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How to turn from - Blue Stocking - into a fatal beauty

Imagine any glamorous girl. What catches the eye first? Long well-groomed hair, beautiful manicure, clean skin and a snow-white smile. Unlike gray mice, glamorous girls love their appearance and follow it. It is not necessary to be a classic beauty, but you can learn to look after yourself.

Take care of your face: cure pimples and get rid of black spots. No expensive foundation will cover up these imperfections. Moisturize and tone your skin regularly, use a scrub and nourishing mask once a week. Go to the hairdresser and make a stylish hairstyle. The natural color of the hair can be dull or too ordinary - if you do not want to change, you can just lightly tint the hair or make a fashionable ombre coloring. Sign up for manicures and pedicures. If you do not want to brightly paint your nails, choose body polish or do a French manicure. Take care of your figure - sign up for fitness and anti-cellulite massage.

The word glamor in translation from French means "enchantment", "bewitch".

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In the public mind, “Blue Stocking” metaphorically means a woman - an intellectual, passionate about science, renouncing her personal life, dull, impersonal and completely devoid of female charm. The fatal woman is the exact opposite image. Is it possible to move from one image to another? The experience of many women shows that it is possible.

Who doesn’t remember from their school or college environment some inconspicuous “Gray Mouse” that has become a sultry beauty in more mature age? This is a good example of successful change. The single most difficult step on this path will be the first - the realization of your image and that it is uncomfortable for its owner. Only this awareness of “I Am Uncomfortable and I Want More” and slight ambitiousness can be the key to the success of future changes.

The image of a fatal woman, a sexy ideal should be before my eyes, but not in the sense of a guide “Who Should Be Like”, but in the form of a standard, what qualities to strive for, what to learn from the ideal. And this image is composed of external and internal qualities. Strong, decisive, restrained, with a sense of humor, bright, elegant, impulsive - what will you choose? Let your chosen symbols of femininity, beauty and charm bring inspiration on the path to change.

Transformations can begin either from the inside or from the outside. One way or another, one will always pull the other. Have you decided on a change? So you are already decisive. You have chosen your image (ideal? So you already know what you want.

The easiest way to start is from the outside. It is believed that the beauty and harmony of the external environment positively affects the attitude, and this is indeed so. One has only to surround oneself with cozy things, fluffy, romantic, elegant - which ones one likes more - as a woman wakes up sensuality, grace, refinement. The point, of course, is not in things, but in the woman herself, in her willingness to perceive something new.

Further from the category of external - wardrobe and makeup. A good godmother in our time is replaced by image makers, beauty magazines and television shows. They will tell you in detail what colors are combined, who are suitable, what are the fashionable styles, and how to hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

Change habitual, gray and baggy little things for juicy and fashionable models. Spend a little more time than you are used to looking for things that would meet both the criteria of convenience and the set image. And, of course, do not forget about hair, makeup and manicure. This does not mean that you should be in the image of a woman - a vamp from morning to night, but you should be well-groomed to the tips of the nails around the clock.

In pursuit of external beauty, one should not forget about internal beauty. Namely - about the fullness, integrity and uniqueness of a female person. The fatal woman is also a special outlook on life, self-confidence. Not only muscles, but also a sense of self-worth help keep your head held high. Your hobbies, dreams, aspirations outside work will add shine to your eyes, help you to be active, keep your finger on the pulse.

The fatal woman is sure that she is beautiful, and all the best should lie at her feet. That she is the one every third dreams of marrying, that she is the one who will solve puzzles until she is the only one who can solve them. And the one who chooses herself, and does not follow the choice of a man.

Work on your beliefs every night before going to bed, and they will certainly affect your appearance and lifestyle. And most importantly, in any situation, follow your new beliefs. Old thoughts can repeatedly appear and pull you back, track them in time and replace them with new ones.