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How to communicate with angels


I propose to talk today about the guardian angels, higher powers, about what they are and how to communicate and interact favorably with your guardian angel.

In this article you will learn:

This question worries many, and this is understandable. All of us, being in a state of spiritual awakening, at some point realize that there are higher powerful forces above us that somehow “supervise” our earthly activities.

Many probably felt an invisible presence “from above”, or help in difficult situations, which came unexpectedly and kindly resolved everything, someone asked a question and received a very specific answer in the form of signs or tips.

It will be surprising to many to learn that in fact we, and our children, and our parents, and our guardian angels, and the entire angelic system as a whole - from the Light Entities to the eminent Archangels: Michael, Uriel and others, to whom Christians have often trusted with the aspirations for many centuries - we all seem to merge into streams in a huge river. That is, we are all one and the same thing, however, to gain experience, we each spill over into our unique landscapes and flow conditions so that we can again merge together to exchange valuable experience.

It is important to understand here that at the highest levels we are all one river, one miraculous “water”. Therefore, guardian angels are not something completely separate from us, but rather a part of us, our higher “I”, which carries a certain function. More about this feature.

In each of us there is a spark of God, and angels are precisely the essence of the Divine Light. Therefore, when a difficult period begins in a person’s life, it is necessary to turn to this very spiritual spark, through which the exit to the divine channel takes place. When you need help, you need to contact the angels.

There is an erroneous opinion that, they say, there is no need to distract higher forces over trifles and ask for their help only when it is already really “hot”. This is not so simple for the reason that the main mission of angels is precisely to transform our fear, our sadness, our pain.

Because the “corrected”, purified energy, which had previously been distorted in us, returns through the angels back to the Creator, as to the source, pure Light. Transforming dark into Light is the destiny of angels and it is thanks to people that angels can fulfill their destiny.

With only one condition. They need to be allowed to do this. Let me remind you that without our will, nothing here on the earthly plane is done in our life. Without a request, that is, without your clearly expressed desire for help, no one will invade your life.

So, you can always turn to the guardian angels, to the “curators,” as they are also called, on a regular basis, if you want to, believe me, they only expect this from you with glee. In this way, you align with the true light channel, allowing you to guide.

If it’s hard and “cats scratch your soul”, if there is a need to clarify the situation, if you just want to get support the next day, know that you have a Legion of Light behind you, ready to give you an energy message and, according to your authority, lovingly give a hint, a tip to resolve the situation. But only a hint, for there is one point.

There is such a metaphor that a person is inherently stronger than an angel for one simple reason - he has the right to choose between good and evil. An angel, however, is committed only to the will of the Creator, who eats the essence of Light. And angels, these are energy beings that help us to realize what we ourselves well desire.

That is, it is important to understand here that the person himself chooses the specific direction of the path, and the angels can, figuratively speaking, only correct them by suggesting which side, right or left, should follow this road along the way. This is the interaction with the angels.

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1. Make a place for angels in your life

Angels live in the world of the Spirit, the heavenly world, and we in the world of matter. Naturally, they are drawn to the house. Therefore, if you want the angels to be comfortable with you, you need to make your world - thoughts, feelings and surroundings - more similar to their world. To paraphrase the Epistle of James, we can say this: draw near to the angels, and they will draw near to you (James 4: 8). Source - Esoteric. Living Knowledge

Angels are well surrounded by thoughts of peace and love, and not in an atmosphere of irritation and aggression. You may not be able to get out of the head, say, a rude chauffeur who “cut” you on the road to your house. However, it is quite possible to get rid of irritation by starting to communicate with the angels for at least a few minutes a day.

Get rid of irritants first. Turn off the radio and TV, go into a separate room or in a favorite corner of nature, imagine angels (this will help the image of your beloved angel, placed next to it) and communicate with them.

Just tell the angels about your problems. Speak as if you are sharing with your best friend. And then listen. Be silent and wait for the thoughts that the angels will send you. You might want to apply some of the techniques given in this booklet to increase the flow of positive energy coming from the angels.

And soon your relationship with the angels will turn into an upward spiral: they will help you feel more positive. A positive state will bring you closer to the angels.

2. Pray aloud

Angels answer many silent prayers or insistent desires of the heart. It is not necessary to speak in order to attract their attention, especially in places where it would be inconvenient, for example, at a business meeting or in the subway. However, you will get a more powerful answer if you speak to the angels aloud.

There is power in the human voice - a creative or destructive power. God used this power when he said: "Let there be light." Using the power of speech, you too are capable of causing a change in your life.

The said prayer takes various forms: songs and hymns traditionally used for calling angels, well-known prayers, for example, “Our Father” and arbitrary, in which you talk about the deepest aspirations of your soul. You can combine all this with “decrees” and “decrees” - new types of prayers that you will learn about in this booklet.

Decree allows God and man to work together, constructively changing life. These are spoken prayers that give you the opportunity to channel God's energy into the world. Decrees are short powerful statements like: "Archangel Michael! To the rescue! To the rescue! To the rescue!" effective for calling help angels.

