Useful Tips

How to entertain your dog


Much depends on the breed of dogs. If you have hunting and active, then of course long tiring active walks. To return and the tongue on the shoulder.

Also at home for your pet should be toys. Rubber toys for dogs are different from rubber toys for children. They are lighter.

In addition to rubber toys, dogs are very fond of balls. Tennis balls are especially suitable, they are dense, weighty, bouncing. Behind them joyfully run, squeeze.

There may also be special braids of thread. Vedic dogs like to nibble on any socks. But it’s better to buy such a tight pigtail and give it to the dog. If the dog has grown and her teeth have already changed, then you can pull this pigtail, and the dog will hold. It is better not to play with puppies so that your bite does not deteriorate.

Well, and what kind of dog does not like to gnaw wood. You can have a dog bite at home for the dog. Otherwise, it will gnaw furniture.

Traditionally for a dog, the best entertainment is a walk. The longer the better. It is important to change places, dogs like new people, smells, adventures, like people. If the breed is sociable, then they love to walk in the company of other dogs. A good walk for two or three hours ensures that the dog does not want to have fun at home, will fall off without his hind legs and will breathe.

It’s ideal at home when the dog has someone to play with — a good company is the second dog, a cat, a small child. I knew a boxer who came up to the cage with a domestic rat and asked the hostess to let the rat play. And there are breeds that do not like children's society at all.

Dogs also like to look out the window. So you need to organize a pet observation post. For a large dog, a balcony is suitable, for a small one you can not force the window sill and substitute a chair so that it jumps and protects the edges of the apartment from enemy attacks.

It’s still important to remember this thing. Each breed of dog is intended for some specific purpose, and the owner must understand that dog skills must be developed before getting a puppy. A hunting dog should go hunting, husky to ride in a harness (well, or just carry a sled in the winter), guard the Asian shepherd, then neither the dog nor the owner will need to think about how to have fun.

Joint pastime

Train your dog. Teaching a dog new teams is a payload for her mental abilities. The dog itself needs this, otherwise it will be bored. In the wild, dogs receive fairly extensive mental stimulation. At home, you should take care of this. The most productive way of such stimulation is to train the dog a new team or a new type of behavior. In this case, the dog will appreciate your attention.

Walk your dog regularly. Any walks are better than their complete absence, so be sure to set aside at least 10 minutes a day (but better more) to bring the dog for a walk in the surrounding area. When you have more free time, for example on weekends, take your dog with you to the beach, forest or other interesting place for a long walk that will be useful to both of you.

Play with the hose. If you live in your own house or in the country, and the yard is a hot sunny day, change into a bathing suit and include a hose with water. Pour water on yourself and the dog. You can also use spray nozzles with a hose that are great for water activities with puppies. However, if your dog is afraid of water, such entertainment is not suitable for her.

Play hide and seek with the dog. Hide in various places in the room treats for the dog and let her find them. Every time a dog successfully finds a treat, praise and stroke it. You can even hide yourself if your dog agrees to look for you. Just make sure that while you are hiding, the dog will not run away.

Swim with the dog. Go to the beach and plunge into the water with the dog. If there are outdoor pools where you live, find out if they have open days for dogs at the end of the bathing season. If you have a pond or lake nearby that allows both people and dogs to swim, just take the dog there.

Play aport. This game can be played anywhere: in the yard, in the park, in nature, on the beach and so on. Use a ball, stick, or other dog toy to play. The game of aport allows you to perfectly provide your dog with physical activity with minimal personal effort. Some toys, such as flying saucers, are specifically designed for long-distance flight, so they can be used to increase the amount of physical activity a dog receives.

Do you have a dog? Do you love her, but do not always have free time to play with her?

There are several solutions.

The essence of the decision is to give the dog something interesting that she can do on her own, without your participation for a while.

Moreover, this should be something interesting for the dog. And what is always interesting for your pet?

That's right, yummy 🙂 (I don’t take into account your offer to take a walk or go somewhere by car).

So, the basis is the delicious thing your watchdog loves.

