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How to draw an iron man


Iron Man has always been one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Over the years, his appearance has changed dramatically. In the comics, this was due to the fact that Tony Stark modifies his costume depending on what dangers he has to face. However, in life this was due to the fact that different artists worked on the character. Today, this character is more customary to draw in the spirit of the recently released blockbusters than the original comics.

Of course, colorful detailed images are created by professional artists with the help of graphic editors, but beginners will be able to draw Iron Man. Below are step-by-step tutorials, each of which is of increasing difficulty for the draftsman. We advise you to pay special attention to the drawing of the costume helmet, because in whatever position the character is, the head remains almost unchanged.

We draw the helmet of Iron Man

1. Outline the base: an oval, in which the upper edge is more like a rounded rectangle.

2. We outline the lines where the forehead, eyes, and jaw will be located.

3. Now draw the internal lines of the helmet. Start with a convex strip in the middle of the forehead and outstretched eyes. Make one big eyebrow and small details of the frontal part - rectangular plates and round bolts.

4. Draw the “mouth” of the iron man, not forgetting that the line above him should be the thickest in the inner outline of the helmet. Complete the mask on the cheeks.

5. Move the base oval, but make the bottom of the helmet more angular. Add small ears.

6. Modify the jaw line, erase the auxiliary lines.

How to draw Iron Man in profile

1. Outline the basic shapes: an oval and a rounded square for the head and chest.

2. Now on the shoulder we draw a circle and a rounded rectangle that will be the basis for the shoulder and arm. We connect the head and torso, giving the model a wide neck.

3. Detailing the face is similar to the explanations for drawing a helmet: a protrusion in the frontal part, elongated eyes, a square jaw. Add the ovals on the side to represent the ears.

4. We work out the details of the costume bib. Let's start with the circle in the middle where the mini-nuclear reactor is located. From the center circle, draw lines that extend to the shoulders and sideways to the armpits. We draw a semicircle at hand.

5. We work on the arm: add a round element on the side of the shoulder and outline the parts of the suit over the biceps.

More complex pencil drawings of Iron Man

To portray the hero in these lessons, you will need the ability to realistically depict the male figure and the detailed study of the small elements of the costume. But everything will work out if you follow the step-by-step instructions explaining how to draw an iron man.

Option 1. We draw Iron Man in the style of comics

1. We schematically sketch the body, where the circles are arms and legs, the head is a rounded rectangle with two semicircles for the ears.

3. Add the bib, not forgetting the three circles that will symbolize the mini-reactor.

4. Now we change the straight lines to the outlines of muscular arms, circles to gloves.

5. Do the same with the legs: the elongated leg resembles peanuts in shape, another long oval will be the foot.

6. The basis of the costume is ready, now we are working on the details, erasing unnecessary lines and coloring the picture.

Option 2. How to draw Iron Man in the style of films

1. Again, start with the main lines. An oval for the head, a larger one for the body, legs, knee, feet and outlines of the hand. Divide the head with lines to know where the center of the helmet and the eye will be.

2. Draw a helmet.

3. We do the left hand - by and large, this is a composition of squares and rectangles.

4. Draw the right hand and the details of the armor.

5. Now add the bib. Notice how its elements again diverge from the circle in the middle.

6. Draw the legs. We start from the thigh of the left foot, then go to the right.

7. Erase the lines of the base.

As you can see, the first option shows the musculature of a person more, and the second one closes the body completely and is more elaborate.

Creative Ideas

The artists who worked on the latest films about the character of Tony Stark, the official variations of the costume of this character as many as 42 options. Explore these options, flip through old comics - you will have many ideas on how to draw an iron man. After working on these high-tech armor, you can not only repeat them, but also develop your sketches.

Simple example

So, the first example will show us how to draw an iron man in stages. As mentioned earlier, this method of drawing will be the simplest in the framework of this article, the next will be more difficult, and then even more difficult.

Our hero will have an unusual pose for artists, but a standard pose for him. Namely, one knee and one hand will be pressed to the ground, and his eyes will be directed at us.

We will begin to draw from the head and will gradually go down the torso. At the first stage, we will depict the eyes and sides of the mask.

The next step is to finish the head. We draw small details from all sides.

Since the pose of our character is very non-standard, then it is time for us to move on to drawing his hand, on which he relies. It should consist of four elements and connect to the shoulder.

We detail the hand with small details.

Now we need to depict the second hand. Unlike the first, it will be slightly bent at the elbow and lifted up. Also, depict the upper part of the chest with a round hole in it.

We detail the hand with small elements and draws the lower part of the body. If you were able to cope with the previous steps, then the following should be much easier for you.

We depict the legs, the left will be drawn to the knee, since the rest will not be visible, and the right should be drawn completely, it will be bent at the knee.

Medium difficulty

If the previous figure assumed a rather unusual pose, then this time we will consider how to draw an iron man in full height. We want to give you a little recommendation, his suit consists of a huge number of straight lines, so that the drawing is more accurate, you can draw them in a ruler. Although if you are already an experienced artist, then the line will only bother you.

Let's start drawing from the head. We depict a mask, along the edges of which there will be many lines running diagonally, so we will draw the neck of our costume.

One of his hands will be stretched forward, as if he wants to shoot from his glove. At the same stage, draw the contours of the chest.

The second hand will be clenched, unlike the first, it will be fully visible. After the hand, draw a couple of holes in the chest, one large in the center and the other small on the side. Next, we depict the stomach, it should be slightly narrower than the chest.

The next step is quite complicated, you need to draw legs to the knees and detail the picture. Carefully study the picture below and redraw all the lines and stripes. It is such small elements that create difficulties in drawing this hero.

We finish the legs and our drawing is almost ready.

We have come to the most important stage. We take blue, red and yellow pencils and color our iron man.

The hard way to draw with a pencil

We came to the most difficult example, in it we will understand how to draw an iron man with a pencil. We sharpen the core and be sure to take an eraser in our hands, it will be very difficult to do without it.

In this picture, we will depict our hero waist-high. Let's start with the simplest outline of the torso and head. Try not to press hard on the pencil, as these are auxiliary lines and in the future we will have to erase them.

Add a left and a right hand to our sketch.

Well, we have a sketch, now the difficult part begins - detailing. We put a mask on our heads, and we will talk more about how to portray it in the next section.

Detail the brush. The fingers should be striped, and in the center of the palm should be a circle, from which the stripes will go in different directions.

We work out a hand. It should produce a large number of lines and other small elements.

Now we have come to a very, very difficult stage - we detail the body. It should be noted that our Tony Stark is a little at an angle, which makes drawing the body even more difficult. But if you try, then you will succeed!

Draw the second hand. It is not fully visible and it makes life a little easier for us.

Time has passed to apply chiaroscuro. This is a rather time-consuming process and if you have absolutely no experience with this, we recommend that you do not do this, as you can spoil the resulting drawing.

If you still decide to apply shadows, then be sure to watch the video tutorial, which is presented below. In it, you can see the lively process of drawing shadows and understand whether you need to do this or not.

In the last paragraph of our article, we will examine in more detail how to draw an iron man helmet. It does not have the simplest form, which is why we decided to devote a whole paragraph to it.

We depict rectangular eyes that are connected by a stripe. Above them, we denote the forehead by two lines.

We are working on the area of ​​the nose and mouth, it has very unusual bends, which you should pay attention to.

We depict doing that will cover the jaw of an iron man.

Let's draw another element covering the jaw, and also work on the side.

We paint on the neck and work out small details.