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In what position do you need to sleep with scoliosis?


If a child is sick with scoliosis, then all the difficulties associated with this lie entirely with the parents. It is necessary to deal with the exercise therapy child, carry him to the swimming pool, conduct massage sessions with him. If scoliosis is an adult, then he should do the same thing only with himself personally. At the same time, work and live an ordinary life. Where to get strength? You need to fully relax at night. And to get enough sleep at night, you need to know how to sleep with scoliosis of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree correctly.

What should be the surface of your bed

There is an opinion that all the problems with the spine are radically solved by the hard surface of your bed. Will you sleep on the floor? Wonderful!

It is possible on the bed, but on a rigid board, only a sheet is permissible. All this was invented by some kind of hater. Then why not on nails, at the same time acupuncture massage.

How are things really? What should be the surface of the bed for a good rest for people suffering from scoliosis?

  1. An ideal option is an orthopedic mattress.
  2. It is advisable to sleep on a mattress of independent spring blocks. Such a mattress, thanks to a system of blocks, bending under the body, precisely fits into the contours of the body. The body is comfortable, cozy, it relaxes, and sleep on such a mattress can be full and long. Such a mattress is not cheap, but I'm sorry for the pun, it's worth it. Your health is most valuable.
  3. A hard mattress, where the coconut coir is the filler, and the more layers of coir, the stiffer the mattress, for people suffering from scoliosis of the 2nd and 3rd degree is no longer of interest. It is certainly good for the correct formation of the spinal column, but completely useless when scoliosis is already available.
  4. It is worth saying a few words about the pillow. A pillow is required. It is better that the pillow has the ability to maintain the anatomical bends of your neck and head. Naturally, the filler should be hypoallergenic. The width of the pillow must match the width of your shoulders.

So, the basic requirements for an orthopedic mattress when choosing:

  • the mattress is made of hypoallergenic materials with antibacterial additives to prevent the reproduction of insects and microorganisms in the filler,
  • anatomicality - repeats the anatomical bends of the body, promote relaxation,
  • if scoliosis is 1-2 degrees, especially for young people, it is advisable to choose a more rigid springless mattress. Such a mattress contributes to the formation of proper posture and the alignment of the spinal column. Therefore, in combination with all medical procedures, it helps to straighten the vertebral arch. Typically, getting used to such a mattress occurs quickly enough.

Correct posture during sleep with scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disease that an adult cannot cure, but its progression can be stopped. To do this, you need to engage in swimming, exercise therapy and not from time to time, but for the rest of your life. Since we spend one third of our lives in a dream, this process cannot be ignored. During sleep, the muscles are completely relaxed, the intervertebral discs, without experiencing pressure and absorbing interstitial fluid, restore their physiological dimensions.

It is a well-known fact that an adult grows 2-3 cm longer in the morning than in the evening. It is at night that cell metabolism enters the most active phase. Sleep disturbances lead to nervous disorders and poor health. Therefore, it is so important, especially for people suffering from scoliosis, to take the correct posture in a dream:

  • with scoliosis, you can’t sleep on your stomach, this posture is generally unphysiological. It promotes the outflow of lymph into the abdominal cavity, and prevents the hydration of the intervertebral discs. It’s no coincidence that people sleeping on their stomach get up in the morning with swollen faces,
  • with scoliosis, you should accustom yourself to sleep on your back. This is the optimal posture for sleeping with lateral curvature of the spine of the 1-2 stage of development. In this position, both vertebral arteries are in a free, unpressed state and the blood supply to the brain and the entire spinal column is unhindered. And this contributes to full sleep and recovery of the whole organism. With scoliosis, and not only, a person must sleep at least 8 hours a day for complete recovery. And his dream depends on the convenience of his bed,
  • a sleeping position on the side is acceptable when the mattress fixes all the bends of the body. In this position, the position of the head is very important - the pillow needs to be placed under the neck and ear. It is important that all the cervical vertebrae were relaxed, and the vertebrae of the cervical and thoracic regions should be a straight line parallel to the bed. In this pose there is no threat of arterial contraction, and the blood supply to the brain is at the proper level,
  • if, for example, you have a right-handed bend in the chest of the spine, with pain, then the most acceptable pose for you will be lying on your left side with your left leg extended, your right leg bent at the knee rests with your knee on the bed. The right arm, bent at the elbow, lies in front of the body parallel to the body. In this position, the vertebrae diverge, forming a gap. The discs are not pressed down, the intervertebral nerve roots are released, and the pain is reduced,
  • with a left-side bend of the spine, one should take the same position, only lying on the right side,
  • it is very important to get out of bed correctly, especially during periods of exacerbation and pain. You need to roll closer to the edge of the bed, first lower your legs and slowly, controlling your movements, sit on the edge of the bed. It is necessary to rise from a sitting position without tilting the body body forward. The thigh muscles work mainly. Do not make sudden movements.

