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12 rules for a Christian

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8. Pays a tenth of the Church’s income

To give a tenth of the income to the Lord (because your income is His gift to you) is the biblical norm that Orthodox Christians must adhere to. If you can’t give away all 10 percent, choose a different amount, but give regularly, gradually moving towards giving 10 percent. And if you can give more than 10 percent - give it back. And do this not only when it's hard for you, when something bad happens in life - sacrifice when everything is fine. The fact that giving a tenth of the income is precisely the Orthodox tradition was repeatedly pointed out by the Fathers of the Church.

10. Constantly improves his level of education

It is necessary to search all the time for an ever deeper comprehension of faith - and not only in the sense of understanding what, in fact, means to be a believer, pious, pious. It also means that our mind must constantly be in the power of the Lord so that He heals and changes him. All our thoughts should be connected with God - do we read spiritual literature, do we attend religious education courses, etc. The goal of all our educational activities is to learn and understand the scriptures as deeply as possible.