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Hungarian goulash


Hungarian goulash is one of the most wonderful dishes of Hungarian cuisine. Stewed slices of veal in sauce, with the addition of sweet pepper, onions and potatoes make the dish very tasty and juicy. And small slices of smoked bacon give an unforgettable aroma.

In ancient times, this dish was prepared by shepherds, at the stake, in pots. It is quite satisfying and high-calorie, about 200 kcal per serving of 200 grams.

This article will tell you how to cook goulash in many ways. A step-by-step recipe with a photo will make this process simple and fun.

Classic Hungarian Goulash Recipe

The primordial version assumes the presence of only beef and vegetables, as well as dumplings made from steep dough and chips.

The richness, traditional pungency inherent in Hungarian dishes, beautiful color and aroma will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Boneless meat - 1 kg.
  • Pork fat - 80 gr.
  • Onions - 300 gr.
  • Potato - 1 kg.
  • Paprika powder - 20 gr.
  • Seasonings: salt, caraway seeds - to taste.
  • Fresh garlic to taste.
  • Green pepper - 100 gr.

It is advisable to cook goulash in a pan with a thick bottom. You can use any meat: shank, shoulder blade, sacrum. These parts, with a small amount of tendons, will be very juicy and tasty.

  1. The pulp should be cut into small cubes, approximately 2 x 2 cm.
  2. Melt lard and fry the onion until golden.
  3. Then you should lighten the fire, add paprika and mix everything at once. Add the meat slices, chopped garlic and caraway seeds.
  4. Add a little water, simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally. The liquid is added if necessary, a little bit, so that the components do not cook, namely quenched.
  5. Now there is time to do the preparation of potatoes, vegetables and chips.
  6. It is advisable to use potatoes of not very loose varieties, it is cut into small cubes, 1 x 1 cm in size.
  7. After the meat is brought to a half-preparedness - evaporate the juice so that only fat remains. Then add potatoes, chopped carrots, stew a little, add broth, put green pepper. Continue stewing until potatoes are almost ready.
  8. At the end of cooking, put the chips, 5 minutes of cooking - the aromatic, juicy dish is ready.

How to make chips

  1. To do this, take 1 egg, flour, salt and knead the dough, it should be cool.
  2. The dough is rolled into a thin layer, from which small pieces of arbitrary shape are chiped off - chips.
  3. They are added at the end of cooking. They can also be boiled separately by serving as a side dish.

Boiled potato goulash soup

Hungarian goulash soup differs from the main recipe in a slightly different way of preparation, which makes its taste even richer and richer.

  • Beef pulp (scapula, sacrum) - 700 gr.
  • Lard or smoked bacon - 100g.
  • Bell peppers - 2 pieces
  • Potatoes - 2-3 medium potatoes.
  • Onions - 2 large onions.
  • Fresh tomatoes - 200g (tomato paste 30g)
  • Garlic 2-3 cloves.
  • Sweet paprika - 2 tablespoons.
  • Spices: black pepper, red, cumin - to taste.

  1. The pulp of beef or veal is cut into portioned slices across the fibers.
  2. Smoked bacon, cut into small pieces, put in a deep pan and warm until the fat is heated. The resulting cracklings are no longer useful, they can be removed.
  3. