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DIY pirate costumes: manufacturing recommendations


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Creating a pirate costume from scratch is not at all difficult. Even if you don’t know how to sew, you can easily make this costume! Continue reading this article to learn several ways to create a successful pirate costume from things that you most likely already have at home, or that are easy to purchase at any thrift store or flea market. Start with Step 1.

We make pirate costumes with our own hands for a carnival for the whole family

So, we will consider all the details in order.

The shirt is usually taken in white or cream color. But the main requirement for it is that it should be spacious and comfortable.

And the shade can be selected and dark - brown, black, dark blue. If nothing suitable was found in your wardrobe, then you can easily create a pirate shirt yourself at home. For this, any suitable shirt is taken, placed on a piece of fabric previously folded in half and circled along the contour so that the sleeves become wider and the part itself is longer. Remember to make allowances for the seams. Now you can cut the part along the contour. In the shirt, instead of a collar, a neck is made with a slot, of such a size that the head freely passes into it. Process the neck as shown in the photo.

It remains to connect the side seams and sew fluffy cuffs on the sleeves. The bottom of the shirt can be hemmed, but on the contrary, asymmetrical cuts can be made so that it looks as if the clothes are torn. If you want to create an ideal shirt for someone, you can sew a lace frill to the front of the neckline.

  1. Then everything depends on your desire and imagination. For boys, it is quite possible to decorate the vest with the symbol of the jolly Roger (using a sticker or embroidery). For girls, wash different decorative patches on him so that he is at least a little cute. By the way, for adults, a camisole or, for lack of such, a long coat, preferably a dark color, will be a worthy element of a pirate costume.
  2. You can also try to pick up a vest from the wardrobe first. It can be purely symbolic - very short, even without fasteners and buttons, or vice versa, long, with many hooks and fasteners. It is desirable that it be monophonic. A leather vest looks best. If someone is still left without a vest, then we will sew it using the previous technology.
  3. By the way, when creating a pirate costume for children, the easiest option for a shirt is to take a regular T-shirt and sew a lace frill on it in front. Only it must be worn either with a camisole or with a vest.
  4. For some of the family members, an ordinary vest or even a striped T-shirt may well be suitable.
  5. Take a comfortable T-shirt, fold along the axis of symmetry and attach to the fabric and cut three parts without sleeves. One for the back, two for the front. It is better to deepen the armholes of the sleeves, and make a triangular neckline on the front parts. The details of the vest will need to be processed around the edges and sewed on the sides and along the shoulder seams.
  6. Pants or a skirt are the most uncomplicated item of a pirate’s clothes.
  7. It’s enough to take any old trousers, sew pictorial patches to them, cut and scuff their bottom - and now the pirate trousers are ready. For young pirates, any old, unnecessary skirt is taken, trimmed asymmetrically along the bottom and tied with a wide sash belt.

For girls, even ordinary leggings in combination with striped leggings can come up.

By the way, a sash belt can be made from any scarf tied to a belt, better than red. And if this is not found, it is easily made of red fabric.

A pirate hat is almost the main attribute by which a pirate costume is recognized. For the head of the family and for the little pirate, they can be made of cardboard or felt, and the female half can be completely dispensed with bandanas. In the photo below, you can see how to tie a simple scarf so that it turns into a real pirate headdress.

We make additional accessories for a pirate costume

Additions to a pirate costume sometimes happen, almost more important than the robe itself. It is they who complete the creation of the image and, as it were, announce to all those around them that it is a pirate in front of them. As they say, there are not many of them, and from all of the following you can choose either individual elements, or even use everything at once, if possible.

  • The blindfold in one eye is the most important part, which can be easily made both from cardboard painted in black and from dark fabric with an elastic band attached to it.
  • Jolly Roger (image of a skull with bones) - can be added to any part of the clothing, most often to a hat, shirt or vest.
  • Wallet with "gold" - on the belt you can hang a small bag, sewn from velvet or satin, stuffed with tin or metal parts, ringing when walking.
  • Weapons - pistols, sabers or daggers behind the belt. You can buy toy weapons, or you can cut them out of cardboard and paint them in bright, gilded tones.
  • The handset, hook, treasure cards are also most easily made from cardboard and paper.
  • Many finger rings, an earring or earrings in the ear, a variety of baubles are suitable for decorating older pirates.
  • A parrot on his shoulder, a spyglass or a treasure chest are already quite complex and rarer accessories.

Pirate attributes

Most often, the following elements are used in the image of a pirate:

  • cocked hat or bandana,
  • black blindfold,
  • a white shirt in the old style with cuffs and frills, not necessarily ironed, torn if desired,
  • vest,
  • striped pants or a skirt, but not straight and preferably torn,
  • a sash belt, or several ordinary leather belts,
  • boots, always high.

The image of a pirate will look spectacular: a hook on his hand, muskets behind his belt, a spyglass, daggers, a parrot sitting on his shoulder, an abundance of rings on his fingers.

Do not avoid excessiveness, pirates love pretentiousness, so I wanted to use all the details in the costume, then use them all. And so for the appearance of a pirate, several of the elements are enough.

We sew a shirt

If suddenly somewhere in the attic you did not find an old shirt with lace, then sew it yourself.

To work, you need to prepare a regular old shirt, which will be at your time, and a piece of fabric of different colors.