Our loves rye crackers. I specially dry them for him. Each time I buy brown bread, cut into slices with a crust and put in a small outlet. So the pieces of bread in a few days turn into a treat for the dog 🙂

When Temka was a puppy, they tried to buy ready-made treats for him, he refused to eat them, as a result, everything was sent as treats to the yard dogs.

What do you need?

  • Snack (I have a cracker).
  • Any magazine (the thicker, the longer it will last).
  • Old envelope from a letter or newspaper.
  • Any rope (my rag is torn in half and tied.

Note that all this is used once. Then all this will be torn by the dog into small pieces and thrown out.

What can be used in return?

In our house since Temka appeared, no paper containers are thrown away just like that.

First, it all gets to the dog as an entertainment 🙂

Boxes of medicines, toothpaste, tea. Cardboard packaging from eggs. Advertising magazines (as in the photo). Envelopes from letters (I have large A4 envelopes for work).

So what to do with a dog at home?

We take the cooked toy and give it to the dog. But not immediately, but at first a little teasing and provoking her. 🙂

If your pet is not familiar with such fun, wrap a yummy before his eyes, showing first a treat. The dogs are smart, he will understand that you need to get to the goodies.

On the video, I shoot with one hand, with the other I play with the dog, so everything is not so active 🙂

And then you can calmly go about your business, because your dog will be busy with a very important business 🙂

True, then you need to sweep 😉

Safety precautions

The main commandment of the owner of the animal - do no harm.

  • Do not use plastic or plastic packaging in the manufacture of disposable toys. Broken and swallowed plastic will cause a lot of trouble. And polyethylene. The neighbors' dog died, as it turned out later, after eating polyethylene.
  • Do not use silk or other strong ropes, as the dog may cut them.
  • Strong smelling medicine boxes will not bring pleasure to the dog. The dog should smell the delicious)

Health to you and your pets! (If you have them 🙂)

Overly active dogs are not uncommon now, and if you are lucky enough to become the owner of a restless pet, carefully read this article.

There are two reasons for overly active dog behavior:

  1. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (illness),
  2. improper daily routine and nutrition.

The first reason, i.e. neurotic disorder, is rare in dogs. Most dogs attributed to hyperactivity are perfectly healthy animals suffering from lack of walking and training.

There are certain symptoms by which you can suspect a disease. Watch your fidget:

  1. obsessive movements (chasing a tail, spinning in place),
  2. rapid breathing and shortness of breath,
  3. constant wandering around the apartment,
  4. unfocused gaze and more.

If you think that the dog’s restlessness has anomalous reasons, take her to the veterinarian for an examination, some drugs will be prescribed for you, and they will recommend a diet.

But nevertheless, mental disorders in dogs are rare, and you will have to invest a lot of time and energy in re-educating the pet.

1. Diet. Eating can very noticeably affect a dog’s behavior. The amino acid deficiency of tryptophan in the body is directly related to a change in behavior (it is responsible for the production of serotonin). If the pet is sitting on dry food, buy vitamins separately, add foods containing a lot of tryptophan to your diet: raw seaweed, cabbage (broccoli, Peking, white cabbage), beans, bananas, melon, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc.) .
Revision of nutrition is the first thing you will need to do to correct behavior.

2. The daily routine. Try to always feed the dog and walk with it at the same time. A clear routine balances the dog, gives it a sense of calm and confidence. The animal feels much more comfortable psychologically when it knows that you are going to have dinner now, then go for a walk, then feed it.

3. Physical activity. The problem of excessive activity lies in the excess of energy that the dog does not have time to dump during the morning and evening walks. The state of frustration makes the animal look for a way out in the destruction of things, incessant barking and howling, frantic activity on the street. Increase your walking distance to at least one hour in the evening and half an hour in the morning. At the same time, the walk itself should consist of measured and long walking or unhurried running. Allocate the first 20 minutes to games with other dogs and a toy, then take on a leash and start a long exercise. In summer, train your pet for cycling - it exhausts dogs especially well, and it’s useful and not so tiring for you.

