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The best ways to invite a girl on a first date: where to go and how to behave


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Familiarity with the opposite sex allows you to lay the foundation for future relationships. You can invite a girl for a date in different ways: by phone or through social networks. Many guys are afraid to do this or hesitate to take an active position, but only with practice will experience come. The main thing is to adhere to simple recommendations.

Preparatory stage

If a man has a prospective candidate for a date, then he should determine her level of interest. When a girl searches for eye contact, she constantly smiles, laughs and keeps up the conversation is a good sign. Interest may occur in random touches. A woman can touch a man's hand or touch lightly sideways, after which he makes excuses and apologizes.

A girl who stares at a guy for a long time can hide feelings for him. In such a situation, she will quickly look away as soon as she sees the attention of the chosen one. An interested woman is easiest to invite on a date.

You can start a conversation with everyday topics. For example, ask about the latest news or offer to discuss an upcoming event. In the process, you need to look into the eyes, and not at the chest or other part of the body - this annoys women.

You can start a conversation by offering help. A man offers to carry a heavy bag or bring lunch to the office. The courtesy will be well received by the girl, and she will probably agree to meet.

Be sure to behave confidently. You need to speak calmly and evenly, since a stuttering voice is unlikely to please a woman. Do not show your embarrassment. This is signaled by different actions:

  • shift from one foot to the other,
  • fumbling a button or bottom of a shirt,
  • look away.

It is not necessary to invite just for a date, since such seriousness can scare away. Better to designate a specific place. For example, offer to go to a cafe or a movie. You can’t abstractly say that you can go somewhere. Girls love specifics.

An invitation is best done in private. Outsiders can embarrass a woman and she will refuse a man a walk. It is better to decide on a meeting place in advance, because in the restaurant you need to book a table, and for the theater to buy tickets.

Some guys are inviting ex-ladies on dates. In this case, it all depends on the reason for the separation. If she was bad, then it is unlikely to be able to get a positive answer.

Communication with a stranger

Any man can call a girl on a date, provided that he knows her. It is much more difficult to do this with a stranger. In this case, the representative of the stronger sex does not have information about her character and habits. Therefore, you have to rely on an original approach and ingenuity.

It is enough to ask an unexpected question, but it should not be vulgar or offensive. You need to stand in front of a woman at arm's length - this will not violate personal space. You can ask to tell where the best cafe is nearby and invite to try coffee.

At this time, you need to pay attention to the reaction of the girl. If she lowers her eyes and steps from one foot to the other, then embarrassment seized her. A careful look and focused face suggests that she has an interest in the voiced proposal. Crossed legs or arms may indicate a desire to refuse.

In case of consent, you need to act on the situation. A little girl lives in a woman who dreams of a beautiful prince. Therefore, subconsciously, she is waiting for bold and unusual acts. To do this, it is not necessary to take her for dinner to the best restaurant in the city. You can offer to go to the rink, and then dine in the cafe.

It is better to walk in the park and for this it is advisable to rent bicycles or scooters. Active work will avoid embarrassing silence and defuse the situation.

In case of refusal, do not be upset. Failure also contributes to gaining experience. You can’t invite a girl if she goes with her friend. In such a situation, she would not want to go somewhere else.


It’s easiest to invite a girl on a date through the Internet or via mobile phone. In this method, only voice, intonation and words matter. The chosen one will not have time to come up with an answer and she will quickly communicate her decision.

A few rules for making a call:

  1. Communication should be polite and without familiarity.
  2. The purpose of the conversation must be communicated directly.
  3. Better contact by name.
  4. The voice is kept even and calm.
  5. In case of consent, it is better to clarify whether the girl knows how to get to her destination or offer to meet her by car.

There are sample phrases that will help you start a conversation. A man can ask for help learning on roller skates or a bicycle, or offer to go and try some pizza in a new cafe. Do not overly persuade and insist, as decisiveness in this matter can scare off and cause a negative reaction.

A girl can have her own plans for the day and a man should adapt to them. For example, a classmate can be offered a walk after couples, and a work colleague dine in a cafe. There is no embarrassment in a telephone conversation and therefore it is easier to carry out.

Another option is SMS messages. It is advisable to do without banal and boring texts. The girl will not want to meet someone who cannot be original. Therefore, do not directly write that she is invited on a date or offered to swim in the river. Not every man can beautifully compose messages. You can ask for help in choosing clothes or tasting pastries in a cafe.

The easiest way to persuade a girl is through the VKontakte social network. Ability to exchange messages for free. As accompaniment of the text they use music, videos, emoticons and animations. Multimedia allows you to liven up communication.

You can not be limited to monosyllabic answers: ok, ATP, cool, norms, etc. This will convince the girl that she is not of interest. It’s better to write her an original verse that will contain a date of invitation.

If a guy does not know how to communicate VKontakte with a stranger, then you can study the list of her groups and interests. This information will serve as the basis for starting communication. A man should not use obscene words and constantly talk about himself. You can make an appointment after some time of active correspondence.

Original invitations

The first meeting is best made in a public place. It’s best to think up a list of entertainment in advance. Joint activities will serve as a good occasion to strengthen acquaintance. A beautiful and good date can be held in cinema, cafes, bowling, competitions, etc.

If a man knows a woman, he can invite her home. In this case, you need to meet not for sex, but for communication. For example, a guy should come up with a reason to help: the neighbors left the dog for the weekend and he has no idea what to do with it. Do not be afraid to be original - it attracts the opposite sex.

You can offer to start playing sports together. It is important not to offend with this proposal, as a girl can consider herself fat. An offer is written in SMS to start jogging in the morning.

Sometimes a man often gets rejected and does not understand what is happening. Perhaps the reason is in appearance or behavior. Untidy guy who wears wrinkled clothes is unlikely to cause pleasant feelings. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor yourself and your wardrobe.

Nobody will like aggressive behavior. Vulgar jokes, insults and obscene words will cause only disgust at the girl. Insolence and perseverance also do not attract the fair sex.

Therefore, if a guy is constantly refused invitations, he should carefully analyze his behavior and appearance. Perhaps he pushes the chosen ones.

Best ways to invite a girl on a date: how to definitely not get rejected

Let us make a reservation right away: failure is still possible. Even if you do everything perfectly, the girl may have reasons to refuse to meet. Nevertheless, the more competent you act, the higher the likelihood of agreement. Here are a few rules to help get your consent:

  1. Be polite. Communicate with the girl carefully and courteously. Impress a pleasant person. This is the basis of her consent.
  2. Take your time. Do not offer to meet until you get to know better and chat for a while. It is necessary to give confident sympathy to arise - experiencing it, the girl will agree with a greater probability.
  3. Think over a meeting. Where do you go, what do you do, what will you talk about. If the latter manages to improvise, the first two points should be prepared in advance to avoid awkwardness in place.
  4. Choose the correct wording. Since you will immediately receive an answer, it is important to say something that does not kill all previous efforts and inclines the girl to agree. We will help with the wording :)
  5. Do not push. If a girl is in doubt, one should normally ask the reason for the doubt and convince of the harmlessness and safety of the undertaking. But you just don’t need to bend your line tightly: this will convince the girl that she doubted not in vain.

How to prepare for a date

You have chosen the best place to date. Received the coveted consent. The appointment is scheduled. What to do now? Make sure that everything goes at the highest level.

  1. Think over the program. Where you can drink coffee, where places are picturesque enough for a walk, what kind of movie to watch if it comes to movies. You can include something original in the form of a walk on the roofs, riding rides or horses.
  2. Take care of the budget: in our country it is customary to pay for girls on dates. This happens in most cases, and a girl can be offended if she has to pay for herself.
  3. Think about the look.. It should be appropriate for the occasion: if you go to the theater - dress harder, if you plan some kind of active entertainment - choose something convenient. Clothing should be clean and tidy. Hairstyle - neat. Choose a pleasant unobtrusive perfume.
  4. If you want to achieve the maximum location of the girl - come up with a small gift or give flowers.
  5. Think up topics for conversation.: what do you want to ask, what will you tell about yourself. The conversation will surely line itself up, but it is better to have a couple of trump cards in case of awkward silence or to find out about the girl what you would like to ask anyway.

How to invite a girl on a date in person

If you already see and communicate, and you do not need to transfer acquaintance from the Internet to reality, everything becomes much easier. It is enough to catch the moment and crank everything gracefully.

