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How to make money on a blog: revealing secrets


You dream not only to earn at least $ 1000 per month, but also to do what you love. It is desirable at a convenient time and a comfortable place where there is no chief overseer. A dream job exists. In this article, you will learn how to make money on a blog and avoid mistakes that beginners often make.

In general, the creation of a website or blog is only one of many ways to make money on the Internet, but, I note, one of the most promising and highly profitable.

From this article you will learn:

What is so attractive for making money on a blog?

Bloggers willingly share their personal experience with newcomers, urge them to create their own resource and start making money. Why exactly a blog? And not an information site or writing articles to order?

Blogging on the Internet has several advantages.

  1. Freedom of thought.
    The blogger decides what to write. On his native resource, he feels like a fish in water. The independent author has a lively, original and recognizable style. Copywriters and web writers do what the customer needs, limited by the scope of the topic and TK. The texts on the information site are anonymous and official, they are more difficult to write than articles on the blog.
  2. Lack of deadlines.
    The owner of the blog himself decides when to write articles, in what quantity. Copywriters do not allow themselves such a luxury. Although if one of the primary goals is to make money, then regularity still needs to be respected.
  3. Minimum financial investment.
    To promote a blog is easier than an information site. If the niche is chosen correctly, and the content is “tasty”, it’s enough to invest 300-1500 rubles in the purchase of a domain and payment for hosting services for the year. At the same time, the methods of making money on the blog are the same as on the site.

Well, do not forget about such advantages: a free schedule, lack of bosses and attachment to a place of residence, passive income, popularity.

And it’s also an excellent free tool for attracting new customers to your business - how to use the resource correctly so that visitors become customers and you can make money on it - see below.

🚩Learn if blog earnings are right for you

At first glance, it seems that everyone can make money on a blog. But this is not so. 90% of novice bloggers merge. They lack patience, self-discipline and knowledge.

The following guys can successfully maintain a personal resource and earn:

  • owning knowledge in the field of copywriting and SEO optimization,
  • 100% versed in the selected niche,
  • people with a bright personality and sense of humor,
  • responsible and hardworking
  • ready to devote at least 2-3 hours a day to the resource,
  • working for the future.

For those who came to the network for easy money, their own blog is definitely not an option. There are other, faster ways to make money on the Internet - by clicking on this link you will find out 30! earning options without creating your own website.

When can I get the first money?

The first 5-6 months, most likely, will not be. At the age of 6-12 months, the blog already brings a little money - up to 10-15 thousand rubles . And in 2-3 years it can become the main source of income.

NOTE. The amount of money that you can earn is very dependent on the chosen topic. The more “monetary” the topic, the greater the earnings will be, but keep in mind that there is higher competition.

How much can you earn on a blog?

The exact amount of income depends on the subject, the number of visitors per day, and methods of monetization. A blog aged 6-18 months allows the owner to earn 2-4 thousand rubles only on contextual advertising. Yet 5-15 thousand rubles bring affiliate programs, banner and teaser advertising.

And how much can you earn on a blog when it has several thousand visitors a day, and articles hang in the top of search engines? There is no ceiling. It’s real to earn here 50-100 thousand rubles and even more.

But if you choose the “right” topic, then the amount may be more interesting. To confirm my words, I want to show you my income from this blog, which you are currently reading. The method of monetization is so far only contextual advertising from Google AdSense.

How to start making money on a blog: a step-by-step guide

Is it difficult to create and maintain your blog? Yes and no. From a technical point of view, everything is simple: you do not have to be a great programmer, designer or writer. The main difficulty is the loss of motivation. It’s hard to force yourself to write articles, to optimize, to learn new information when no one visits the blog for weeks and months. Efforts are not immediately rewarded.

Below we will describe the steps that will help a beginner create his own blog and make money.

Topic selection

Selecting a topic is an important process that consists of three stages.

  1. identify a niche in which you are 100%
  2. find out if it’s interesting to a wide audience (analyze the ratings of search queries and comments on other people's resources),
  3. make sure that the niche is related to commerce (without this, you won’t make much money).

Suppose you lead a healthy lifestyle: eat right, exercise, go hiking. This niche is suitable for a blog because it interests not only you.

In the future, it is easy to monetize. For example, recommend readers to eco-shops, products (herbal teas, seasonings, essential oils). Place advertisements for fitness centers and spas, promote weight loss courses, books on healthy eating.

Here's an example of how blog topics affect contextual advertising revenue. These are 3 of my sites, including this blog.

TIP . Bet on narrow niches - there is lower competition. For example, it’s better to blog not about beauty in general, but about hair care or about the use and results of natural cosmetics.

Blog Myths

A ballpoint pen will not be bought for 1000 euros, if some English queen did not write to her, and without difficulty the fish will not leave the pond. There are common misconceptions about making money through online diaries. Shatter some myths:

  • Money flows by itself and constantly. If you conduct any business on the Internet, then do not forget about the rules that apply in real life. You get paid as long as someone is interested in your services. Continuous development and improvement is also necessary, because the world does not stand still, and what was relevant yesterday, today will not surprise anyone,
  • A blog is valuable only in traffic. The number of unique visitors certainly affects earnings, but interested users are often valued. For example, if a person sells any goods, and uses the blog as an advertising platform, then only those visitors who subsequently make a purchase will benefit
  • The more posts, the better. Of course, making money on a blog is very difficult if it is updated once a month. However, the information should be primarily of high quality, and not be strewed like from a "cornucopia",
  • Do not pay attention to promotion, because an interesting blog will become known by itself. Unfortunately, it is not. It’s enough to think about how we usually look for information on the Internet: in most cases, we stop at the first site in search results, and don’t get to higher-quality Internet resources located below. For a person to learn about a blog, you need to help them find each other.

Ways to make money

The blogosphere is developing rapidly, drawing more and more people into its ranks. Some come in search of entertainment, and some immediately figure out how to make money on their blog. There are a lot of ways, we highlight the most popular of them.

  • Contextual advertising. If your blog has a sufficient number of unique visits, then you can start cooperation with contextual advertising systems (as a rule, you can start with 100-300 unique visitors per day):

  • Placing banners of advertisers without intermediaries. If you feel confident in the success of the blog and your organizational abilities, then you can do an independent search for those who want to advertise with you,
  • Selling links. If your blog is highly regarded by search engines, that is, it has impressive indicators of “weight” and thematic citation index, then owners of young and little-known resources will want to get a link from your online diary to promote your project. This type of earnings is quite popular, but at the same time it smacks of "games with fire", as the search engine policy condemns the sale of links,
  • Create reviews of advertised products. This is a rather difficult type of earnings, because the readers of your blog are interested in useful information, and the advertisers are interested in a positive presentation of the product. Of course, fascinating ads are found, but very rarely. You’ll have to “chase two birds with one stone” and be sure to catch both to continue such earnings,
  • Partnership programs. The essence of this method of earning is to make a profit directly from the sale of a product or service. That is, you place an advertisement on your blog, but you only get money after someone has bought a product (it doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a tip). Advertisers will have to search on their own.
  • Popup. These are the same annoying banners that, with their appearance, stop all user interaction with the blog pages:

  • The introduction of advertising in the design of the site. Only very popular blogs can afford this type of earnings. For example, if some kind of car brand is advertised, then the background of your site may be the logo of this brand,
  • Selling information. Some knowledge is so valuable that it can be used not only to attract an audience, but also directly for sale. This type of activity is called the infobusiness and is quite popular on the World Wide Web. For sale can go not only text information, but also all kinds of audio or video lessons,
  • Paid consultation. You can turn an Internet diary into a help desk, where people will ask questions of interest to you as an expert:

  • "Feeding" the blog and subsequent sale. Many do not want to worry too much about promoting their own online diary and are buying a fairly popular blog. For those who use this type of earnings, as a rule, it’s enough to reach a certain number of unique visitors and put up a blog for sale,
  • "Lend a hand." A blog needs development funds to continue to delight visitors with exciting information. A request for help should be unobtrusive, and the funds received in this way should be really sent to improve the online diary, because, otherwise, conscience can be tortured.

Earning tips

The people who created their own blogs to earn money are innumerable, but those who really get some money are quite few. No one will pay for the fact that you just created an online diary and write something there. Rubles, dollars and other currencies - this is a fee for skill, and to be able to - you need to learn. Below are some tips to help newbies learn more about how to make money on a blog.

  • The development strategy of the blog should be determined initially. It is worthwhile to think ahead of the way of earning that you will use. Selling links, for example, may not be combined with affiliate programs,
  • If the blog is young - do not give out links from it. If search engines have “loved” your blog for a short period of time, then you should not immediately rush to link exchanges. Search engine trust should be strengthened by time, which in turn will raise the price of links from your blog,
  • Do not sell links from quality articles. When information is of interest to visitors and is well "perceived" by search engines, the "leak" of weight is completely unnecessary. Getting to the top of search results is much more than one sold link,
  • Avoid posting links to dubious resources on your blog. The pursuit of money should not lead to the fact that your beautiful blog will link to a site where drugs are advertised (or at least there is a terrible design),
  • You should not set high prices for placing banners in the early stages of blog development. You will be ready to pay big money only after the positive effect of cooperation with you becomes really noticeable, so at first advertisers should at least just come,
  • Only thematic advertising. The content of the blog should be combined with the text displayed on the banners. Otherwise, visitors will feel that they are in an uncomfortable environment and “wave with a pen”,
  • Ad slots must not be empty. In order for visitors to get used to the presence of banners on your blog, you need to place them in advance. Let it be animated images created by you, or free advertising of some other resource.

How many years can I buy Chelsea?

To think a lot about how much you can earn on a blog is bad for your health (a joke) and for the project itself (not a joke). But those who pursue exclusively mercantile goals want first of all to know specific numbers:

If we talk about such a form of earning on blogs as selling links, it is hardly possible to earn more than $ 100 per month by keeping an online diary in the usual mode (1-2 articles per day). On average, links bring the blog owner 1-2 thousand a month, and this, unfortunately, is in rubles.

Earning on contextual advertising directly depends on the number of visitors to your blog. At 100-200 “unique” per day, earnings will not exceed $ 10 per month (from cooperation with one contextual advertising system). With 1-2 thousand unique visitors, one can already talk about more serious amounts of earnings (up to $ 500). It is also worth noting that popular topics bring much greater profit.

Affiliate programs are difficult to evaluate, because here we are talking about your abilities as the person who makes up the advertisement. That is, you are interested in selling a product or service and have an impact on potential customers. This type of earnings promises a maximum of $ 100 per month, and on average - 1000-1500 rubles for the same period of time.

Thus, more and more blogs appear on the World Wide Web every day, therefore, competition among those who seek to earn money is increasing. At the same time, it cannot be said that interest in online diaries is weakening, therefore the blogosphere is considered as a large-scale platform for advertising.

You can earn money on the blog, only for this you need to spend a sufficient amount of time and effort.

How to promote a blog

Before talking about profit, you need to understand that the site should be promoted, it should be visited. You cannot write one article and immediately get a million. In order for you to receive the first money using your resource, you need to make it popular. How so?

I will list the main points:

  1. Quality article. It is necessary that it contains a detailed answer to any question of a potential reader.
  2. The presence of links. Links to you should be present on other portals, then the search engines Yandex and Google will advance you higher in the SERP.
  3. Friendship with other bloggers. Share posts with authors of other blogs, which will also allow you to advance in the search.
  4. Contact with the audience. Communicate with your readers, answer them questions. This will help you advance socially and word of mouth will begin to work.

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Here are the basic rules for successful promotion that will help you create a profitable website. And now we turn to the most important thing, how you can make money on your resource.

Is it possible to earn income from a blog

Surely you were asked by the question: is it really possible to get at least some funds at all and how? So my husband and I became very curious to find out if this is true. After all, many professional bloggers on blogging earn more than $ 2 thousand per month, according to them.

We decided to check it and find out how much you can earn, as a result of which we created a blog, where we conduct our blogger shows online. The result, which will be our answer: Yes, really! or not, all this is a scam! So subscribe and watch to be in the subject.

So where can profit come from?

This is mainly advertising products, services, etc. Therefore, let's stop in more detail and talk about what kind of advertising exists.

This is a text or picture placed in any beneficial part of the page to attract the attention of visitors to the resource. Teasers can be of different types and on different topics. Most often, they depict enticing headlines and shocking photos, so you should be extremely careful in choosing this type of advertising so as not to get the opposite effect from the user: instead of clicking, quickly closing your page. After all, the essence of earnings is to follow the link. Typically, one click costs about 20 cents. From 1000 to 10 000 rubles can come out per month. Depends on the attendance of the resource. You can find your client either on a special site or on your own by offering your services.

Это красивые картинки, содержащие ссылку на рекламный продукт и размещенные у вас на сайте. Однако платят за такого рода продвижения, как правило, не за клик, а просто за то, что он у вас есть. В месяц можно получить от 1000 до 10 000 рублей. Клиента вы можете так же найти самостоятельно, либо на специальных площадках, которые предоставляют такие услуги.

Это короткое рекламное объявление, содержащее ссылку на внешний веб-ресурс. Contextual advertising can be of different types: text, banner, etc. Advertising may vary in accordance with the interests and preferences of the user and the change of the web page that he visits. This type of advertising is provided by Yandex (YAN), Google (Google AdWords), etc. That is, if the advertiser wants to advertise his product, he needs to contact Yandex or Google and place an advertisement for a certain fee.

With a thematic request, the user will be able to see the advertisement and, if interested, will click on it for review.

In order to receive money from such services, there must be very good attendance, then earnings can be from 9,000 to 30,000 thousand rubles a month. It all depends on how many people make the transition through your contextual advertising.

You can place an ad (banner or text) containing a referral link to the affiliate product website. In the case of the transition of the user and the purchase of the product, you get a commission. Income may vary depending on the conditions of the affiliate program and, again, the attendance of your resource. Or here's another example. You have a friend who sells tomato-growing courses, you agree with him about posting information about it at home, and if the product is sold, he pays you a percentage that you negotiated in advance.

You can also sell links to third-party sites, post them in your article. You specify the price at your discretion, and agree with the customer directly. Mentioned once - got the money.

In your articles you can talk about the products of your customers or customers, write a review about them. The main thing is that the review is objective, otherwise - you will lose readers and their trust, and therefore money.

  • ad line items

Also, on your site you can place an ad with a link to the advertiser's website or to the selling page. You also negotiate the price with your customer-advertiser.

If you have certain knowledge or have unique experience, you can “pack” them into an information product and offer it to the entire Internet community. For example, write a book or release a training that will be valuable to other people and will be bought. Here you need to work on the principle of win-win: you get income, the buyer receives knowledge, value. Both parties must win.

If you upload not only texts, but also videos on your page, and you have your own YouTube channel that is viewed by a large number of people, you can also receive revenue by placing an advertisement for a product at the beginning or middle of the video. Subscribe to our channel - there will soon be a lot of interesting and useful information.

Blog creation

If HTML and programming is a dark forest for you, it doesn’t matter. You can create a blog without attachments on WordPress in 1-2 days. On the Internet there are enough detailed instructions and training video lessons.

Another way is blog builder. For a small amount (100-500 rubles per month), or even for free, you get a ready site in 5-10 minutes. It remains only to promote it with suitable content.

Famous designers on the net:

Well, the last, easiest way is to use a ready-made platform for a blog: LiveJournal (LJ), Picabu, Yandex.Zen magazine, Instagram. Here investments are not needed at all.

IMPORTANT. Monetization opportunities on a foreign site are limited. As a rule, only affiliate programs and advertising articles are available.

Where is it better to blog: on LJ (and other similar diaries), designer or WordPress? If you intend to earn a decent amount, scale the business in the future or sell it in your own information products - definitely the last option.

Profitable topics

“What blog can you make money on?” You ask. My opinion is this: a site of any subject will find its readers. The main thing is, after all, if you decide to create a blog, then you need to do this with all your heart. The blog should be with a human face, then you will have both attendance and, accordingly, profit.

Nowadays, people are increasingly interested in the subject of business, namely the sale of foreign currency, the acquisition of franchises, etc. You will talk about it, quickly become popular.

Also of great interest is construction and real estate. Managing a resource, for example, on the proper installation of the foundation or the construction of an eco-house can make good money. You can also talk about the nuances of buying and selling real estate.

Women's themes are also very popular. Even if you are a man, you should try yourself in this area, women will be interested to read your opinion))

Sports, hobbies, entertainment, in general, you can write about any area that interests you, the main thing is to present it correctly and make it easy to read, then you can definitely use your information blog as a way to make money. You will be happy to work if the topic of your articles is close to you and you will understand it.

Filling useful content

At this stage, adhere to the three iron rules.

  1. Add content regularly: at least 1 text every 1-2 days.
  2. Give people valuable, expert information. If the rewrite still somehow rolls on information sites, then on the blog - no. The lively style of articles and notes of humor will help keep the target audience.
  3. Learn SEO optimization issues and correctly write keys in texts.
    Just writing what you like is not enough. A blogger who wants to make money forgets about selfishness and looks at the resource through the eyes of the reader.

Earnings on the blog is good because most promotion methods do not require investments. Consider the most useful ones (in addition to regularly adding the content described above).

  1. Drawing up a content plan
    A person creating a blog for making money, and not for the soul, first selects the semantic core and draws up a plan. Includes versatile materials: articles, reviews, news. And only then begins to write texts.
  2. Placement of free links
    In the catalogs of companies and sites, on forums, in social networks, comments on articles on other people's resources, otzoviks. An option for advanced - mutual exchange of links with another blogger.
  3. Comments replies
    Knowing how to engage in dialogue enhances the loyalty of blog visitors. People can recommend their friends to visit your resource. Never be rude to the reader, even if he is wrong.
  4. Exchange traffic with a page on a social network
    It’s great when you have a promoted account on VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki or Instagram. Place a link to the blog in the header of the page and do not forget to repost fresh articles on the wall. By the way, earnings in the social. networking is also a very interesting topic.
  5. Newsletter
    If you organize a window that unobtrusively invites readers to subscribe to the newsletter of useful materials, then keep part of the audience on the blog.
  6. Influential acquaintances
    Who, if not another successful blogger, will teach you how to make money on your blog and help attract new readers? If you actively comment on his articles, recommend the resource to friends, then you have the right to count on reciprocity.

To make sure that you can earn a lot on the blog, I suggest watching a video. Of course, if the knowledge in this topic is zero - do not expect great results in a couple of months, but it all depends on the desire to work and study.

I add that blogging has been and will remain one of the most profitable methods of earning on the Internet in 2019.

Pros of online work

So, we smoothly moved on to the analysis of the advantages that exist in working online, let's analyze them.

  1. Time saving. When working with informational texts, you spend only a few hours of your time, you can manage the rest as you like!
  2. Liberty. You do not depend on anyone, only on the Internet. Once you read this article, then you have no problems with it)) You can even go to another country and work there.
  3. Income. You make a profit not only when you work on your blog, but also when you sleep, because the main form of earnings is advertising, and people are online 24 hours a day.

The advantages of working on the Internet are much greater, I just listed the main and, in my opinion, the most significant. I would be grateful if you in the comments supplement this section with the advantages of working online in your opinion.

We already roughly know how much you can earn and how on your resource. It remains to check all the ways in reality. Follow us, our blog shows, subscribe to the articles of our blog, if you have questions - write to us, and together with you we will dispel all the myths of the Internet business.

Participation in affiliate programs

Affiliates allow you to earn money on blogs even with a small number of visitors per day (you need at least 1000).

NOTE. The niche is important here. Let's say you have a travel blog. Try to make money on affiliate programs for the sale of airline tickets, sightseeing tours, tourist equipment (travel bags and backpacks, tents, camping dishes). Advertise the services of hotels, hotels, restaurants.

How to make money on affiliate programs?

  1. Find an affiliate program: directly on the company's website (brand, exchange) or connect to a CPA network.
  2. Get a link to post.
  3. In your articles and newsletters you advertise or recommend a product, service, information product to readers.
  4. In the end, unobtrusively suggest clicking on the link.
  5. You earn money: in the form of a percentage of sales (usually 5-20%, and in partners of information business - up to 30-50%) or a fixed amount for each involved member, or for certain actions of this person (for example, registration).

Partnership programs with competent organization of the process really make money from 20-30 thousand rubles per month .

Blog Posting

What is advertising is known even to young children, and also everyone understands that some spend money on advertising, others can make good money on it.

On the Internet, advertising is of the following types.

1. Contextual (targeted)

Windows with advertising information from Google AdSense and Yandex Direct. Payment is charged for each transition. Typically, 0.5-2% of blog visitors click on ads. On contextual advertising with at least 1000 subscribers you can really earn 2-5 thousand rubles passive income. But, I’ll clarify, these are average indicators - these amounts can be much higher, as you could see earlier in the example.

An example of placing contextual advertising on a blog

Ad units with challenging images and text. Money pays for impressions: average 15-50 rubles per 1000 . You can make money on teaser ads 6-10 thousand rubles per month .

IMPORTANT. Teaser advertising, although it brings a good profit, but scares away visitors. In addition, a page full of windows with an obsessive meaning negatively affects the reputation of a blogger not only among visitors, but also among search engines. I do not recommend getting involved in this type of advertising if you are committed to long-term work.

It is a graphic image of a brand, company or site. Forms of payment vary:

  • for impressions
  • transitions
  • performance of targeted actions.

You can earn more than contextual and teaser advertising.

The most profitable way to make money blogging, because you negotiate the terms of cooperation and the price individually with the advertiser. The forms of submission of advertising material are different: link, review, mention, photo, newsletter, video.