Say your orders and decrees aloud in a firm, strong voice. Say them at home in front of the altar, on the way to the bus stop, in the car, in the mountains, and especially in emergency situations. And see how the streams of heaven will pour out on you!

3. Use the name of God

God is within you. And if you use the energy of God who lives in you to guide the angels, they will be able to respond with all the power of the universe.

When God spoke to Moses from a burning, but not burning bush, He revealed both His name - I AM THAT I AM - and the true nature of man. You are this bush, and fire is your divine spark, the fire of God that He gives you as His son or daughter. It is the power to create in the name of God and the right to command the angels.

Jesus used the name of God when he said, "I AM resurrection and life." Whenever you say: “I AM.” - you truly say: “God is in me.” - and thus attract all these qualities to you. When you say, “I AM illumination,” you say that God in you attracts this quality to you, making you more enlightened than you were before. Many of the decrees and decrees in this booklet contain the name of God — I AM THAT I AM. Try reading them and experience the power increase of your prayers.

4. Give your prayers and decrees daily

Angels are always with us. But we do not always know how to contact them. The best way to get them to answer the call is to pave a well-groomed path from their heart to their hearts, communicating with them every day. And the best way to communicate with them is to set aside time for daily sessions of prayers and calls. No need to make them long, five minutes is already a good start.

The mechanic Michael assures that the angels help him all the time and that, reading the decrees daily, he is on the same wavelength with them. “For my part, and I am more in tune with him,” he says. A daily reading of the decrees helps him to receive almost instant answers to his requests. It usually takes no more than fifteen seconds for the angels to indicate where to find the missing parts, they regularly help determine the causes of malfunctions in the machines.

When you pray daily, you help not only yourself, but also people you don’t even know. Angels seek those who regularly call upon the light of God in order to become their partners in the work of healing the planet. And when they find it, they direct light through them to help those who are threatened by illness, cruel violence or natural disasters. Thus, your daily prayers will truly bring change to the world.

5. Ask for help

Even after you have made friends with the angels, do not forget to ask for their help when you need it. Angels respect your free will. In very rare cases, they may intervene without your appeal to them, but more often out of politeness they wait to be called upon.

Michael (a mechanic) says that he sometimes struggles with a problem for a long time before he remembers the angels and calls them to help. This often happens when he tries to screw a bolt into a place that he cannot see: "I can spend fifteen minutes trying to achieve this, and then I say: "Angels, please help me."- and bam! “It worked out,” he says.

6. Repeat commands and prayers.

Decrees and prayers become more powerful when you repeat them. Many Protestants avoid saying prayers several times, seeing this as “verbosity” against which Jesus warned (Matt. 6: 7). “Indeed,” they say, “why should I ask God for something more than once?” The Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, on the contrary, practice the repetition of "Our Father", "Virgin Mary, Hail" and other prayers. Jewish mystics repeated the names of God. For some mystics, repetition truly becomes an unceasing prayer (I Thess. 5:17).

The reason for increasing the effectiveness of a prayer when repeating it is that each pronunciation of it increases the amount of light energy that you send to God and the angels. Angels can use this energy as a seed, adding even more light energy when they appear in response to your call. So, choose a series of prayers and decrees. Say them every day until the angels respond.

7. Send your prayer to the right address

If you need to fix the pipes in the house, you call a locksmith. To save yourself from the bully, call the angels of protection. If you want to establish a relationship with someone, call the angels of love.

Angels have different jobs. And they use energies of different frequencies (corresponding to different colors) in order to fulfill it. On the following pages, you will get acquainted with the seven types of angels, as well as with the seven Archangels who control them, and you will learn which angels to call for certain tasks.

The idea [of existence] of the seven Archangels is not new, as is the connection of each angel with a particular color, or spiritual fire. In the third century before Christ, the Jews wrote about the seven Archangels. They believed that angels appeared surrounded by a spiritual flame of various colors.

You can establish a closer relationship with these creatures if you call on the Archangel whose angels specialize in the specific work that you would like to see perfect.

8. Be accurate

Angels answer your call exactly and are proud of it. The more accurate the request, the more accurate the response. As long as you live in harmony with the universal Source and give your energy, helping others, host of angels will help you in everything, down to the smallest details of life.

Here is an inspiring example. During the Second World War, left penniless, a woman turned to God for help. In the product list, she specifically listed what was needed to feed her family on the weekend. A few hours later, a man knocked on the door and handed over the basket with everything she asked, down to the veal, potatoes and flour for baking.

This is how another woman worked with the angels, wanting to get the car she needed. Danette was looking for a used Toyota 4-Runner, but she knew that she couldn’t pay as much as was usually requested for such a car. And then she decided to entrust this work to the angels.

The woman wrote the year of manufacture of the car, brand, color, engine size, reasonable price, mileage, type of wheels and tires that she needed. In the same list, she indicated that she wanted a car in good working condition with power steering and brakes, strong windows and locks, air conditioning and computer-controlled route control. She cut out a picture of the car of the type she was looking for and carried it in her wallet. Every day from fifteen to forty-five minutes she uttered orders and decrees to the angels, looking at her list and picture.

