Useful Tips

How to write an essay?


A descriptive essay is mainly an essay containing practical tips and instructions. In it, you will tell the reader how to do something, or how it is done, for example, how to make goods in a factory or how to cook a certain dish. A good descriptive essay will step by step guide the reader through all the points, without focusing on one thing or in a hurry, since the reader may be new to this business. Although the details are important, if you include too many points, your reader may get tired without having read the essay to the end, so you only need to include the necessary information. To write a good, helpful, and easy-to-understand descriptive essay, go to step 1.

What is an essay?

An essay is a small essay written in a prosaic style and having a free composition, as well as expressing personal considerations, conclusions and impressions of a person on a given topic, but initially not claiming to be exhaustive or fundamental in the matter under consideration.

The purpose of an essay, as a rule, is the development of creative thinking and the skill of writing out your thoughts. And the process of writing it is very useful, because It contributes to the training and improvement of the skill of formulating thoughts, structuring information, identifying cause-effect relationships, illustrating existing experience with all kinds of examples and reasoning conclusions.

Essay Classification

The essay is classified according to the following criteria:

In content

  • Spiritual and religious
  • Artistic and journalistic
  • Artistic
  • Historical
  • Literary critical
  • Philosophical etc.

In literary form

  • Letters
  • Diary pages
  • Notes
  • Lyric Thumbnails
  • Reviews

In shape

  • Analytical
  • Critical
  • Reflective
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive
  • Compositional

According to the description form

  • Subjective, reflecting personality traits of the author
  • Objective, describing the subject, phenomenon, idea, etc.

Small volume

In general, of course, there are no specific boundaries in terms of volume for the essay. But it is recommended to write an essay, which is almost always done, ranging from three to seven pages of printed text (computer). But, for example, in many universities in Russia it is allowed to write essays up to ten pages in length (typewritten text), and at the Harvard Business School, essays are generally written on only two pages.

Ease of storytelling

When working on an essay, the author must adhere to a confidential manner of communicating with the reader, avoid complex, overly strict, obscure language, as well as be fluent in the topic, be able to show it from different angles in order to present the reader with a versatile view of the problem under consideration, which will become the basis of his future reflection.

Using paradoxes

In many cases, the essay is designed to surprise the reader. Some experts even consider this condition mandatory. The starting point for the reader’s thoughts may be some kind of aphorism, paradox, vivid statement that can clash with each other two mutually exclusive thoughts (statements), etc.

Semantic integrity

This is just one of the paradoxes of an essay: a work that is distinguished by its free composition and subjectivity of presentation, along with this, has an internal semantic integrity, i.e. consistency of the main theses and statements of the author, harmony of associations and arguments, and consistent judgments.

Essay outline and outline

The structure of an essay is almost always determined by two requirements:

  • The author’s thoughts should be presented in the form of brief abstracts
  • Abstracts must be argued

As arguments, one can use some facts, phenomena, events, situations, experience, scientific evidence, expert opinions, etc. It is best to use two arguments for each thesis. Just two, because one may seem unconvincing, and three or more will overload the brief and figurative presentation. Based on these premises, an approximate outline of the essay is formed:

  1. Introduction
  2. Argument backed up by arguments
  3. Argument backed up by arguments
  4. Argument backed up by arguments
  5. Final part

What to consider when writing an essay?

  • The main theme and purpose of the essay, as well as the themes and goals of its individual sections, should be clearly defined.
  • To capture the reader’s attention, you can use a vivid phrase, paradox, allegory, an interesting fact, etc.
  • In the introductory and final parts, attention should be focused on the main problem (introduction - statement of the problem, conclusion - summary).
  • Paragraphs, sections and red lines should be highlighted, and there should also be a logical connection between paragraphs and sections of an essay - this is how integrity of the work is achieved.
  • The presentation should be expressive, emotional and artistic. To a greater extent this is facilitated by the use of simple, short and varied sentences in terms of intonation.

