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How much do strippers earn?


Snow fell and covered the gray earth with a snow-white blanket. This morning I was sitting at my computer and browsing the material for the next article, when I found out that on one of the social pages, I received a request. Especially without delving into the details, I clicked “Accept”.

Sometimes one click of a mouse turns into a very interesting and unexpected acquaintance with a creative person. At least in my life this has happened more than once.

A new virtual acquaintance was Dushan from Serbia. Having exchanged greetings, we began a dialogue. I learned that he loves fishing, regularly carries his pregnant cat to the veterinarian, prefers to read historical books.

The conversation went easily and touched on the topic of the profession. The answer that was voiced did not fit in with the image already looming in my brain. The calm young man with a serious expression and a pleasant laugh turned out to be a professional stripper. Dushan from Serbia turned out to be a stripper
Photo: Anastasia Polovnikova, personal archive

Up to this point, I have never had the opportunity to intersect with people of a similar profession. It always remained beyond the bounds of the world in which I habitually dwell. Thoughts in a stream, like a flock of birds awakened by the sharp sound, shot up in my head.

- What did you dream of becoming in your childhood? - I asked, looking into the blue eyes of the interlocutor, looking at me from the window of the webcam.

- I wanted to become a policeman and even attended the police academy, but left because I did not agree with some methods of work. I wanted to protect the poor, the weak, the defenseless, which I do every day. Indeed, for this you just need to be a person and do not have to work in the police.

- I agree with the last phrase! But do you have any education?

- If so, why did you choose to work as a stripper?

Dusan took a sip from the mug standing on the table in front of the monitor and thought for a moment.

- I always liked dancing. From elementary grades I attended the dance section, participated in various competitions, won more than one medal for the school in which I studied. In nightclubs, I saw how girls dance striptease, and I did not leave the thought that I can do it better! I graduated from a six-month strip course and received a diploma. I like my work because it is artistic and creative.

- Do you have a stage name?

“So I have an interview with Angel today?” - I smiled. In response, Dushan laughed and nodded his head slightly. - How do your parents and friends relate to your professional choice?

- Fine. They know that I do what I like.

I don’t remember where and when I heard this phrase. It sounds something like this: “Do what you do well. This is the fastest way to success. ”. Maybe it is. At least among Europeans and Americans, I often meet people of various professions who are happy with what they are doing.

- Dushan, if not a secret, how much do you earn per month?

- It depends on how much work I have. If a lot, then I get about 500-700 €. Some wealthy ladies are willing to pay up to 800 € for an all-night show. Therefore, sometimes I have to work 12 hours, ”Dushan said and ran a hand through his hair. Dusan watched the girls dance and realized what could be better
Photo: Depositphotos

- Have you ever danced for the Russian public?

- Yes! - smiled my interlocutor. - I have performed in many countries of the European Union and, of course, in Russia.

- And what do you think of the Russian public at your shows? - My eyes narrowed slyly, looking directly at the screen.

- Hot stuff! Open. They can dance with me. Sometimes crazy things get up, they fight, just to get my attention.

- Judging by your words, your performances are really fun. However, not everyone is so positive about this. Many people do not consider striptease, and even more so male, a worthy craft.

“I am not a pervert or exhibitionist.” Sex is not included in the show. Each stripper decides with whom and what he will do after the performance. My shows are strictly artistic so that girls can enjoy themselves.

- Do you have a girlfriend?

- If I remember correctly, then men in Europe retire at the age of 65. It’s hard for me to imagine an aged stripper. How long are you going to do this?

- Now I am a little over thirty. I would like to work a few more years and, if everything goes well, in the future I plan to farm, get married and have many children.

- Where do you usually get costumes for your performances?

- They sew for me, or I buy clothes in boutiques.

At this, my unexpected interview with Dushan ended. He went to walk the dog, and I went to drink coffee. Outside the window, snow was still falling, circling a circle of snowflakes driven by the wind.

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How to become a stripper

I graduated from nine grades of a school, studied at a design college. I started working at the age of 14 - I always really wanted to do it. The first job was a kindergarten, where I painted swings and other metal things on the sites. She also worked at McDonald's - and generally where. In the strip came easily. I didn’t have to feed my family, and life didn’t make me - I started dancing because I wanted to.

I liked pole dance, I watched dancing videos on the Internet - it was so cool! But there was no money for a subscription to do this myself. Besides, I was very shy of myself - I was fat and constantly sat at the computer, what kind of dances? At some point, she nevertheless decided, saved up money and went to classes. At first, nothing worked, so five months passed, I ran out of money, I hitchhiked south and returned to the fall. Then the thought crept in, that if I succeed, I can try to work on this.

The month gathered with courage and went to settle in a club. They didn’t take me, making it clear that I’m not formatting for them (no wonder: the club was good, and I worked in it anyway when I got in shape). My best friend and I found the club simpler and went there together. We were taken from the doorway, without work experience - they basically did not care. Of course, we were very nervous, brought along dresses, shoes, miscellaneous underwear, but we did not even look at our luggage.

First, it was necessary to come up with stage names, the manager chose my name - he called me Aphrodite. In my opinion, this did not suit me at all. It was scary to dance on stage for the first time, but I did it, although now I don’t remember what I did and how I felt. I was never afraid to undress. Difficulties arose mainly when it was necessary to approach men and start a conversation. I was always not very sociable and generally not arrogant, so at first it was hard. But still, any girl had a guest for whom she was the goddess, and he spent only on her.

