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How to be lonely but happy: 5 tips


Many people have periods of loneliness. For some, they do not last long, for others they drag out for a longer time. And this episode in your life must be lived in peace, learning to be happy. How? let's consider.

Learning to live for yourself

If you don’t have a half now, do not be discouraged. Get the most out of this. Become a self-sufficient person who can easily find positive moments in this situation.

Devote moments of solitude to your beloved. Start taking care of yourself. Give yourself due attention. Sign up for a fitness club, walk along the beautiful streets of your city.

Enjoy life. Give yourself presents. Travel For example, when I was alone, I dedicated this stage of my life to getting pleasant impressions from tourism and travel. There is nothing more beautiful than traveling through cities and countries and photographing the sights and landscapes of the beautiful places of our abundant universe. If you don’t have enough money for long and long trips, take a walk in your city and region. This is also wonderful.

Take care of your personal growth and education. Go to study courses that you have long dreamed of. Attend spiritual development trainings. As a rule, if you begin to develop spiritually, you will not feel loneliness. You will learn to be truly happy because you understand that happiness is within you.

Or maybe at one of these courses, you will even meet your love! It often happens in life. A man lets go of loneliness, begins to live a full life and everything changes. He finds the right people for friendship and love in a random and miraculous way.

In order to be happy alone, you need to let go of your ex. Forgive them. Bless with love. Only if you let go of the bad will you make room for the new and the beautiful!

Therefore, I recommend you to pronounce the following setting every day for 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening:

“I cede all my former partners to God. I forgive them and let go. I wish them all the best ”

Look forward to meeting your loved one

In no case do not suffer from the fact that you are alone, but believe that this is a temporary phenomenon and soon you will surely find your soul mate, naturally if you want it.

In order to accelerate this, I recommend that you use the power of your mind. Every day, as in a situation with forgiveness, pronounce a similar formula:

“I am grateful to God that now in my life there is a loving relationship with the person I need. I'm happy".

Also use your imagination. Imagine, for example, how you look at a wedding ring on your hand. Or how your parents congratulate you on a successful marriage.

To be happy in solitude, you need to let go of this loneliness and change your attitude towards him. And to know that this is a temporary phenomenon that was given to you so that you learn to be self-sufficient and happy!

1. Find a healthy activity that has a sensory component

Touch is of great importance for love, happiness and peace. Touch promotes the release of oxytocin and serotonin (two chemicals in the brain that increase your feelings of pleasure and make you feel loved). Since the number of touches in a single person’s life is often limited, you should focus on that. Remember: this should not be related to sexuality.

Try these methods: any types of partner dances (for example, salsa or tango), massage therapy, pets, self-massage and hugs.

2. Spend time with friends

Studies have shown that hanging out with friends increases joy and improves health. Time with friends and your favorite activities (with friends and even without them) will revive you. Building friendships strengthens your authenticity and allows you to be yourself. You deserve it and it is vital for your true happiness.

3. Spend time outdoors

The natural world evokes a true sense of the present, helps to connect with mystery and beauty. Nature reminds us of the source of rhythm that drives our lives. If you are single, I would strongly advise you to spend time among trees, flowers, animals at least once a week to saturate your heart and soul. Inhaling pure oxygen triggers our self-confidence, and exercise relaxes our bodies and makes us smile.