Essay Writing Rules

  1. There is only one formal rule - an essay should have a title.
  2. An arbitrary internal structure is allowed. Given that an essay is a small form of writing, it is not necessary to repeat the conclusions that may be contained in the main text or heading.
  3. The formulation of the problem may well be preceded by argumentation, and the wording itself may be identical to the final conclusion.
  4. An essay should not be cluttered with service details such as: "I will talk about this and that" or "I have defined this and that", as, for example, is often done in essays. Instead, it’s better to pay more attention to the topic.

Most Common Essay Writing Errors

Bad check. When checking an essay, you need to pay attention not only to spelling errors, but also to ambiguous expressions, unsuccessful speech turns, and excessively harsh phrases. The work should be re-read several times, to identify all kinds of shortcomings and eliminate them.

Long introduction and lack of details. There are frequent cases when good and interesting essays are tedious introductory parts that do not incite the reader’s interest, but euthanize him, or continuous listing of any statements without proper illustrations in the form of examples and interesting facts. It is necessary to strive to ensure that the introduction is small, but bright and clear, and any statements and thoughts were accompanied by clear examples.

Long phrases. Many authors believe that long sentences are good. But this is by no means the case. Short sentences have a much greater effect on the reader, and long sentences can only overload the material and complicate the perception. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate between long and short sentences. When checking, read your work out loud and if you feel that on some sentence you do not have enough breath to finish it, break it into several smaller ones.

Verbosity. The specificity of the essay is that it is limited to a certain volume. And some authors are not able to fully disclose the topic due to the fact that they go into too much detail and details of certain points. For this reason, the volume must be managed skillfully and competently, initially abandoning some ideas, thoughts and details, if they are already mentioned in the course of the story.

Congestion. The essay should not be overloaded with scientific terms and encyclopedic data, because this not only distracts the reader’s attention from the main topic, but also negatively affects the quality of the entire work, as well as understates its significance and overshadows the expression of the author’s position.

Pay attention to these errors and avoid them. Check your work several times, modify and, if necessary, rewrite, cut off excess parts and add new elements - this is the only way your essay can become really interesting, well-written and high-quality work.

What are the symptoms of an essay?

  1. A specific topic or question that needs to be addressed. An essay cannot be a work that reveals several issues.
  2. It reveals the author's considerations on the topic, but this does not mean that they provide comprehensive information.
  3. A new vision of a topic and not at all a work of art. An essay may be historical, biographical, journalistic, scientific or otherwise.
  4. The content of the written essay determines the personality of the author, how he sees the world, thinks, feels.

Essays are used in schools and universities. It is written in short form or in the form of a large statement if there is a lot of information and the author wants to consider the problem from all sides. The ability to see what others are missing is an advantage in writing an essay. Based on the test results, students are selected at the university.

The main goal of the essay

The goal is called the ability to think creatively, to develop the skill of writing thoughts. In an essay, a person reasonably proves the point of view, correctly forms the structure of the presentation of the material, conveys the essence of the problem, if there are options for solving it.
The text is filled with examples on the topic and draw conclusions for the sake of which it is compiled.

How is an essay different from an essay?

It is important to understand how the essay differs from the essay, especially with regard to test items in educational institutions. The main differences:

  • The text focuses on the opinion of the author, and not on the evaluation of a work of art.
  • There is no image and description of what is happening, the task of the author is to convince the reader of ideas and call him into dialogue.
  • The style of writing an essay is more paradoxical and aphoristic, it has imagery.
  • It uses metaphors, comparisons, and allegories (read about impersonation).
  • The author sets out the perception of the topic, makes comparisons and selects examples.

Subject to these rules, the essay will meet all the requirements.

Essay Essays

There are common features of this genre, which are described in dictionaries:

  • A small amount of written text.

There are no clearly defined boundaries, but the volume should be between three and seven pages of printed text.

  • Clearly defined topic and its disclosure.

The theme for the essay is always selected. It must be unique, cannot contain many thoughts at the same time.

  • Freedom of writing is one of the features.

There is no clear framework for writing an essay. It does not obey the laws of logic, but acts contrary to it. This is just the case when you need to do the opposite.

  • Ease in writing.

The author should express his thoughts so that the reader, without any stresses, understands what he wanted to say. It is not necessary to complicate things; there is a statement that an essay can only be written by an author who is well versed in the topic, he sees it from the inside.

  • The paradox of the written text.

