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How to take pictures of animals - we make beautiful pictures of animals!


After all, every pet has it. Some of them are obedient, others are quiet, third are lazy, fourth are energetic and hyperactive all the time, but there is a category of curious animals. Try taking pictures of your pets when they eat, sleep or play with you. After all, their every activity is a sign of individuality, so it’s better to fix these moments.

Pay attention to the place and background

One must always be serious about choosing a shooting location. It is necessary that at this place your pet feels comfortable, and also this place should be associated with positive emotions only. The next important detail is the background, so that the picture is good, it is better to prefer a simple background, for example, a section of green grass or a white wall, etc.

Get down to their level and shoot close

Avoid photographs when you are on top and from where you take a picture. It is better to stay on the same level with your pet, focusing on his eyes, and you also need to consider the distance, that is, you need to be closer to your pet. It is very bad to create a good picture when your animal is very active and always moving, then it is better to resort to the services of a camera that has a good zoom.

Where to start taking pictures of the animal?

In order to get a beautiful picture of an animal, stock up on the first thing - patience, this is the most important property for a person during the photo session of any animal. Well, we begin to photograph animals.

If you are new to this business, then begin your journey as a photographer with animals that are less fast in movement, more affectionate and friendly. Create an atmosphere for the animal so that no one interferes with it and most importantly does not distract.

Now you need to choose a suitable background, for example, if you are photographing dogs, then the ideal background would be a green lawn or a quiet square with beautiful trees. In principle, you yourself can look at the photos of dogs taken by their owners or professional photographers and you will see that most of the beautiful pictures of this animal were made in parks and lawns.

How to attract the attention of an animal?

What is the best way to attract the attention of an animal? Yes, it’s very simple, feed it with your favorite sweetness or whistle, call the animal by name. But there are more effective methods - these are toys, for example tweeters, to which all animals are very well distracted.

With such toys, a beautiful picture of a dog, cat or other animal is guaranteed to you. As already mentioned, be patient and attract the attention of the animal so that it looks into your frame.

If you decide to use the flash, I recommend forgetting about it forever. Firstly, the flash when photographing scares the animal, and secondly, in many animals, including dogs, shiny hair causes an unpleasant shine and the picture taken of the animal will not be beautiful.

Pay attention to the lighting when photographing the animal, it is best to take a beautiful picture in daylight or in a well-lit apartment, the less light, the more likely it is that the animal’s eyes will light up and there will be an unpleasant effect of eye glow.

How to prepare the animal for photography?

From my own experience I can only say one thing, comb the animal, in a pinch, wash with shampoo with the effect of volume of hair, well, feed the animal, otherwise you will not have calm shooting and beautiful shots!

Shoot dogs at a distance of 3-4 meters, and if you sit down, the dog can run up to you, at that moment you should have time to take beautiful pictures of your beloved animal. Photos of cats, dogs, and other animals are best taken at eye level.

Do not expect a good shot if you shoot an animal from above or from the tail, nothing good will come of this venture. Remember, the main thing is to choose the right angle or angle of the animal, although this rule applies to any process of photographing.

If you photograph from above, as a rule, a frame is obtained where the animal does not have a proportional head to the body, during the photo session it is important to observe the natural proportions of the body, this is achieved by shooting at the animal’s eye level.

How to photograph an animal in motion?

All novice photographers have probably come across blurry photos, so to prevent this from happening you need to use certain settings. To photograph the animal in motion, set the setting to “sport” mode on your camera.

On different camera models, the modes differ in names, so you should read the instructions. Professional photographers achieve a clear image when photographing an object in motion using certain camera settings.

These SLR camera settings include: shutter speed, aperture. For example, when photographing a playing cat, you need to set the shutter speed as low as possible and open the aperture as much as possible. This especially helps in a dark room when there is not enough light.

By the way, I do not know if this is true or not, but do not take pictures of sleeping animals - a bad sign. To be honest, I'm not even going to take pictures of my beloved cat, because for me it is more than an ordinary animal, I am not going to take risks.

Lighting is important

Lighting is a very important factor for creating a good shot. The fact is that a flash can either scare or distract a pet. And a flash can cause a red-eye effect in an animal’s photograph. Based on this, it is better to use artificial and natural light sources, this is the best option. Of course, the flash can also be used, but only if your pet has black coat, the bright light of the flash is able to highlight the most important details of the color of the pet.

Use sport mode for especially active animals

If you are not comfortable using the manual mode, you can try switching to sports mode. In this mode, you can easily catch a successful shot. You can also use the shutter priority mode, where you have to set the desired shutter speed, and the camera will do the rest automatically.

Follow him everywhere

If you want to get natural pictures, then make an effort to catch your pet in everyday activities. Of course, the great difficulty is that the pet is very difficult to get to accept a particular position, very often it can not even stay in place. Therefore, the best way out of this situation is to use the paparazzi style.

Let him play near you

Let your pet play with toys near you, then you will be able to catch their playfulness. Photography should be interesting not only for you, but also for your model. Include in the picture the owner of the pet or other people. If you want your work to be alive, do not forget about other family members. When an animal interacts with its owner, genuine feelings come to light, they should be captured.