  • If you study or work together, add romance and toss a note. Offer to go to the movie she is waiting for, or in a cafe with her favorite kind of cuisine. According to the tradition of American films, write the options “Yes” and “No” so that she ticks the right box. If you are sure of success, you can write down the options “Yes”, “Yes, exactly”, “Tomorrow already”, “Ask me one more time”. If the plan does not work, the girl simply will not return the note.
  • When meeting, compliment her appearance. Take a look at the news and offer a walk / lunch / go together somewhere.
  • Ask for help. Maybe you need to choose an outfit for some occasion, a gift for mom, or something that she is well versed in. This will be a great excuse for a meeting and emphasize your attention to the girl.
  • If you have a ticket or a subscription somewhere that is about to expire, invite her to join the company.

What is stopping you from calling a girl out?

To begin, let's figure out what is the root of the doubts that arise when you want to invite someone on a date.

Most likely, the point is the subconscious fear of rejection. Even the most courageous, sociable and handsome men are sometimes embarrassed to take the first step and lose all their charisma, ingenuity and wit before the fear of failure. Indeed, the answer “no” often hits self-esteem and makes some men feel inferior. But this is a losing tactic.

To get rid of the complexes and fears associated with refusal, it is enough to reconsider your views on women and understand that if she refuses, this does not mean that you are a failure, and all the other girls will follow her example.

Believe me, a refusal can fly even if you behave correctly and look perfect. In the end, you might just not be her type, and that’s completely normal! Just as you may like or dislike girls without any rational reasons, women may or may not like men. Sometimes this is a completely uncontrolled process.

If it so happened that the girl did not want to go on a date with you, relax, say to yourself “well, okay” and move on, because there are so many people in the world (as many as 7.6 billion people). And do not try to get the reason for her refusal from her, she is not obliged to make excuses to you.

How to call a girl on a date via the Internet: examples of successful formulations

Successful phrases for inviting girls to date through social networks and on the Internet, in principle, are divided into three categories:

1. Surprises. Something that has a little secret.

  • “I know one place that you will definitely like. I won’t say where it is, but I can show it. Let's go to?"
  • “You were interested in ... I know something about this, I can tell you over a cup of coffee. Let's meet tomorrow at seven? ”

2. Compliments. Tell the girl about her dignity and suggest related leisure activities.

  • “You are the only one who loves horror as much as I do. Let's go to the cinema for a new horror film from Guillermo? ”
  • “You are so good at art! And I'm a complete layman, but I want to see a new exhibition at the House of Artists. Compose a company? ”

3. Quests. The essence of the method is for the girl to do something in order to receive an invitation.

  • Place the invitation note in the box and put it on the game con. Play along with the girl to win, receive and read the note. “Your victory! But can the loser win the opportunity to take you to the movies? ”
  • Hide a few notes, each of which will tell you how to find the next. The last note should contain an invitation with the address and time. “You have come a long way. Only the last step remains - and the result will pleasantly surprise you. I’m waiting in the coffee house on Chervonnaya at six in the evening. ”

How to persuade a woman on a date on a dating site

On a dating site, your only tool is correspondence. It is quite enough if the girl is interested enough to decide on a meeting.

Be courteous and choose the right moment for the invitation. Do not call to see if the girl is telling something important right now. Do this at a convenient time - not in the early morning and not late in the evening. Make sure she is in a good mood and communicates openly.

Here wording from the categories of surprises and compliments will work perfectly. Here are a few more examples of what the correspondence might look like:

J: Oh, well, today was a day at work. Tired, I thought colleagues beat for their jambs.
M: Sorry. Hold on, the weekend is close
J: Oh yes, it will be necessary to have a better rest, to move away from a difficult week.
M: And I just have an idea about this. I know where the best desserts are in the city. Do you like eclairs? Then you need to try these! I have similar plans for Saturday lunch. Compose a company?
J: It sounds tempting, why not :)
M: I will not reveal all the cards, but I can drive up wherever you say, and from there take you to this place.
J: Go, wait by the subway
M: I will be there at 12, pleased and in a red scarf :)

M: How are you today?
J: Great! Started planning a summer vacation.
M: Wow! Do you like to travel?
J: Yeah, very much! I want to see something in Europe this year.
M: And what about the Europe that we have right in our city?
J: Are you talking about the main street?)
M: Oh no, there is something more interesting! Would you like to have a look?
J: Intrigued :)
M: Just a story here will not be enough. So come on Friday to the Three Cats coffeehouse at seven, start from there. It will be exciting, I promise!
J: Good. Let's see which of you guide :)

J: What are you doing?
M: It seems right now - I need your help.
J: Wow, what happened?
M: Literally just found out that a backpacker traveler is coming to us. And only you will appreciate his lecture. Compose a company?
J: That sounds interesting! I’ll make up, of course. Where and when will she be?