Scoliosis is not a sentence. With this disease, people live happily ever after. One of the conditions for a long and happy life is to give yourself, your body deserved attention. Believe me, the body will be grateful to you.

Pose selection

An ideal sleeping position that can be recommended to all patients does not exist. The fact is that each case of scoliosis is unique. Spinal curvature occurs immediately in three planes: frontal, horizontal and sagittal. Therefore, doctors do not give a clear answer to the question of how to sleep with scoliosis.

The choice of posture for sleep is individual for each person.

Nevertheless, general recommendations exist. Experts agree that with scoliosis it is best to sleep on one side. In this position, the correct circulation of the spinal cord is not disturbed, the arteries are not squeezed and blood flows freely into the brain. The muscles of a person lying on their side are in a relaxed state, and the nerve endings are not pinched.

With left-sided scoliosis, it is best to lie on the right side to relieve stress from the spine. The right leg is elongated while the left one bends at the knee and rests on the mattress. The left arm bent at the elbow is freely located in front of the body at a slight angle to the body. The position of the body with right-sided scoliosis changes in a mirror: a person lies on his left side, stretching his lower leg and bending his upper one.

Sleep on the back with curvature of the spine is not forbidden. But in this case, the body should be located strictly parallel to the plane of the bed. Therefore, the pillow should not be too high, and the mattress should not be too soft.

It is not recommended to lie on the stomach with scoliosis. This posture for sleep interferes with the hydration of the intervertebral discs, as the fluid spills into the abdominal cavity. The internal organs in this position are compressed, which prevents their full blood supply, and the muscles can not relax.

Many patients are wondering if it is good to sleep on the floor with scoliosis. Most experts do not approve of this idea. Sufficient rigidity is ensured by a properly selected mattress. And to catch a cold, spending the night on the floor, is quite realistic. She, in turn, can cause the development of inflammatory processes in the back.

Is it possible to sleep on a board with scoliosis? Here you have to be even more careful. If a person lies on a hard surface, the spine arches upward. In addition, internal organs are pinched and blood circulation is obstructed. Without the special purpose of the attending physician, such methods are contraindicated.

Which mattress is better to purchase

This is a key element of any bed through which the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine. It is the mattress that provides complete relaxation and long stretching of the back with scoliosis.

The main criterion for choosing a mattress is rigidity. Too soft bed base is not able to provide the spine anatomically correct position. It sags down, and the distance between the vertebral discs is reduced. Therefore, this option is the worst.

With scoliosis of 2 degrees and above, it is recommended to choose an orthopedic hard mattress. It will support the spinal column in the correct position, prevent its further lateral curvature, and relieve pain. Especially such a product is necessary in the presence of an intervertebral hernia.

Semi-rigid mattresses are well suited for scoliosis of the 1st degree and for the prevention of the disease. They will preserve the natural physiological bends of the spinal column, provide an optimal distance between the discs.

Orthopedic mattresses for the treatment of scoliosis are of three types:

  1. Spring loaded. Such products relieve tension from the muscles of the back, while maintaining the anatomically correct position of the spine. This is the best choice for thoracic scoliosis.
  2. Springless. They are stuffed with natural environmentally friendly materials: coconut, hay, cotton wool, foam rubber, latex. Some fillers have a memory effect: they are able to accurately reproduce the contours of the human body.
  3. Inflatable. These are compact products that can be used when traveling.

With scoliosis of the 3rd degree, it is useful to sleep on a mattress from independent spring blocks. Such a product accurately adapts to the contours of the body, providing the spine and back muscles with a good rest.