This genre implies a reader’s surprise when mutually exclusive statements and statements are presented (see metonymy).

Despite the fact that the essay was written in a free style, it should make sense of the statements of the personal positions of the author.

  • When writing, you can not use conversational slang, reduce words, and also use frivolity. The nature of the written creation must be serious.

Before you start writing an essay, you should decide on the topic, volume. You should start with the main idea in order to immediately attract the attention of the reader.

How to start writing an essay?

What to look for when writing?

  1. It is necessary to determine the theme and purpose of the essay, its individual sections.
  2. To attract the attention of the listener or reader, you need to enter a fact or phrase at the beginning of the text.
  3. At the beginning of the text should be a description of the issue on the topic.
  4. The text should have a structure, that is, be divided into paragraphs, sections. There should be a logical connection between them, so the integrity of the work will be achieved.
  5. The text of the essay should be written emotionally. This can be achieved by applying short sentences or phrases with different intonations.
The essay text must be emotional!

How to write an essay?

Before writing, you can read the essay (examples are on the Internet), as well as in this article, just below.
There is a rule for an essay on how to write it. The text should have a suitable title.

The structure can be made in any form. The volume of the text is small, it is not necessary in the conclusions to repeat the main idea stated at writing.

No need to insert statements such as: “I can talk about this or that,” or others like that. Because such a formulation is characteristic for writing essays. Try to better reveal the essence of the question posed to you.

Topic selection

Before you start writing, you need to decide on a topic, and this can take a lot of time, especially in a situation where nothing comes to mind. But there are exceptions when the teacher himself determines the topic, when there is a direction in the task, when you can take the topic to choose from the proposed list or write about what you want (a free topic).

Clear direction in the assignment

According to the conditions of your assignment, the topic of the essay will be known in advance. At the same time, the writing style will be different, and it will depend on where the work is supposed to be taken. The text for the university will not be the same as when entering a new job, or when passing the exam at school. The reader or listener of your essay will expect originality from him, the ability to express his thoughts correctly, clarify your professionalism or something else.

Free essay essay

This is the most difficult task, although on the other hand, unlimited possibilities open up before the author, because you can write about anything you want. In order not to be greatly confused in diversity, you need to choose an area that is not only interesting, but also in which you have knowledge.

Some describe the events that have taken place, reliable and interesting facts, celebrities, architecture and much more. Others may talk about themselves or criticize everything. The nature of the text will vary depending on what you write about.

Plan and structure of the essay

First, you should consider how the essay structure will look. To do this, just grab and sketch what you will write about. This will be the "skeleton" of the text, and subsequently it will grow into "flesh". Each text needs a writing plan, and especially an essay. Now you understand how to write an essay plan.
We can say that the essay is presented in three steps:

Main part

The main part considers several points of view on the same issue.
This part of the text can consist of several points, first comes the thesis - the author’s thought, which he is trying to convey to the reader. Then the argument and evidence of a previously written thesis. For example, the current situation from personal or public life, some theory or a proven scientific fact.

If there are two arguments for one thesis, because one may not convince the reader, they will simply overload the essay more.

However, the author has the right to lead to one thesis an unlimited number of arguments. This will depend on the structure of the essay and its volume. The main thing is that the text should be coherent and logical.
Arguments can be arranged in the sequence:

  • Statement.
  • Explanation.
  • Example.
  • The final statement.
  • Conclusion

Final part

In conclusion, the essay must draw the correct conclusions for each thesis given in part of the text. So the reader will get a logical conclusion on what they have read. The author should describe the problem and draw a conclusion.
It turns out that at the beginning of the text in the introductory part to interest the reader, and at the end to summarize the information presented. This is the basic rule of how to write beautiful essays.

The right conclusion is important in the essay.

How to write a conclusion in an essay?

The conclusion is to put everything together and present the essay as a whole. Here it is necessary to summarize all of the above and summarize.
Some helpful tips:

  • In the process of expressing your thoughts, you should alternate between long and short phrases. You will facilitate the reading process, and the text itself will be dynamic.
  • No need to use unfamiliar and complex words, they will make the text incomprehensible.
  • Try to write less generalizing phrases, because the essay should reveal the uniqueness and individuality of the author, as well as indicate his personal qualities.
  • The use of humorous phrases should be careful. Some readers may feel annoyed while reading.
  • It is necessary to talk about personal experience, impressions and memories on the chosen topic, so you will convince the reader of the truth written.
  • It is necessary to adhere to the chosen topic and not "go aside", describing incomprehensible facts.
  • Before submitting the material, the essay should be read, making sure that there is logic in the text.
  • For greater conviction use the results of research and observation.

Topic: “An open heart makes a person truly rich”

“It is not customary to evaluate a person by the level of his wealth. Money can come as a result of hard work, but not give true happiness. A person with developed spiritual qualities, moral principles can become truly rich. In everyday life, we follow moral values ​​and this is how our morality is manifested. Человек не делает необдуманных, плохих поступков, потому что боится, что его могут за это наказать, он не хочет быть изгоем общества.

Ведь духовное развитие происходит в результате соблюдения правил поведения в обществе, уважения к другим людям, следование моральным принципам. Greed and greed supplant light feelings in a person, uproot moral qualities. It's hard to believe, but the emotions of bad deeds are replaced by the benefits received. Such a person will justify the crime for the sake of his own gain. Some interpretations of the word "rich" say that this is a man with a wide heart, he is "kept by the gods." He must help other people, serve for the benefit of mankind. Humanity is the real value.

An open heart makes a person rich.

The beauty of the soul helps to create a wide circle of communication, it attracts other people to the person. Do not think that a rich person is necessarily spiritually poor, this is a general misconception. If a person was able to earn a certain amount of money, he respects family values, conducts his business honestly and is not hiding from anyone, then his soul will be open to help sick children, baby homes, homeless animals, people with low living standards.

It is difficult to become happy and rich without a soul, without a sympathetic heart. Property and money can seize power over a person; he will by all means try to maintain his wealth in a world of constant change. When we talk about the moral behavior of a person, we mean that he does not withdraw from society, participates in the social activities of the city, makes donations that save the lives of children and adults.

If we recall the past, then in the Russian Empire, one of the items of expenses of rich people was contributions for the maintenance of disabled people, orphans, and for the development of education. Famous museums and galleries made charitable contributions to the treasury. These traditions are now successfully working and foundations continue to be created, supporting low-income citizens with cancer.

Only a truly person can be rich, if he is doing well in all spheres of life, he is open to society and mutual assistance. ”
This is a small example of an essay that can be taken as a basis in writing works.

Form and types of essays

There are certain types of essays and their forms. Here is a small classification of this genre.

  • Subjective (personal) - a certain side of the author’s personality is revealed
  • Objective - refers to some idea or subject of description. For example, a specialist writes material on a specific topic.

  • Spiritual religious
  • Philosophical
  • Artistic and journalistic
  • Literary critical
  • Artistic
  • Historical and other

According to the literary form:

  • Letter
  • Review
  • Page from the diary
  • Lyrical miniature
  • Notes and stuff

  • Analytical
  • Descriptive
  • Critical
  • Narrative
  • Reflective and so on

How to write an essay

Now let's talk about how to write an essay correctly and interestingly.

To get started, let's look at the criteria for this genre:

  • Small volume and specific topic
  • Personal approach to disclosure, subjectivity
  • Free composition: impressions, memories, associations
  • Free use of the lexical composition of the language
  • Atmosphere of confidence, conversation
  • “I am in the world” and “peace in me”

Essay volume and topic

The volume of an essay for scientific materials is in the range of 2 to 3 thousand characters. As a rule, this is for students and specialists. More rare. In the genre of journalism, there can only be even less.

The only exception is the literary genre. In it, the size of the essay can be any because it is a free genre. It can consist of either a single phrase or an entire book.

The next sign is a specific topic.

We do not write an essay on the topic "world peace". You do not need to get the village philosopher's diaries after a bottle of moonshine. It is necessary to limit yourself to a specific topic and problem.

Approach and composition

This is also a personal approach to the topic. What you personally think about this. What are your emotions and feelings. Subjectivity is a sign of an essay.

The following is a free composition.

There are no rules where to start and how to end. You not only describe your impressions. But you can also describe memories and associations.

