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Already played a considerable number of hours in Team Fortress 2, but still do not understand how you, a sniper with experience, can be humiliated by that guy in hibiscus? Or vice versa, it doesn’t reach at all how a beginner can learn to play so well when you don’t know anything?

In fact, everything is simpler than it might seem. This guide will show you how to learn how to play as a sniper.

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    In skillful hands, a sniper is a killing machine. The game of your team as a whole, of course, depends on how well you shoot. But you will help her even more if you pull for the thread that you need. Priorities depend on the situation, but almost always the “Top 3” are “the same people.”

    Whichever map you play, your main goal is Medic. If he is busy treating someone from the difficult classes (demoman, soldier or machine gunner), then this guy needs to be killed. Without a doctor, the patient will last much less time than with him.

    Enemy sniper
    The second task is to kill the enemy sniper. Remember: for your team he poses exactly the same danger as you for him. In addition, other classes are much more difficult to get it, and if you are confronted with at least one good shooter, the freedom of your actions on the battlefield is a big question.

    Demoman and Machine Gunner
    In third place in importance are two classes at once - this is Demoman and Machine Gunner. Both characters are the main demage dealers. It is they who do not allow you to break through your defense, protect the medic and with him all active actions are taken.

    For other classes, spend time only if priority goals are not in sight. Do not forget: your main task is to quietly and effectively kill key enemy characters.

    In truly team games (9x9, for example, in the Lobby or even the Tournament), the team does not depend on the sniper in any way (we mean the rest of the classes - Soldier, Heavy, Demo - all but the sniper and the spy). Because this class, like the spy, has complete freedom of action - you simply give information, go around, and kill opponents if possible.

    The game of the whole team depends on the physician - he treats everyone, the main characters move only with him, only with the uber-charge the players try to make some sorties and so on.

    I want to say that by killing an enemy sniper, you, first of all, help yourself, since there is complete freedom of action. But, since a sniper is a class independent of anyone (and no one depends on him), the enemy’s team will not feel this “minus one”. By eliminating the medic, besides you, your partners get a huge advantage, and the opponents, logically, will be forced to retreat.

    Well, with the prioritization we figured out, now let's move on to the main issue - "How to learn to play for this class?"

    Throughout the game, I often met snipers who, maybe, know how to play well (in terms of “hit my head”), but when they encounter a knowledgeable shooter, they make a number of mistakes that completely reduce their game to nothing. Below I will analyze some of the main problems of the average sniper novice.

    Believe me, there is nothing easier than putting a headshot to a character who stands still. And given the same sniper playing for the opposing team, he won’t have any problems killing you. Do not stand in one place: go, look for new goals. Being constantly in the same position, no matter how advantageous it is, you will be discovered by the enemy, and, as experience shows, sooner or later killed. Your appearance in the same place will no longer be a surprise.

    As the saying goes - if you can’t get into the head of a machine gunner, do not even play as a sniper. In order to avoid such problems with you, you need to train in the accuracy of your shooting.

    1. Personally, I prefer training on the job, so to speak, from production. Following the link, [] you will find a map tr_walkway, which is a long corridor along which, waiting for reprisal, the bots run. I advise every beginner to pay attention to the map - now your main task is to get used to the location of the heads of all classes in Team Fortress 2.

    2. Tr_aim [] and tr_aim_training_b13 [] cards, which, unlike tr_walkway, are specially designed for snipers, also belong to on-the-job training. Here you are no longer bots that run in a straight line, but a real test of the reaction, accuracy and speed in one map (more precisely two). I recommend trying both and choosing the best for yourself.
    As elsewhere, without training there will be no result. Practice is the most important thing in our business. This does not mean that you need to immediately go and hang headshots 24-hours non-stop. An hour a day is enough if you don’t stand still, looking for pixels in the wall.

    1. Keep the scope constantly at the level of the target’s head. When playing against another sniper this is especially important. Hooked - fired, if there was a miss, after the shot the cursor should still be automatically pointed by you on the enemy’s head.

  • Try not to do kills in the body. I think everyone knows how to be killed in the heel by a sniper-body-shooter who carelessly stands in one place, somehow managing to aim his sight at the part of the body that protrudes from around the corner. By making bodyshots, you do not learn to make headshots.
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    Everything that I described above, of course, cannot be learned right away, but no one requires this from you. To achieve a decent result, you must first exercise. With the "clock" everything will come by itself.

    I suggest watching a video in which the guys from the Auto-Aim clan do miracles. Of course, the quality of the video leaves much to be desired, but as one example, what we should strive for will do.

    Now it's time to talk about weapons, because some players, despite the considerable number of hours in the game, do not understand that what they use is not suitable for a sniper.

    Sydney sleepyhead
    The main disadvantage of this rifle is the inability to inflict critical damage when hit in the head. Therefore, it is used mainly to finish off key opponents or to impose a Banquet effect on them, facilitating the work of allies.

    If you want to play as a sniper, a real sniper, I advise you to simply remove this weapon from your inventory. With him you will be a body-shooter, a camper, a person who does not know how and does not want to learn how to play for a sniper for real, and it will be almost impossible to compete with the enemy arrow.

    Unlike a sniper rifle, this weapon cannot fire without the use of an optical sight. With a fully charged shot, Makhina can inflict an additional 15% damage to the enemy and pierce through several opponents. This weapon fires tracer ammunition, which informs nearby enemies of the location of the sniper.

    If you can somehow come to terms with the fact that you can’t take a shot without aiming, then the trace remaining after the shot and reporting your location completely erases all the pluses. As mentioned above, the main task of a sniper is to constantly move around the map and appear in places unexpected for the enemy. In this situation, appearing unexpectedly from around the corner, the first shot, if it is a miss, may be your last, because the target will immediately know that an attempt was made to kill her. Moreover - she will know where they shot her from. However, the colossus, unlike the Sydney Sony, is simply not recommended for use. - honestly, my favorite server. Although, in principle, is no different from other Orange. is one of the best "range" of its kind, since this server has a wonderful plug-in that prevents all attempts by snipers to kill you in the body. If you’ve already adapted to play, I recommend it for familiarization and regular training. - a server on which you can play only as a sniper. Great for training against other shooters.

    This cunning fox can easily look straight at you with a damning look, poke a finger in your chest and convince others that it is you and no one else who is the spy. And while you come to your senses from such blatant arrogance and test cuffs of the allies, he will have time with a knife ready to be behind you.

    Writing something specific about how to avoid a knife in the back is difficult. I can only give you some tips on how to protect your rear, in the hope that after reading them, you will be ready for unexpected meetings.

    The jar can be thrown, while it will break, and the liquid will sprinkle a small area around the place of contact. Enemies that fall within the radius of damage will be covered with liquid for 10 seconds. During this period, for the victim, all damage taken will be mini-critical.

    A banquet is great for exposing spies among allies. In addition, a traitor drenched in a bank has practically no chance of survival - “wet”, he will no longer be able to so easily escape with the Death Ring or Invisibility.

    It is recommended to be used in conjunction with Kustolom. []

    Armor shell
    When worn, the Razorback protects against a single strike in the back of an enemy spy. If there was an attempt at such a strike, the spy will not be able to become invisible in the next two seconds after the strike, nor will he be able to switch from a knife to another weapon. The player finds out about the failed attempt by a loud electric sound. The new Razorback can only be taken in the supply locker or after rebirth.

    This item is only suitable for scaring off a spy or two. Especially persistent citizens like to make a deliberately false hit in the back, and run away under the guise, hoping that you will spit on a trip to the nearest locker. In such cases, do not be lazy, and bother to go for a new shield.

    Most spies use "non-standard" class objects, which only complicates the life of a sniper. The guide is intended for beginners, so I will write about them, although you may already know everything yourself.

    But against scrap there is a trick. If you thought that wearing the Razorback, you will completely protect yourself from the spy, I hasten to upset you.

    The ambassador deals less damage and has a lower rate of fire compared to the standard spy revolver, in addition, shots from these weapons cannot be critical. At the same time, the Ambassador shoots extremely accurately, and getting into the head is guaranteed to do critical damage.

    It is this feature that makes the weapon so deadly, especially for a sniper, who often stands still. But you can also be saved from the spy who armed himself with this gun, if not to kill him at all. The main thing is to respond in time to getting into the head from the ambassador, since the damage that he inflicts is always equal to 102 units, and if you had more than that, then before the second spy hit, you still have every chance of survival. It is important to be able to use them.

    Death's bell
    The main property of this watch is the ability to make the owner invisible for 6.5 seconds when taking damage, simulating his death and leaving his body behind to distract and deceive the enemies. The transition to invisibility occurs instantly and can create false alerts about death, superiority, revenge. If the spy is disguised as an ally, when the clock is activated, the body of the class under which it is disguised will appear on the ground.

    Let it truly fly off to the side or genuinely tear to pieces, you should not believe this. It is very suspicious to die for a spy from the first damage inflicted on him at the beginning of the round. Suspecting, do not give up and continue to do their own thing. Wait for the piercing sound * that sounds every time a spy leaves the death ring, and, turning unexpectedly, deal with a bastard who was taken aback by surprise, who thought that he would take the victim by surprise, but he himself would be caught.

    If you think that your skill as a sniper has reached the limit, and you’re tired of playing a meat grinder against beginners, I recommend trying Lobby. You can find out what the lobby is and with what it is eaten from the wonderful guide from kkaltuu.

    I hope, after reading my guide, you understand how to learn (rather, how to study correctly) to play for such a difficult class in your own way, and the next time when an experienced sniper plays against you instead of shouting “Cheater!”, you try to beat him.

    Do not be afraid to ask and leave comments (as well as give tips on how to improve leadership). Criticism is the best reward for the author.

    And do not forget the main thing: if my guide seemed useful to you, and you learned a lot of interesting information from it, Rate my work, as well as Add the manual to Favorites and Share it on Steam. I will be grateful.

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