After several weeks of unsuccessful reading of advertisements for the sale of cars, Danette was slightly upset, but did not give up. “I knew that the angels continued to work on this issue. I didn’t agree on anything less,” she said. Finally, the woman decided to continue her search in another city, located twelve hours from her own. There, her friends said that at an affordable price for her, “4-Runner” simply could not be found.

But, looking at ads in a local newspaper, Danette discovered. Toyota 4-Runner The 1990 issue, and, as she said, “three thousand dollars cheaper than the cars she saw before.” The owner placed an advertisement literally that day, the car met all its requirements, right down to computer-controlled route management. Her bank issued a loan, and returning home on his "4-Runner", Danett thanked the angels all the way.

The more details your request contains, the more you will be satisfied with the results.

9. Imagine what you want to happen

You can increase the power of your prayer by maintaining a stable mental picture of what you want to happen. In addition, imagine the radiant light that surrounds a situation or problem. Sometimes focusing on the image can help, as Danette did. Here is another example of how visualization works.

When a group of young people drove home after attending a seminar, the engine of their car began to overheat. Since none of them had money to repair the car, they decided to ask the angels for help.

Kevin, who drove the car, said: “Whenever the arrow crawled to the overheat mark, I made fiery calls to the angels. I asked all the passengers to visualize the snow, crystal-clear, cold mountain streams and ice around the engine. We noticed as the arrow went down immediately, indicating that the temperature had dropped to normal. "

Thanks to angels and effective visualization, young people safely reached home! Of course, when possible, it is better to combine the help of angels with the help of professionals.

10. Expect surprises

These questions arise for almost everyone who has ever thought of angels. Why do they answer some prayers and not others? Why does one pray for ten years and not receive what he wants, while the other receives immediately? Why does a fire or flood destroy some homes while others remain unscathed? Undoubtedly, angels hear everyone's prayers.

One reason is that the ability of angels to answer prayers is based on the combined effects of our actions in the past — our good and bad deeds in this and previous lives — denoted by the word karma. Angels are not genies and Santa Claus. They are required to act in accordance with the law of karma. When we pray with devotion to the angels, they can sometimes eliminate the effects of karma, but more often they have the right only to soften them.

Angels hear all our prayers. But in order to satisfy the request, three conditions must be met:

  • they cannot intervene in God's plan for your soul (or in your karma),
  • they must not harm you or anyone else
  • time must be selected correctly.

You can beg for winnings in the lottery for years and not win. But you can get something unexpected in return, for example, a well-paid job that opens up new horizons for you.Perhaps the angels could not answer the request for winnings because your soul needs to learn how to earn a living. But they answered. And in exactly the way that is best for you.

If you follow the steps indicated in this booklet and still do not get an answer, think about it - do the angels want to tell you something? Maybe it is time to review the content of your prayer and try again? Keep praying and know that they will give you the best answer you can give based on the needs of your soul. Prayer always bears fruit. You just need to know where to look.

How to communicate with your Guardian Angel and is it possible to contact him

You can call anything that leads us through life - God, intuition, the Universe, the Guardian Angel. We will call him the Guardian Angel, as this is a more understandable and familiar image. Can I contact my heavenly patron and how to do it?

Do not be surprised, but every day your Guardian Angel sends you signs, most of which you simply do not notice. People lack sensitivity and receptivity in order to see the sign and understand that this is really a clue from above.

Here are some tips on how to communicate with your Guardian Angel and learn to listen to it.

  • Start paying attention to the little things in your life - they contain much more than you think. Begin to notice the cause-effect relationships of events in your life. If in most cases your instinct was right, but you trusted in reason, then begin to listen more often to your intuition.
  • Talk to your Guardian Angel more oftenaloud or mentally. Tell him about your experiences, successes and failures. Then he will be able to offer you the best solution to your problem and help to avoid trouble.

  • Do more good deeds smile, think about the good, and your Guardian Angel will love you even more. Be positive! There is a joke that reveals the meaning of this advice: A man rides in a trolleybus and thinks about his life: “Wife is a fool, boss is a freak, friends are scum, there is no money, life is crap.” At this time, the Guardian Angel stands behind him, writes all this in a notebook and thinks: “What strange desires, and most importantly - the same ones every day! But there is nothing to be done, we must do it! ”

  • If you are tormented by any thought, you don’t know what to do in your situation, don’t know what choice to make, in the evening tell your Guardian Angel about your problem, be honest. Ask him to give you a sign the next day what choice to make or what to do. Wake up in the morning and remind him again of your request. During the day, do your usual business and look for a sign. It can be an abandoned phrase of a stranger, a picture in a magazine, the heading of an advertising sign - anything. But when you see this, you will understand that this is a sign.

Listen to your inner voice, be sensitive to what is happening around you, and always think about the good! Good luck and don’t forget to click on the buttons and