For example, you write about how you went to the Moscow bakery. On the street they saw how a young man decided to help an elderly man cross the road.

This prompted you to think about the morality of modern youth. To your memories of Moscow, not today, but 1943. Then you were a child and also observed a similar situation.

That is, in the genre of essays you can leave in time and space. Something to remember and talk about some associations. It will be a free composition.

Essay Phrases

Another sign is the free use of the lexical composition of the language. These are all the essay phrases that Word emphasizes to us.

When writing an essay, this should not bother you! Indeed, in this genre, you can use all the richness of the lexical language.

Atmosphere and rules for writing an essay

There is still an atmosphere of trust. This is such an intimate conversation with the reader over a cup of tea in the kitchen.

In the essay we try to show ourselves in the world and the world in us. These are two facets of the genre. What you see and how you feel. And also, what place do you occupy in relation to this event.

Essay Writing Rules:

  1. Write about what's interesting
  2. About what you think or feel
  3. Write as you want

To make the writing interesting to other people, you need to revive everything with your interest. Learning to write is delicious and fun. Learn to fly.

Essay on the topic of

Many are faced with the problem of how to write an essay on a topic that is right for me. As a rule, there would be no topic, only desire.

I will say that for each of us there are an infinite number of topics. All of them are hidden in our own inattention.

Therefore, first of all, you need to learn how to notice the surprising in the inconspicuous - something that you want to write about.

In general, it is very easy to choose a topic.

You can write about what has come to mind now. Or about what you are most interested in in life. You can even write about your fear or dream.

The theme may be events. This is what happens around us. Large, small and even barely noticeable. Each of them has its own theme. And if you yourself participate in this event, you can see it from the inside.

It is very useful to write about the event in hot pursuit.

If something happened recently, then you can recall the details, which then begin to be forgotten. And if you add fantasy to the event, then it can become a wonderful topic for a fairy tale.

The theme lies in the situation. Any habitual state of affairs gradually ceases to notice. But in any situation, you can peer again if you find a new point of view.

In the literature, this technique is called "exclusion"From the word"strange».

Take a look at the familiar through the eyes of the Martian, who first flew to Earth. You can also look at the situation through the eyes of a child and even a cat.


This is an even more fruitful layer to write an essay on the topic. Each experience immerses you in a certain topic.

Experiences are internal events. They are even deeper than external and any other impressions. You just need to think about which genre is best for writing about this or that experience.

Each of those people who are close to us is also a treasure trove of topics. The other person has his own events, impressions and experiences. Therefore, you need to talk with such people. Ask them or listen.

Try to peer at a stranger who is not far from you. Imagine who he works and what his character is. What unusual happened in his life.

Still for those subjects serve. You can write an essay on a topic from a randomly acquired subject. It seems that any thing wants to be guessed.

For example, it looks like an ordinary stone.

But if you touch it with your imagination, then it can become a meteorite. It can also be a magic stone of an alchemist or a souvenir from distant lands.

Bad options

Let's start with the bad stuff. Here is just a small piece of material.

It was an attempt at a concert essay.

The world itself is not shown. There are only emotions that overwhelm the author. But we do not share them because we ourselves did not understand what the event was. We did not see anything. Therefore, it is not interesting to us.

Here is a second example for the same informational occasion.

There is only an event. This may be appropriate in reporting as a start. Another such example may be suitable for a story or article.

But this is not an essay at all!

Why? Because there is no emotion at all. The world is only shown here. And our task is to maintain balance.

Good essay sample

Let's look at some good examples. The first sample of the essay is the material of Avdotya Smirnova "Farewell to the Slav". It is dedicated to the topic of spirituality.

Firstly, there is a malicious and confidential tone. Used phrases and images that would be clearly inappropriate in the article.

Let's look only at the completion of the material. That is, how the author addresses managers, accountants, deputies, and so on.

It can be seen that this is enough, free style and associations.

These are the author’s thoughts on the topic of spirituality. On the topic of what the 90s brought to our world. What we have lost and gained.

There is a reflection of our reality of the 90s and the emotions of the author on this topic. Agree, reading such material was interesting.

Another good example essay.

