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Engagement ring with diamonds: how to choose luxurious wedding rings?


Modern jewelry stores offer a wide range of engagement rings with diamonds Hot Diamonds, StDiamond or Vena Amoris, among which the bride and groom can find exactly those models that are perfect for their pair. However, among such a variety, it is not easy to make a choice: in order not to make a mistake and joyfully wear a beautiful wedding ring on your ring finger, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the features of these jewelry.

What is a diamond?
When planning to purchase engagement rings with a diamond, remember that a diamond is not the name of the material, but the type of cut. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to what stone a diamond is made of. If it is not indicated anywhere what material the cut is made of, then in front of you is a diamond ring in a “diamond” cut.

The weight
The weight of diamonds is measured in carats: 1 carat corresponds to 0.2 g, and the cost of one carat depends on the total weight of the diamond: the larger the stone, the more expensive one carat. There is a classification of diamonds by weight: small (up to 0.29 carats), medium (from 0.3-0.99 carats), as well as large ones (over 1 carat).

The form
The shape of diamonds can be round, oval, in the form of hearts, etc. However, the most popular are round. There are two types of cuts (simplified - 17 faces, and complex - 57-58 faces) of different quality (symmetry, polishing, etc.).

It is worth noting that truly colorless diamonds are extremely rare, and therefore are most valued, and their price is several thousand higher than painted stones. Colored diamonds can be red, yellow, pink, green or blue, and are classified by color groups. So, small diamonds, depending on the gradual increase in color saturation, are divided into four groups, and medium and large - into nine groups.

The purity of a stone refers to its internal characteristics: cracks, inclusions, surface defects, visible through a magnifying glass at a tenfold increase. There are 6 groups of purity of small diamonds, and 12 groups of purity of medium and large stones.

Having familiarized yourself with the particularities of choosing engagement rings with diamonds, you will know which questions to ask a jewelry store consultant to make it easier to find rings suitable for you.

Men's engagement rings with diamonds

Men often choose beautiful paired rings with a diamond path. It is believed that such an ornament will be the best symbol of love for a girl. Most popular are models created in the form of 2 connected rings, one of which is decorated small diamonds. This option looks interesting and creative, consistent with the classics.

Lovers often choose sets of rings made in one design solution.

It is believed that in this case it is possible to emphasize relatedness, similarity. Men's diamond engagement ring should have a discreet design and fewer stones used. Women's jewelry usually distinguished by elegant performance and larger stones.

Photo of a male engagement ring with a diamond

Men's rings suggest a special type of attachment of precious stones:

  • deaf caste - an unusual cup, characterized by the presence of sides and a bottom of a flat shape,
  • cape rivet - precious stones are inserted into holes drilled in a precious metal,
  • half blind rivet - stones and other decorative details create a kind of pressure on each other, which determines their support.

Diamonds are divided into numerous varieties. The classic option is colorless gemstones.

It is advisable for men to choose a jewelry with one gem, which is a symbol of strength of character, self-confidence

A golden engagement ring with diamonds is ideal for a woman, because it will emphasize her sophistication, sense of style. Female models of jewelry look original.

Women's Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

The choice of jewelry for the fair sex allows you to understand which option it is desirable to stop a personal choice. Diamonds amaze with variety its colors:

  1. Yellow gold jewelry looks interesting with black diamonds. They are suitable for mature women.
  2. Jewelry with small gems pink colors will be the perfect choice for young people.
  3. Yellow diamond - This is a stone that will be appreciated by an extraordinary girl.

As a gift, you can choose a women’s chic diamond ring:

Gold ring with diamonds, SL (price by reference)

Also, rings are performed according to different methods and use a variety of amount of gemstones:

  1. Jewelry with one large diamond is a classic model. It is considered universal. The focus will be on solitary stonetherefore it should be large. The ideal size is 0.1-0.2 carats. In the jewelry industry, gemstones are valued according to the Tavernier principle: the cost of a crystal is equal to the product of the square mass in carats and the base price of 1 carat. As a result, jewelry with one large stone can cost more than with several small stones.
  2. Models with loose diamonds also deserve special attention. The decoration is transformed thanks to the stylish crystal path, which will encircle all jewelry or only a certain part of it. Such jewelry is offered at an affordable price, because for decoration they use small precious stones at affordable prices. For fastening, they traditionally use a reliable Pave fastener, because it forms a single massif of area with numerous stones.
  3. Wide engagement diamond rings. Typically, such models have an original design. They consist of numerous curved elements interwoven with each other. If desired, choose a ring of gold with diamond chips. The item can be additionally decorated with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires. The combination of black and white precious stones looks perfect.
  4. Thematic. If desired, choose rings made in unusual shape bow, heart, crown or symbol of infinity. Such jewelry stands out from the rest.

When choosing a jewelry with three small diamonds or one large gem, it is important to ensure the quality of the jewelry. It is recommended that you verify that documentation is available. authenticity. In the jewelry industry, expensive stones are almost never turned into silver or inexpensive precious alloys, as this will make the product cheaper and likened to jewelry.

You can choose a wedding ring with a diamond, characterized by an exquisite design:

Gold ring with diamonds, SADKO (price by reference)

Nowadays variety of wedding rings with diamonds pleasantly surprises.

Types of Precious Materials Used

For making engagement rings successfully use a variety of precious materials:

  1. Gold is considered a classic. Priority is 585, as it is of high quality. Gold models are considered the most popular. A precious stone emphasizes the nobility of a precious metal. An interesting option is the combination of white gold and 1 small black diamond.
  2. Silver. Such precious material is at an affordable price. Silver jewelry also pleases with a variety of designs.
  3. Platinum. If desired, choose a platinum ring with 5 diamonds. Such a piece of jewelry looks respectable.
  4. Enamel. Jewelry is distinguished by an interesting design. Enamel coating It looks unusual.

Photo of a wedding ring with diamonds in a circle

Choosing wedding rings with diamonds in a circle or 1 gem, you can focus on original design. Such decoration will certainly become a symbol of love and will allow you to show a sense of style of a couple in love.