Fold the fabric in half, unfold the shirt on top, circle. The shirt must be made quite wide under the armpits, with voluminous sleeves. If you want, you can make it longer. When creating a pattern, make the necessary corrections and only then cut it out. Be sure to add a few centimeters to the details of the pattern to process the seams and hem the edges, better to be safe in case you make a mistake in the cut.

Cut the neck so that the head passes quietly into the resulting hole and process it as illustrated below. Now it remains only to create sleeve cuffs. Trim the fabric section and sew the elastic in zigzag at a slight distance from the edge, while it needs to be slightly stretched.

Now you only need to hem the bottom of the shirt and sew the side seams, and the pirate’s shirt is ready. And to make it perfect, you can make lacing on the collar or sew a frill from lace.

There is an option for simpler children. Take a white T-shirt and sew a lace frill to it. However, with this option, you need to wear a vest or camisole.

If a pirate costume is created in a limited time or there is no way to sew a shirt, then you can replace it with a vest.

Stylish vest

It is very simple to create a vest using the above described scheme. Take a comfortable T-shirt and fold it in half to make a pattern. Then you need to circle her, but without sleeves. The result should be two parts of the front and one detail of the back. Do not forget to step back a little from the pattern to process the seams and edges. Then boldly cut out all the details.

We sew all the details and process along the edge. The vest can be wide open without buttons, since sewing buttons is not worth the pirate. And if it was created for a cute pirate, then sewn over patches will become a beautiful decor.

Striped pants

Striped trousers should be used in an ideal image of a pirate, but if you don’t want to, then plain tight jeans are also a good option.

The sewing technology of this piece of pirate wardrobe is exactly the same. We take comfortable pants, preferably not from knitwear. Then we fold them in half, leg to leg, and get a pattern. We fold the fabric twice. When using striped fabric, it will need to be folded in the direction of the strips.

It remains the case for small. We hem the legs and insert the elastic into the belt. If you want, then the elastic can be used from the bottom, it is very convenient, especially if the costume is for a child.

We complement the image with a skirt

The technique of creating a skirt for a pirate girl. You need to take the fabric, black or striped colors will look best. First you need to sew a regular skirt with a straight cut. Then you can create an uneven hem by cutting out different triangles along the edge. This skirt will look good with a corset and a sash belt.

If you don’t want to put on a skirt, then you can stay on tight trousers or wide pants.

Eye patch

One of the main details that distinguishes a pirate is a black bandage on one eye. She will best explain the image, while it is very easy to make at home.

To make a bandage, you need to take a dense fabric, for example, felt. We make an eyecup from the selected fabric, we fix an elastic band or a fabric strip with an elastic band to it. The patch will look good on the eyecup, for little ones you can make a cute one with some favorite animal, for example, and for adults and older children you can make a patch with bones crossed under each other under the skull.

Such a bandage can also be easily made from paper. To do this, you just need to cut out a circle of the desired diameter from thick black cardboard, thread a thin elastic band and, if desired, decorate with a pirate symbol with bones.

Sea robber's tricorne

To make a cocked hat you need a felt. We make 1 part with a slot (slot size = ½ head circumference), sheathe the edges with a buttonhole, thread of a different color. If there is no patch on the pirate blindfold, then it can be done on the hat.

The “ears” of the cocked hat must be glued together or stitched together.

If there is no felt, do not despair, it can also be made of paper.

To do this, take a thick cardboard. Cut out the detail with the shape of a hat and a strip of cardboard so that it is at the time on the head.

Now both parts need to be painted with paints in the pirate's favorite color - black, if there is no cardboard of the desired color. And also, if desired, we decorate the hat with crossed bones under the skull.

The hat will look more impressive if you stick a fringe of paper to it.

There is also a simpler and faster option to make a hat like a mask. To do this, it is also necessary to cut the part with the shape of a hat, if it is necessary to color it. After that, glue it with glue, or scotch tape, so that the hat can be kept and taken at a party funny pictures in a pirate hat, just attached to the head.

If the pirate's hat was not to their liking, then it can be completely replaced with a bandana. Below are options for tying it in a pirate fashion.

Fancy Accessories

If the main part of the costume is ready, then it's time to think about accessories. You can make a dagger from thick cardboard, take a plush parrot, decorate black fabric and make a pirate flag out of it, because such details will show that your character is a real pirate.

To create a pipe so necessary for going to sea for a pirate, you need to take several cardboard rolls, for example, from under toilet paper. Of these, it is necessary to make a pipe blank.

After that, each roll is wrapped in a flap of artificial leather or painted with black paint.

And then we connect the rolls together, creating a pipe, as indicated in the photo below.

There is an option faster and easier. To do this, we twist the cardboard sheet into the pipe and fix the tape with tape on both sides. The spyglass is ready.

Want to seem like a formidable pirate? A hook instead of a hand will cause the blood of others to freeze from fear. And making it is very simple. Take a disposable cardboard cup, make a hole on its bottom. From the food foil we make a hook and insert it into this hole. We fix with glue. And now it remains only to decorate the glass.

At the end of your image, when all the accessories and clothes are ready, remember that disheveled hair and let down eyes are mandatory in a pirate way. A pair of scars will only adorn the sea robber.