After some time it became easier for me - I began to enjoy the work. The club has a cool atmosphere, it’s like a different world. Everywhere beautiful women, in underwear or evening dresses, everything glitters and glows, as if you were on another planet. And pole dance looks cool and beautiful. Yes, not everyone knows how to do some tricks, but in the right light, even when a girl just walks by the pylon, she looks bewitching.

Features of work

I work about four days a week for almost three years. Most often in clubs there is a so-called “guarantee” - a certain rate per night. My guarantee is 1,500 rubles. To receive this money, it is enough to observe some conditions: to work at least four days a week and leave the room at 11 pm fully ready. If this does not work, earning consists only of what you earn yourself.

I need to dance topless on the stage (sometimes completely, when the club hosts themed days), participate in the show, and also work with guests. They need to sell positions from the crazy menu - for example, private dances or the release of an artist (when a guest pays a certain amount so that this or that girl sits only with him and does not go on stage). In clubs with intimacy, you need to retire with a guest (obviously why): usually he pays for the room and for the time of the girl separately. But I didn’t work in such clubs, so I don’t know much about it.

With the preparation of rooms in each club, things are different. Somewhere the show consists of one improvisation, somewhere the numbers rehearse before work at the general meeting, somewhere they train themselves. Some clubs have choreographers who help prepare rooms and teach beginners. Well, of course, if you want to put your number, you must coordinate it with the manager.

My working day begins with the fact that I come to the club at 18-19 hours, get ready, dye and do my hair. Then, when I am ready to speak, I go to the manager - he checks my makeup, clothes, whether my legs are smooth and so on. After I get to work. I go, I offer guests privat, I drink with them or order something. When a DJ announces me, I go on stage, I also do shows, if I'm not on release. In principle, this is all my work.

In private, a guest can take one girl or several - as he wants. There girls dance and undress completely. A guest can touch and stroke us, but without fanaticism. Sex is naturally prohibited. There are certain rules for us too: you can’t take off your guest’s pants, be rude and use foul language, get drunk, you need to take payment on time. In privates, things happen: serious-looking men like being beaten and spanked, there are foot fetishes (sexual attraction to the feet. - Ed.), and there are those who come just to chat. For example, I had a guest with whom we discussed cartoons in private, and the other danced for me. There are still VIP guests who cannot be approached just like that, since they are sitting in a box and calling the girls they like on their own or through the manager.

In this area you need to be able to be friends with everyone, because today you helped someone earn money, and tomorrow that girl called you when her rich guest arrived. A man needs to be able to please at first sight, communicate correctly, and have him in his possession. Make him want to come again and again and pay for you to be around.

The most pleasant thing in my work, perhaps, is the atmosphere, dances and beautiful people around, as well as the movement. You can learn a lot by talking to good people. And the most unpleasant thing is the stupid arrogant guests who are trying to breed, and simply groomed men. Sometimes there are frankly bad days when everyone refuses or few guests, often I just get tired of communication.

Of course, most of all in my work I remember guests with unusual preferences, for example BDSM. For example, a guest comes to us, who pays for the girl’s release hour, just to undress her, blindfold and fasten to the table. So she sits on her lap for an hour. There was also a funny case: we have a go-go cage on the stage, high and with a door. Once, one girl got the guest so sick that he put her in this cage for an hour of release, only to keep her behind.

I think that striptease has changed me a lot: I became bolder and more feminine, I began to better understand people, learned how to make new friends and communicate, stopped being shy.

All my friends know who I work with - I see no reason to hide. I have never met anyone who would be negative about my work and me - maybe I just don’t communicate with such people. In principle, I do not care who thinks what is there, the main thing is that I like it.

We have the most unstable earnings. Those who have been working for a long time can receive more or less the same amount per day. This is not working out for me so far, because I often change clubs and take breaks in work, I do not have time to get used to it. Sometimes I get tired - then I go on vacation, and then I start working in a new place. Also, the salary depends on the season - the hottest time is in winter, before the New Year.

I earn from 60 to 110 thousand rubles a month. The percentage of those services that I managed to sell is added to the rate. Each club has its own, usually they give me about 50%. Guests can also tip, I pick them myself. This is the average salary, there are girls who make 250-300 thousand rubles a month, but there are few of them, and they plow every day.

I don’t pay for housing, I live in my apartment in the suburbs. I am quite happy with public transport - I spend 4 thousand rubles a month. Sometimes I ride a taxi, but I rarely pay for it. I spend 10 thousand rubles on food, on clothes always in different ways. Clothing in the style that I love is not cheap, so somewhere around 20 thousand rubles is spent on it. The last time a man bought a dress for me - it cost around $ 120. In a cafe, if I pay for myself, I spend about 500 rubles. I see no reason to spend more on it. I have no loans.

It turns out to save money when everything is good at work, that is, on those days when many good guests come. I usually save up for something specific — for example, that’s how I saved up for breast plastic surgery. I worked for a month and had surgery, it cost me 130 thousand rubles. This is not for the sake of work, but for herself. I had huge complexes about the body, and now everything is fine.

I have a hobby. I really love BZD-dolls - I sew them clothes, do makeup. It takes up to 15 thousand rubles a month.

I travel infrequently. In principle, I can work abroad and combine business with pleasure. Then, as a rule, I only need to buy tickets. I can deny myself, probably, in everything. If you really need it, I can live in any conditions.