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How to rotate the Windows 7 hot keys screen


Do you have a game to play with the monitor upright? Are you trying to create a unique home computer screen? Are you building a retro arcade? Turning the monitor is not a very simple procedure, but if you have the appropriate equipment, you can configure your monitors as you wish. After the monitor is installed, you can change the way Windows displays so that you do not have to tilt your head to view it. Finally, you can calibrate the monitor so that the colors look as good as possible.


To flip the Windows desktop, you need to use the combination Ctrl + Alt + arrow. In this case, the lower part of the screen will “look” in the direction of the pressed arrow key. That is, if you need to rotate the screen 180 degrees, use the up arrow. This is the easiest way - no need to open any settings menu.

It is this combination that leads to the fact that the image turned over accidentally. Remember her and try to avoid accidental clicks.

Support for hotkeys for rotation can be disabled in the settings of your drivers. There is no easy way to activate it with standard Windows tools. Typically, this feature works on laptops and netbooks, but is not available on desktop computers.

Windows desktop options

If the hot keys on your PC are disabled, or you currently do not have access to the keyboard, you can use an alternative method. The orientation of the image on the monitor can be changed through the settings Desktop. Follow the instructions:

  1. Right click on blank area on the screen.
  2. In the context menu that opens, select the “Screen resolution».
  3. The option you are interested in is called "Orientation". Just select the option you want from the drop-down list. Landscape is the default. 90 degree rotation - Book. Rotate 180 - Landscape inverted.
  4. Click Apply to confirm the changes.
  5. Click OK to close the window.

This method universal - It is suitable for laptops and desktop PCs, and also works with video cards of any manufacturers (including integrated ones).

Ways to flip the screen

Method number 1: using hot keys

Many laptops now have special keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen. (they are called hot) . They allow you to change the orientation of the image on the screen in a matter of seconds, for example, to make it portrait or landscape. As said above, this function is quite convenient in some cases.

Keyboard shortcuts to rotate the picture on the monitor:

  1. Ctrl + Alt + ↓ (down arrow. By the way, the pluses are unnecessary to press!) - flips the screen 180 degrees (i.e. upside down)
  2. Ctrl + Alt + ← - rotate 90 degrees to the left,
  3. Ctrl + Alt + → - rotate 90 degrees to the right,
  4. Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - return images to their normal position.

Classic laptop keyboard

Note: these keys will not work for everyone, for example, they can be disabled by default in the driver settings. Or the manufacturer did not mortgage them at all.

Method number 2: through the settings of the video driver

To begin with, I want to say that you must have video drivers installed (as well as a control center for them. By the way, Windows often installs drivers when installing the system, but they will be without a control center!).

If the driver for your video card is installed, you just need to look in the tray (next to the clock): there should be a corresponding icon (example below)

Or right-click anywhere on the desktop: the context menu should contain a link to the control panel (example below).

If you do not have such links, most likely you do not have drivers installed (or are installed by default, which were installed on the system with Windows). It is recommended that you first download and update the driver on the video card. Programs for auto-updating drivers, see here:


In the Intel settings, you must open the "Display" section. In the "Turn" section, you can select a value of 90-180-270 degrees (see the screenshot below).

In addition, in this section you can set the refresh rate, set resolution, scaling, etc. settings.

Display - Intel Graphics Settings

Note: please note that after changing the resolution or rotating the image, you will see a warning on the screen asking you to confirm the changes. If suddenly the picture on the monitor has completely deteriorated, and you can’t see anything, then just wait 15 seconds, the changed parameters will be reset and return to the original values.


In the NVIDIA control panel, open the Display tab (on the left of the menu), then open the Display Rotation link. There you can choose the orientation:

  • landscape (default),
  • book,
  • landscape (folded),
  • book (folded).

Choosing between these modes, set the parameter as convenient for viewing the image on the monitor.


In AMD Catalyst Center, everything is also quite obvious: open the menu on the left "General Display Tasks / Rotate Desktop" , from the list, select the mode: landscape or portrait (there are also mirror options for them).

AMD Catalyst Center // display orientation selection: portrait, landscape

Note: the settings menu can vary greatly, depending on the version of the video driver.

Method number 3: through the settings of Windows

Windows 7

Right-click anywhere on the desktop, in the pop-up context menu, select "Screen Resolution" (as in the screenshot below).

Screen Resolution - Windows 7

Next, the screen settings will open: in the "Orientation" tab, change the value to "Landscape" or "Portrait" (depending on requirements).

Screen Settings - Windows 7

Important! When changing the resolution or orientation, Windows will wait for you to confirm the changed settings. So, if something goes wrong, just wait 15 seconds. and do not press any buttons.

Windows 8, 10

In principle, the image orientation changes in the same way as on Windows 7. When you right-click on the desktop, a menu appears - you need to select "Screen Settings".

Screen Settings // Windows 10

Next, the "Customize Your Screen" page opens: here there are just settings for orientation, screen brightness, and resolution. Set the required parameters.

Screen Orientation - Windows 10

Why can the picture on the monitor not rotate?

Sometimes you press the buttons, change the settings, but nothing happens - the picture on the monitor does not change. This can happen for the following reasons:

1) Change the orientation of the wrong monitor. This is true if you have several monitors connected to your computer (or it was previously connected). When setting up, pay attention to which monitor you are changing orientation!

2) Perhaps your drivers got crooked, or flew. You must try to download the driver from the official website of your manufacturer and install them again. You can find out how to find, select and update drivers on a video adapter in this article:

3) I also recommend checking your computer for viruses. Some types of malicious programs make games: change the resolution, make the mouse cursor “jump”, rotate the image, etc. This year's popular antiviruses were cited in this article:

4) And last, try loading your Windows OS in safe mode. Often it is in this mode that one or another error can be fixed. In addition, if the problem is related to video drivers, then the image on the screen should begin to appear in standard mode.

Driver configurations

Manufacturers of modern graphics cards include their driver packages special applications for convenient device setup. Using these utilities, users are also able to rotate the image. In this manual, the procedure is described for video cards. NVIDIA. Do the following:

  1. Click on the button in the form of an arrow "Up»In the tray (the area with miniature icons in the lower right corner). Apply to immediately rotate the contents of the screen.

For video cards from other manufacturers, the sequence of actions will be approximately the same.