How to invite a girl for a walk through VK

If you want to call a friend through a VKontakte, and not a stranger, think about how to do it in an original and fun way. Talking with an already familiar girl, you can choose the wording less carefully and not be afraid to experiment. There is a list of good phrases that will help you easily communicate with a girl that you like.

The most original way is to create a simple but beautiful website with an invitation. Отправьте ей его личным сообщением с подписью вроде «Смотри, какая клёвая идея». На сайте должно быть само приглашение с датой, временем и местом встречи.

Если верстать сайты вам не по плечу — нарисуйте граффити или сделайте открытку в фотошопе. Главное преимущество здесь — необычный формат и подача. Результат должен быть красивым и уникальным, чтобы было видно, что вы не просто шаблон нагуглили, а действительно постарались.

Another way is to record a voice message. And here there are ways to distinguish yourself: with music in the background, funny effects, intonations, and other audio recording features.

If you want to invite through correspondence - do not worry about originality: this may also be a good solution. Here's what it might look like:

M: How are you?
J: I’ve got the story for tomorrow’s test.
M: Yes, that week was another week in school. Keep me company in preparation for the colloquium tomorrow after the test. We’ll have time to relax and study more productively. I propose to sit in a coffee shop near the main building immediately after the couples.
J: A tempting offer :) will you help me figure out the problems?
M: Of course! This is one of the tasks. Fine, then come to the table by the window, meet there.

M: You forgot glasses in the office. Miss them, I guess? :)
J: Damn, I thought I dropped it somewhere on the way home.
M: I can return them today so that you do not suffer until tomorrow. At the same time I will offer dinner.
J: Oh, great! Can you drive to my area, in the cafe "Hieroglyph"?
M: Yes, I just wanted to offer it. I'll be there in an hour.
J: You are my savior! Thank you, I will come on time

J: I bought a dog!
M: Wow, great! What kind of breed?
J: Spaniel. Nice puppy.
M: I had a spaniel in childhood, they are really wonderful. By the way, there is an extra leash and a couple of toys. I will give it with pleasure if you allow me to take a walk with you.
J: Tempting! We are walking in the park.
M: Great. I'll be there at seven.

How to offer to meet by phone

To invite a girl for a walk on the phone, you need brevity and confidence. Be prepared in advance and try not to distract the girl with lengthy conversations and a long uncertain moo. Here are some good phone invitation examples:

M: Hi, I'm calling to ask what are your plans for the weekend.
J: Hello, so far only Saturday afternoon is busy.
M: Wow. How about bowling that evening? I want to unwind, and you seem like the perfect company.
J: I'm not a very good player, but I think it will be fun.
M: This is what is required! I'll be there at six.
J: Well, I’ll come there by this time.
M: Then see you!

M: Hi, is there a minute?
J: Yes, speak. Something happened?
M: Nothing serious - I just wanted to invite you on a tour of the rooftops on Friday night. I hope you are interested.
J: That sounds intriguing, yes. But I'm not sure that I will be free.
M: It’s up to you, but if anything, we’ll start from zero kilometer at seven. I would be very happy if you join.
J: I will try and say for sure on Thursday.

M: It seems that you were looking for where we make good coffee in Kemeks. I found such a place, and I need an expert. Let's go there on Sunday?
J: That sounds interesting! In the afternoon I am free.
M: Great. I'll pick you up at three.
J: Well, I will wait.

How to date by SMS

The main feature of SMS invitations is their conciseness. If you are interested in how to make an acquaintance a date by SMS, try to put as much information as possible in one message. Here are some examples of how to make an acquaintance a date by SMS:

  1. I haven’t seen you for a long time and I want to meet. Let's go to the movies on Saturday? I got a ticket and ice cream.
  2. Already heard that your favorite Hurts are coming? I took the tickets, I want to listen to them live. I count on your company.
  3. Are you a connoisseur of Italian cuisine? How about a pasta dinner on Friday? They say that in “Papa Carlo” she is excellent.
  4. “Aladdin” finally came out for hire - I have been waiting a year! Come with me to the premiere? I promise: it will be fun!
  5. I want to meet and make you happy. Can you tell me the place where I have long wanted to visit? I have a couple of ideas, but I'm open to suggestions.