4. Game with a toy (puller, grasp, ball). The game process very well discharges the dog, exhausts it emotionally and physically. The main thing is not to overdo it, and not to transfer the dog into a hysterical state, from which it is difficult to get it out. In fact, if your breed is initially easily excitable and energetic (Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Labrador, Jack Russell, Belgian Shepherd and many others), then it is best to learn the correct game from an instructor who has experience working with such dogs. It is necessary to play with these dogs extremely professionally, to understand well the line between excitement and hysteria, to be able to calm the animal. Playing with them is difficult but necessary. After 10-15 minutes of the correct game, the dog becomes calmer in front of his eyes, it is noticeably more manageable.

Be sure to start training. Act from simple to complex: the "Sit", "Lie" commands with a short shutter speed (up to 30 seconds). After the execution, release the dog with the “Walk!” Command. Slowly increase the exposure time (1-2 minutes), be sure to reward the dog with pieces of goodies. The fixing commands of the complex (sit and lie down) help the dog to calm down and switch to quiet mode. In the process of training, you yourself will notice that the dog calms down easier, it becomes more balanced.

Enter a new command every week, but be careful, if the dog is not coping with the already proposed amount of work, then the introduction of new rules will give only a reason for stress. After three months, having less or less studied the obedience course, find in your city any specialized courses for dogs. For example, agility, dog Frisbee, trail and search work, selection of things and people, etc. I do not recommend putting the dog on guard duty, this can exacerbate the problem.

Starting to engage in discipline, the dog will fully acquire the meaning of life, will be happy. It will be useful for you, communicating with dog handlers, seeing new methods of training, you will better understand your dog and its needs. Most of all I recommend the disciplines of active cynological sport (agility, Frisbee), since dogs of this type work there, and they will help you soon.

How should your normal walk go

10 minutes to the toilet, 15 minutes to play with friends and dogs, 20 minutes to train and play with a toy, and another 30 minutes for a long soothing walk. You will see how tired the dog is after obedience. For several minutes each day, the dog is very well exhausted for training.

Ekaterina Titova (Doggy Center Instructor)

The owner does not know how to entertain the dog. Coming up with ideas is tiring. It is much easier to get up from the couch and take the pet when the manual is at hand. Read the article, find out how to spend time with the dog at home if there is bad weather on the street.

Why exercise

Bored dogs are looking for adventure and are in trouble. A person either thinks of how to manage the time of the animal, or the dog takes the initiative in its paws. The result is deplorable - chewed shoes, stripped wallpaper or upholstery on upholstered furniture.

Play with your dog a couple of times a day. And then destructive behavior, the desire to gnaw things and excessive barking, will bypass the house.

Smell games are an easy way to tire a dog. Teach your pet the game "find food", help you get tired mentally and physically, hone your natural skills.

Take the goodies, spread the treats around the room. Give the dog the command to "find" praise every time the treat falls into its mouth. Complicate the task. Hide food in hidden places, for example, under a rug. With the help of smell, the animal will find pieces.

Find a treat in King Kong

Kong is an intellectual toy for dogs. Fill the inside of the item with food. Leave the toy and go to work without worrying about anything. Extending the time of games is simple. Place the food item in the freezer overnight. Take out before exiting. Thawing will take 30 minutes. During this time, the dog’s interest in hidden treats will only increase.

The toy Kong is not killed. The item is environmentally friendly, does not break, is easy to clean.

Work out food

People surrounded the dogs with care - the animals sleep softly, they look after the pets, the dogs eat a lot. But friends of man not so long ago, by historical standards, helped with the housework. Pets lack mental and physical exercise.

Get the dog to work out the food. There are two ways to do this. The dog either takes a portion of food from a dispenser toy or performs a trick before receiving a treat, for example, somersaulting on the floor.

Overcoming obstacles

Teach your dog to jump over the stick. Raise a little higher, repeat. Place obstacle objects on the floor. Challenge the dog. Treat only when jumping over an item.

Dogs like to catch soap bubbles. Children's toys are safe for dogs and do not contain toxic substances.