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Birthday for seven-year-old Dog School


In modern society, pets have become full members of the family. Holidays are organized for them, birthdays are celebrated. But animal parties differ in their rules. They must be observed so that pleasant memories would remain from joint communication.

Place for a holiday.
A particular concern in organizing is finding a suitable place. Perhaps it will be in the house (if the dogs are small breeds). Well suited country house, large garden. Many dog ​​clubs already have an event rental service. It would be nice to have an idea of ​​the weather on this day. If the forecast promise rain, you need to have a place for shelter. Stock up with towels - animals can be wiped or covered. This will help not catch a cold after active games.

Think carefully about your guest list. If they come with their dogs, then conflicts between them must be avoided. Animals must be familiar with each other, communicate good-naturedly, that is, be compatible. This is a holiday for pets, so do not invite people who are afraid of dogs.
Buy or make bone-shaped invitation cards. Indicate the date, time and place of the holiday. Ask your guests to confirm their presence in order to know the exact number of people present.

Special areas.
For a good mood and relaxed atmosphere, you need to organize two special zones.
The first place is a dog toilet. It should be indicated by a sign; guests must individually show this place before the start of the holiday. Put a trash can, dog feces bags.
Second place - drinking bowls for dogs. Place a few bowls of clean water, top up as needed. Fence this place so that during the game the animals do not turn the dishes over.

Holding a holiday.
Plan a few outdoor games for guests. For example, organize a ball game. Well dogs play with balloons, just cook them a little more. The games are popular with the hosts. For example, dancing, running with obstacles.

Treats are traditional for people, and four-legged guests need to prepare separate bowls with labels. At the end, you can make a cake for the birthday person, you can cook it yourself or order in a special store.
At the end of the party, give each pet a “surprise bag”. Put treats and a small toy there.

The recipe for the holiday.
Cookies with liver
Take flour and oats in equal proportions. For example, a glass. Hercules flakes can be ground to flour. Add two eggs and about half a tablespoon of any vegetable oil. Stir everything to a homogeneous mass, if the dough is steep and mixes with difficulty, you can add water or milk.
Cut the liver, chicken can be divided in half, poured with boiling water or cook for 5 minutes.
Roll out the dough 1-1.5 cm thick. Cut circles. In each put a piece of liver and close up. The thickness should not be more than 5 cm, otherwise it will not be baked. Oven 15 minutes at 200 degrees. Be sure to cool and serve.

The party for the dog will be successful and will bring a lot of joy to everyone if it is properly prepared. Do not forget the camera, but taking pictures is better without attracting the attention of animals, they may be afraid of a flash.


Tanya, a wonderful holiday! Bright, interesting and funny.

Thank you, Masha :) And most importantly - about the dogs! ))) Katya now even began to love them a little more than cats, although I thought it was impossible)))

Tatyana, thank you for sharing your ideas so generously! I can’t say that I’m not a creative person, but my creativity is manifested in another area, but I’ve directly strained with children's birthdays, a week later my son is 7 years old, I prepare in advance, I have never spent my birthday with friends.

I'm sure you will succeed! Children are such a grateful audience - they immediately respond to any undertakings :) Therefore, do not even worry :) You will see - you will still like it and start to organize such holidays for any reason :)
Happy son! Have a nice holiday!

Thanks again!

Cool holiday. You have some very interesting ideas.

Is it possible off topic? And when will you make the winter games gallery?

Thank :)
And the gallery, maybe on the weekend I’ll choose the time to deliver. I want to hurry myself, but all hands do not reach :)

Thanks for the information. Great holiday.
And the answer in the riddle is a puppy?

I'm glad I liked it :) And your answer can be considered correct - the train of thought is the same as mine. I had it a dog :)

Tanya! You, as always, are just smart. Katyushenka happy birthday. Happiness, good health, study well, never hang up your nose and everything, everything, everything. Yes, with such a mummy, otherwise it cannot be. You're just great.

Thank you very much for your kind words :) Very nice :)

Happy Birthday to Katyusha! Great celebration for the seven year anniversary! And the dogs from the glasses are touching!

Thank you so much! I will definitely give Katya all the congratulations! :)

Great holiday turned out. Katyusha - congratulations! )))
It is very nice to see a good children's holiday!

Thank you very much for your congratulations :)

Tanya, that's great. More and more I want to visit at least one of your celebrations as a guest))))
Katya wish all her dreams come true. She was very lucky with such a creative mom))
Only now I realized that not a single holiday of yours has been added to my collection of DR - I need to urgently fix it!)

Thank you Natasha! :)
I hope that you somehow guess your visit to some of our holidays and can see everything live,)

Tanya, what a lovely holiday! Good to you. How lucky the kids are with their parents :)
By the way, accept belated congratulations! Happiness and health to the little princess!

Thank you for your congratulations! And for the kind words :)

Tanya, a very cool holiday! And so long! It’s hard to believe that it took only 1 evening to prepare it! It was nice to read that Anton was helping you. Our dad always washes his hands. At best, it will mix cocktails and entertain parents.
Katyusha once again all the best!

Thank you Masha! :)
As for the preparation and conduct, my men always help me. Just this time Vitya was busy at school, otherwise he would definitely participate in the celebration. And so Anton had to puff out for him. Moreover, he was free - we had no adult guests and there was no need to entertain anyone,)

Great holiday! Cheerful, positive, intense. Katyusha was lucky with her family, not every parent will undertake to organize a holiday with his own hands)))

the dog from the glasses became my friend -)))))) great beat. make yourself a type helper. and now you will be tested together. This is a very interesting idea!
Thank you for participating in the December Creative with Lisa Arie

Thank you for stopping by :)

Tatyana, thank you for sharing your ideas and describing everything in such a detailed and clear way. I was delighted with the idea of ​​“Doggie”, I didn’t even think that you could beat everything so cool and easy. You have to try it too.

I am very glad that you will come in handy :) Have fun with your holiday! :)

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