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Spicy eggs in soy sauce


  • eggs 70 pcs. (medium size)!
  • salt 3 tbsp !
  • mustard seeds 3 tbsp !
  • celery seeds 2 tbsp !
  • spice for salting 2 tbsp. (bay leaves, juniper berries, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, cloves, cardamom, black pepper)!
  • red pepper 6 pcs. (dry hot)!
  • garlic 12 cloves!
  • onions 1 head!
  • dry white wine 400 ml.!
  • wine vinegar 400 ml.!
  • water 600 ml.!

Step by step recipe

Eggs of this kind can be found in almost every convenience store and at many gas stations in America! Cooked almost like the original, only reduced by 2 times the proportion of vinegar!

We take not large eggs and boil it into a cool one, let it cool and clean!

We clean and coarsely chop onions with garlic, pour into a pan!

Add salt, mustard seeds, celery seeds, salting spice, red pepper to the pan!

Fill everything with wine, vinegar and water. Bring to a boil, give 1 minute to boil and turn off!

In a large jar, lay the peeled eggs and pour hot brine!

Let the brine cool and place the jar of eggs in the refrigerator for 1 week!

After 1 week we take out the eggs as needed and gobble up!

Spicy eggs in soy sauce: 49 comments

Wow - Lisha dumped eggs!
need to try…
a beautiful mug - with beer?
: good:

I have never tried this.
But it’s not difficult to do. Only patience is needed.
And the taste is probably new unusual. So I'm FOR! : good:

A good topic is such eggs!
ehhhh, digested only - gray yolk, sorry

Good morning and hello! : coffee:
I read

A good topic is such eggs!
ehhhh, digested only - gray yolk, sorry

Lilac yolk whitens in the dark (A. Ivanov): haha:

I think Panikovsky would like such eggs!
A very interesting recipe. And what, right up to the yolk are marinated? Interestingly, because the eggs are almost unreceptive to all such manipulations. We must try on a small amount, for starters
In general: vah:

Lilac yolk whitens in the dark (A. Ivanov)

but not soy darkened?

@ Midved:
No, it doesn’t penetrate inward, about 1-2 mm
The technology is a little different - the eggs are warmed to room temperature and dipped in boiling water for 7 (!) Minutes with a spoon. Then immediately transferred to ice water and allowed to cool completely, darn stop the cooking process in the egg. Marinade is boiled separately for 10-15 minutes under the lid, then it also needs to cool completely. And beaten cold eggs are laid for a day or more in a cold marinade. Then the yolk is moist and bright, and the protein is normal, like a dense jelly, not dry. So the Japanese prepare for ramen and appetizers.

Also pickled and fully peeled eggs, everywhere in Asia
Koreans add fresh chili and garlic, sugar or syrup (molasses)
The Chinese have tea eggs, because of the color, tea is still added to the marinade
I used to buy specials. ready seasoning, then stopped - there it’s not difficult to collect everything without glutamate, which they stick everywhere is kind

@ svetikona:
You just need to put a half on a piece of bread and a pickled or fresh cucumber. And with a foot white bitter. And the normals: good:

@ Tiberius Gorobets:
Without bread and pickles - they have a great unique taste: vah:

Vognar Habanero,
Lisha, is this what our people are doing? Not met: scratch:

By the way, I didn’t cook purely in soya - I have water for soya 3: 1 or 2: 1, I keep budget soya for this, yes, a liter bottle is always available for marinades and other things, it’s a pity to pour expensive glasses. : padme:
Spices regulate possible taste flaws, nothing is noticeable.

interesting unusual
I would probably try it first on quail, they are less

we have warmth, now at dinner we went overlooking the surrounding vegetation for swelling of the kidneys and crawling out fresh grass!
true from the evening until the end of the week rains and cooling promise

and I also have six years of a happy married life today! necessarily brut in the evening: pivo: