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Pocky Sticks


Sweets in Japan have always been given special attention. The history of the Pocky brand is Glico's most significant. After all, for over fifty years, biscuit sticks with icing have been popular all over the world. A hit among teenagers at the very beginning, and now a favorite treat of adults in all corners of the planet. The perfect balance of high quality, chocolate and crispy toppings. Stylish compact packaging and clean hands. Everything is provided!

How can such success be achieved? If you haven’t tried Pocky sticks, it will be difficult to explain. But we will try.

Sticky sticky

The strange but attractive name came from the sound that is heard when biting goodies. Long thin sticks covered with glaze of different types do not leave indifferent lovers of sweets.

In 1922, the Japanese company Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. began production of caramel in red boxes. And only forty years later, the famous Pocky sweets were born. Initially, in 1966, sticks were created for dipping into chocolate. A special part-pen was invented just in order not to get dirty. Years passed, and “manual lowering” in chocolate was replaced by technological production of sticks immediately with icing. But the design with the handle remained.

Pocky sticks currently have many tastes, but the quality of special unsweetened cookies remains unchanged. This is not just cookies; milk layers are interspersed in it. The company prides itself on the proprietary technology for introducing a dairy-free insert without mixing.

What are Pocky

  • Classic with chocolate icing,
  • With strawberry frosting
  • Matcha Green Tea - Japanese Tea,
  • Honey,
  • Kiwi,
  • Mango,
  • Blueberries
  • Banana,
  • Strawberries with strawberry cream
  • With almonds
  • There are even men's Pocky with dark chocolate.

In different countries, products are sold under their own name. For example, in Europe, sticks are called Mikado, and in Malaysia - Rocky.

Pocky Cookies

It’s strange that sticks are often called cookies. But why not, because they are made on its basis. In Japan, they can be found in any store, but with us you can enjoy sweets by coming to BRANDSHOP. Variety of flavors and interesting crisp effect. A full dessert for adults and children, for office and school. They are used for ice cream and cakes.

And among teenagers, the game is Pokey. The rules are simple, everyone is divided into pairs. Each pair takes a stick in its mouth from two sides and begins to bite it. The winners are those who touch their lips without breaking the cookies to the very end.

The most famous variety is the classic red box. The motto of the package is: "The red box that holds happiness inside."

Sweets Pocky

Since 2013, there is a worldwide promotion of the distribution of sticks for free. A special truck travels around the countries, giving happiness to everyone. You can get not only the treasured Pocky cookies, t-shirts and many other prizes are distributed. Share your good mood and Pokey sticks with your friends!

“No need to go to Japan to touch Japanese culture and history. We ourselves will bring it to you! ”

Pocky Banana Sticks

Every year on November 11th they celebrate the holiday - an analog of St. Valentine's Day, because 11.11 is like this dessert. On this day, everyone rushes to buy Poki sticks, the most creative decorate them themselves and give them to others.

Cakes and ice cream are decorated with chopsticks, and teenagers have long come up with funny games with Japanese Pocky. The company is divided into pairs, each of which takes a stick in its mouth. The purpose of the entertainment is to demonstrate the art of gradually biting, without breaking, the crispy Pokey, and slowly but surely come to the finish in the form of the partner's lips.

This game was a continuation of the tradition of celebrating on November 11 the annual festival of Japanese sticks Pocky. It has long been an Asian counterpart to Valentine's Day. The symbol of love and tenderness among the youth of Japan and South Korea is not a scarlet heart, but a classic red cookie box, presented to a loved one along with other pleasant things.

There are many stresses in the life of hardworking Japanese people, but insane competition and the daily struggle for a place in the sun cannot break the one who appreciates the sweetness of every moment of life. And this is what a true Pocky fan looks like - a successful and contented person with traces of chocolate on his lips from a recently eaten dessert.