powder, with the exception of cloves. You can take cinnamon in sticks, a whole nutmeg, but then you have to chop and sift them.

Pound the cloves into powder.

We measure out all the spices in the indicated size.

Stir thoroughly so that no lumps remain. The aroma was already stunning! And if nutmeg and cinnamon are freshly ground, the aroma will be even more saturated.

Store a set of spices for pumpkins in a tightly closed jar.