When choosing a mattress, you must first pay attention to the following properties:

  1. Hygiene The product should not contain substances that have a pungent smell or cause an allergic reaction of the body. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of accumulation of harmful elements in the mattress or the settlement of insects in it.
  2. Anatomy. The mattress should repeat the bends of the body, while providing support for the spine in a physiologically correct position.
  3. Therapeutic functions. A correctly selected orthopedic mattress helps to relax the back muscles and performs the function of tension of the spine.
  4. Comfort Only comfortable bedding will provide a person with a good night's rest.

Pillow Tips

Without relaxation of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, a night's rest will not be complete. Therefore, the choice of pillows must be approached responsibly. It should not be too high and soft so that the vertebrae do not pinch. At the same time, sleeping without a pillow is harmful to health.

The best option would be a roller under the head. Its width should correspond to the shoulder girdle, and the height is selected individually experimentally. The main thing is that there is no cavity between the back and the back of the head, and the spine remains in a straight position.

Modern orthopedic pillows are most often made of latex and foam. They hold the cervical vertebrae well, allowing them to breathe. Less common are coir-latex fillers and models with reinforced springs.

Experts advise to adhere to the following recommendations when choosing orthopedic pillows:

  • preferable models without springs,
  • for a child it is better to purchase pillows made of “breathing” material (for example, from coconut flakes),
  • adults and adolescents are better off sleeping on pillows with memory effects,
  • with advanced disease, rigid orthopedic models with a filler will do.

Choosing bedding and sleeping postures is an important part of preventing scoliosis. But it should be supplemented by medical gymnastics, swimming and strength exercises.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis can be hereditary (as a result of abnormal development of the uterine vertebrae), idiopathic (for no apparent reason), or caused by another disease, such as cerebral palsy. The disorder can develop at any age.

Symptoms of scoliosis vary significantly depending on where the pathology is located. Strong curvature can limit the function of breathing and organs to such an extent that it will lead to the death of the patient.

How to equip a berth

Various scientific studies show how important sleep is for patients with scoliosis. The speed of idiopathic scoliosis increases when babies are forced to sleep on their backs. In order to prevent pathology in children, it is recommended to take a certain position during sleep. Studies with children susceptible to scoliosis have shown that bending can be significantly reduced if children sleep in a position that puts a slight strain on the spine.

Pillow and mattress are not a substitute for modern medical treatment, but auxiliary means. With severe curvature of the spinal column, surgical intervention is required.


For this reason, scoliosis is usually treated first with exercises in the form of a change in posture during sleep and daytime activities. If the curvature of the spine continues to develop, the doctor may prescribe surgery.

A poor mattress provides poor sleep and back pain the next day. Many cases of scoliosis can be prevented by the correct position of the body in a dream. The doctor and chiropractor can give specific recommendations on how to position your body during sleep.

Many people ask: which mattress to choose? Here are some general guidelines:

  • Doctors recommend foam mattresses. This recommendation is based on the fact that the mattress effectively adapts to the body and reduces pressure on the spine. However, this theory has not been confirmed in scientific research.
  • As with everything else, it is important to find the right combination of comfort and mattress support. This is very important for patients.
  • Body size: if the patient is overweight, a tougher mattress is recommended. Obviously, it should not be too soft and too hard.

Since the disease varies greatly, it is difficult to make specific recommendations about which mattress or pillow is best for the patient.

Proper sleeping postures

There are no special body positions that would completely prevent or treat the disorder. According to large reviews of various studies, posture during sleep does not significantly affect the development and severity of the pathology. The most important and essential measure is considered physiotherapy. Properly selected exercises help restore posture. If physiotherapy is ineffective, it is recommended to undergo surgery to adjust the position of the body. An operation is only prescribed if conservative measures are ineffective.


Advice! It is recommended to choose the right mattress or pillow with an orthopedist. For an adult or teenager with right-sided, left-sided scoliosis (lumbar or thoracic), it is important to choose an orthopedic pillow after consulting a doctor.

Properly selected items will help you fall asleep faster and make your sleep better. The above attributes do not help cure the disease, however, they can prevent possible complications or the progression of the pathology.