Posted by Lev Rubinstein. This is not complete material. The theme is contemporary art and the people who control it.

Here it is no longer as caustic and figurative as in the previous sample.

It can be seen that somewhere it looks like a comment. But still, there are more artistic means. More features for the author.

And here are the wider topics that we take.

If a specific event was taken there and commented on it, then here we are talking about broader and eternal topics.

Essay Design

For students and some specialists, essay design is also important. Therefore, let's consider the following rules.

Font use Times New Roman, size 14, line spacing 1.5. The indent for the first line of the paragraph is 10 mm, the left margin is 30 mm, the right margin is 10 mm, the upper and lower margins are 20 mm.

Title page we make out according to Appendix A.

Title page for essay design

Please note that the word "ESSAY" is placed in the middle and written in capital letters.

After the title page comes table of contents. It is drawn up according to Appendix B.

Headings are capitalized in the middle of the lines. The font is bold and slightly larger than the main text of the material. At the end of the title do not put a dot.

Numbering goes in Arabic numerals. The first is the title page. However, this page itself should go without a number. And so the numbers are affixed in the footer.

List of sources used drawn up on a separate sheet according to Appendix B.

Now you know what an essay is and how to write it. To do this, we examined the basic rules and criteria for this genre.

Also, for example, we examined some templates and a writing algorithm. We also looked at how to design a sample of their material.

Essay Reviews

In order for someone to give us the position we are applying for, recognize us as a guru and pay for our professional services, we need others to have a high opinion of you. They should know that you are an expert.

How do they know?
The simplest thing is to tell them about yourself. Yes it's good. But so everyone speaks about himself. All praise themselves.)) Therefore, your words will not immediately be accepted. People need some kind of confirmation.

A great confirmation will be the materials that you create. For example, correspondence with partners, subordinates and customers. These are also PR texts.
If you are thinking about an expert career, these will be articles, various publications and other professional materials.

For example, your client or employer needs to solve a specific problem. A person will go look for information and then he will just find what you wrote. If he gets the answer he needs from your material, then you will become an expert in his eyes. Therefore, he is likely to take you to his work or become your regular customer.

This is all called content marketing.
An essay as a genre consists of the same articles and publications that show your expertise on certain issues.
Therefore, use this genre for your promotion. This is a good demonstration of your skills. From here follow additional orders, customers and other features.

That's for sure! Nowhere without it. A friend of mine even said that when applying for a job in a serious company, she had to write motivational essay.

It indicated why she would be the best candidate. Also in the material, she reflected her aspiration and motives. All this should highlight the candidate from the total mass.

Further, during the interview, all the written information was double-checked. Checked the skills and data that were indicated.

Dear Reader, do not judge me too harshly, this is my first independent attempt to write an essay, I hope I can finish it ... The main reason for writing this essay is to check myself first of all if I can create at least a little meaningful text.

When I write these lines, I have a strange feeling inside me, I don’t want to do it, I want to be distracted, do something else, although I kind of write from the power a couple of minutes. So, it’s hard to start at least something to do in this direction.

Here is a colleague who is sitting next to me, we must say goodbye to him so that he still does not see my writing ... Haha madhouse.

You know, I read how to write an essay on The main thing that I learned there is the structure of the essay. But it’s not a fact that it is correct, but I didn’t look at other sources. So there you go.

Okay, I move on to the next point - additional reasons. This is an essay.
Ha, yes, maybe writing talent will open in me now. And that’s all, and I began to scribble as from a machine gun works in which there is a sense and there are deep thoughts.

Yes, dreaming. Meanwhile, we move on to the main point - the denouement. According to my information, the denouement should be my statement and a clear statement. Well, I declare, the first, I wrote something, there is a set of words and phrases, and this is probably good, and the second, even writing such a text is rather lazy, so it's not a fact that I will continue to do this.

Third, the writings deliver certain pleasant emotions and you are immersed in it and distracted from unnecessary thoughts.

So the conclusion is this: you can write, it is lazy, but nice. Well, in conclusion, I’ll try to write somehow a long essay on an interesting topic for me, let's see what happens. Who read this to the end, thanks for your attention. Damn, I feel that after such work, you need to relax and play APEX.