How to invite a stranger on a date

How to call a stranger to a meeting is the most difficult task that is discussed in this article. It is worth saying right away that the chances are small: in the era of the Internet, few decide to date a person whom they see for the first time. However, here are 5 tips to increase these chances:

  1. Keep your arm out. Do not disturb the personal space of the girl.
  2. Speak confidently. She is most likely afraid of it. If you, too, will not meet.
  3. Explain the reason for your conversation. You need help finding an address, you liked it, you are interested in what she does or eats, if it happens in a cafe.
  4. Give her a compliment if she looks unusual or just attractive, ask the right question related to her appearance.
  5. Keep in mind that she may refuse. Then ask her contacts - phone or profile on social networks, and chat before making an appointment again.

Poetry date invitation

An original way that touches many girls. In this case, emotionality is important, not the size of the stanzas and the perfect construction of the quatrains. Here are some examples of the best way to invite a girl to a date in verse.

Beautiful creature,
I invite you on a date!
I want to surround with my tender care
I admit that being with you is a pleasure!

I like you for a long time
Come on in a cafe, or a movie?
I beg you, do not refuse
'Cause I cherish you
How - at a meeting I will say.

I have never dreamed of this
Find a finer creature.
You are without a doubt the ideal.
Let's go on a date today!

How not to invite

We told how beautiful it is to call a girl on a first date so that she agrees. Now we list what should not be allowed to avoid failure.

  1. Do not be rude. Call politely, adequately respond to possible objections and change of plans.
  2. Do not offer ill-conceived options. Do not ask “Do you want to spend time together?”, Offer something more specific like going to the cinema, an amusement park, walking.
  3. Do not call at an inconvenient time like early morning and late evening and do not interrupt the girl’s story to invite her somewhere.
  4. Do not pronounce the word "date", it can scare.
  5. Do not invite in a crowded place where many who hear your dialogue.
  6. Do not call where the girl will definitely not be interested.
  7. The most important thing: do not forget to appear on the appointed date! ,)

1. Do not ask, but offer

This item should firmly enter your consciousness and become stronger there for the rest of your life. Do not tell her: “Would you like to go with me somewhere next Friday?”instead, suggest: “Let's take a walk in the park next Friday”.

The first question will make her doubt whether she wants to go somewhere with you. The second sentence sounds more concrete and confident, it is likely to cause less doubt.

2. Forget the word "date"

It so happened that the word "date" is associated with something involving a romantic atmosphere, and, as a result, creates tension for all participants.

It is best to avoid this wording and not cause discomfort. Especially if this will be your first meeting. If a girl directly asks you: “Are you inviting me for a date?”answer her: “No, this is just a business meeting”. Most likely, she will appreciate.

3. Be specific

We advise you to forget the vague constructions, such as: “somehow”, “someday”, “somewhere” and so on. Before you call a girl on a date, throw in your head a few options where you want to go and when. If you already know her preferences, be guided including them.

Say: “Let's go to the park this Saturday afternoon?”. If she replies that she would not want to freeze on the street, offer a cozy cafe where they make excellent coffee.

4. Do not make her nervous

You should not make the main event of your life out of this date, even if it is one. From the side it should look as if your meeting with her is an ordinary event that does not determine your destiny in any way.

If at the first meeting with a girl you will behave as if you were waiting for this from birth, she will feel extremely uncomfortable, and you will not get easy and easy communication.

5. Do not make grandiose plans for a first date

On the first date, the main goal is to communicate with the girl. You should interest her and give the impression of a nice guy. To do this, you do not have to go to a music concert first, then to a restaurant, then to a movie, and then somewhere else.

Let the first meeting be remembered by sweet communication, and not by the most active and eventful day in her life.

1. How to invite her live

So, in the modern world, most people are used to communicating through gadgets and other remote communication methods. It is so much easier to take the first step: there is time to think before answering, you don’t need to look into each other’s eyes and in general you can pretend not to who you really are (just why?).