Advertising in newsletters and push notifications

This way of making money on your blog is suitable for those who already have a solid subscriber base.

  • Email Newsletter - This is an email with advertising information. The method is often used to promote information products. On one such letter you can earn at least 1-3 thousand rubles (for writing and mailing) + 10-20% of sales.
  • Push notifications - these are pop-up windows in the browser or on the smartphone screen with important information. To make money, you connect to a service (for example, BadBoys.Network), post a special code on your blog and monetize traffic.

As a rule, payment is charged for 1000 impressions of push notifications with advertising (in Russia it is about $ 50, which is pretty good). This is a more profitable source of income on blogs in comparison with the same contextual or teaser advertising.

Placement of paid links and advertising articles

There are exchanges of advertising links on the Internet: Gogetlinks, Miralinks, Cmse, Rotapost. Why are people willing to pay for posting on someone else’s site links? Everything is simple. If the resource is often referenced by other sites and blogs, then search engines consider it authoritative and promote it in the TOP. The placement price of one link is 150-500 rubles (depending on the TCI).

IMPORTANT. Search engines are very negative about the placement of links on the blog and reduce the position of the resource in the TOP. Therefore, get involved in this way of making money is not worth it.

And also advertisers pay money to bloggers for posting on the site a finished article with an advertisement for a product, service or site. As a rule, it also contains links.

This is another of my sites, which no one is already doing in principle, it exists only for posting links and advertising articles. In December, it was written (that is, bought on eTXT for 30-50 rubles and a link was added) and posted 3 articles, 5 more ready-made, sent by advertisers, articles and 3 guards to Gogetlinks were posted. In general, over the course of the year, this site brought in nearly $ 1 thousand in pure placement of links and articles.

Promotion of your products and services

The blog allows businessmen and specialists to earn 2-3 times more by creating an attractive image.

Suppose a person works as a copywriter. Then on your blog you can write articles about the profession, give advice to beginners, and arrange a separate section in the form of a portfolio.

Potential customers will see and appreciate the author's style. A large number of comments on the blog will prove that the copywriter is able to attract and retain an audience through cool texts. After 3-6 months, the specialist will not have to run after customers - they will come by themselves.

If you are just starting to write texts, then material on how to make money on copywriting for a beginner will be useful to you - be sure to look.

Who else can use the blog as a free advertising tool?

  • designers, programmers, SEO-optimizers, SMM-specialists and other freelancers,
  • owners of online stores,
  • people selling handicrafts,
  • representatives of intellectual professions: tutors, lawyers, psychologists, coaches,
  • information businessmen.

Follow the link👉 and read how representatives of the above directions can earn money sitting at home.

The last paragraph will dwell in more detail.

Selling your or someone else’s information products

The success of an infobusinessman is 50% dependent on the product itself, and 50% on a competent advertising campaign. People are unlikely to buy information from an unknown person. If you have not yet achieved success in the offline sphere, but want to make money on information products, then your own blog is almost the only chance to prove your expertise to people.

Basically, books and courses are implemented through landings, which, to put it mildly, people are reluctant to trust. Another thing is the famous blogger Vasya Ivanov, who will not advise bad things.

If you sell your information products, the blog will become a free advertising platform. On foreign affiliates you can earn 30-50% from each sale of information product ( 100-300 thousand rubles - a very real amount).

TIP. Only promote info products you trust yourself. Remember that for a blogger, reputation is more important than quick profit.

Earnings on the sale of the blog

As a rule, no one creates a blog for the purpose of subsequent resale. You treat your native resource with such trepidation and care that it’s a pity to part later. But sometimes a person gets tired of blogging or switches to other projects. Then the resource can be sold and earn money.

For what amount? Here no one will give you specific numbers. From 1,000 to a million rubles. Everything is taken into account: attendance, subscriber base, topics, monthly income, behavioral factors. You can sell and make money on this in two ways:

  • on one of the exchanges of sites and domains (including through an auction):,, and others,
  • by contacting the buyer directly. - here you can sell and buy a site

In the latter case, you can agree on the sale of the blog for a more favorable amount.


Thus, a blog is a very promising area for those who want to make money on the Internet with their mind and talent. But only zealous people who aim at a long and fruitful work can lead it. Own resource as a child - at first the parent invests time, money, moral strength in him, and after years reaps the fruits.

Let blogging be more for you than just a way to make money.