But no one has canceled the good old communication in real life, when you overcome all your fears, shove the complexes to hell and act like a real hero, inviting her to go for a walk with you. How to do this, we will now tell.

If she is your friend

Do you already know the girl you want to call somewhere? Great, then it will be easier for you to find an approach to it. Surely, if you think about it, you can roughly imagine what she is fond of and how she likes to spend time.

When you come up with a suitable option, you can come up and start a conversation, just don’t have to start a dialogue with an unexpected invitation to the theater. First ask how she’s doing, how her day went, and finally ask her what her plans are for tomorrow evening.

If she says she’s free, tell her about your idea and wait for an answer. If she refuses, do not try to find out the reasons, it is indecent. You can re-invite her to meet and go somewhere in a week. If the last time the reason was in urgent matters, this time she would agree or offer to reschedule the meeting for another day, more convenient for her. In the event that she refuses you a second time (and does not show any initiative), you should no longer impose her communication on her.

If she is your colleague

If you want to call a colleague on a date, you need to act more delicately. Here the algorithm will be almost the same as in the higher paragraph, however, the circumstances in which you do this are important.

It is best to approach her when there are no other employees nearby. Indeed, at work, rumors are spread instantly, and few people want to be whispered about him behind his back.

In addition, make sure that she is in no hurry to fulfill an important assignment and is not going to run away. In this case, your fleeting conversation can be very awkward.

It is also important to find out if service romances in your organization are prohibited by the rules of corporate culture (yes, it happens).

Plus, remember that in case of her refusal, you will have to face her every day. If you are ready to bear it, act!

If she is a stranger

This option can be considered almost the most adventurous and most risky of all. However, it also has its advantages - in case of failure, you will no longer see this girl, and you will not have to look into her eyes later.

If you want to meet on the street, first of all make sure that you are not in the dark gateway, where the last lamp will go out soon. Let it be a crowded and pleasant place where no one will suspect a rapist of you.

Then try to get closer to her and create an eye contact full of friendliness and sincerity, just do not wink at this, stick out your eyes and in every possible way attract her attention verbally. If she smiled back at you, you can safely approach her and start a conversation.

Introduce yourself, say something unbanal, funny, funny, compliment her cool sneakers, but in no case say that she is beautiful, and you fell in love at first sight.

Remember that you shouldn’t come up from behind when meeting someone, touch the girl, much less pursue her. If she quickened her pace, started talking to someone on the phone and defiantly does not pay attention to you, then you better keep up with her.

If everything goes well, try to maintain a conversation with her for two minutes, then analyze your communication. If you think that everything is fine, ask her phone number or account on social networks.

Or you can not postpone your date for later and invite her to go to the nearest coffee shop, asking if she has free time. Why not? By the way, in more detail about how to meet a girl on the street, you can find out in this material.

2. How to invite a girl on a date on VKontakte or via SMS

Now let's move on to online communication, in which the first step is much safer and less exciting.

If you want to invite a colleague or just a friend for a date, proceed according to the above algorithm, only instead of voice and look, insist words on the keyboard.

Start with a greeting, ask how her day went. If you want, you can share with her some content that has impressed you lately, and then ask what she will do on Friday night.

The main thing in online correspondence is not to be intrusive. This is very noticeable when you answer ten of her messages. Keep balance and be calm. Then there will be much more chances for consent.

If you write to a stranger, everything is a little more complicated. The main thing is to interest her from the first messages, otherwise a sudden phrase: "Hello how are you?" may not be taken seriously by her.

You should also not throw it with likes and comments. One or two will be enough. At the same time, you do not need to write something about her appearance, let it be a comment, such as: “That guy in the background obviously knows a lot about parties.”. Naturally, if there is a guy in the background in the photo.

Find out what you have in common with her, and then build a conversation against this background. To do this, you can study her page with posts, audio recordings, photos and videos. So you can create a picture of her preferences and form an individual approach.

Be afraid to be intrusive and strange, do not bombard her with endless questions, content and stories about yourself. Remember, balance is above all.

If in the process of communication she will be interested in you, you will notice it and you will be able to start thinking about how to transfer your conversations offline. Invite her to go to a cafe, take a walk in a park or any other place suitable for a first date (read chat).

By the way, in this material you can learn in more detail about how to gain the trust of a stranger on social networks.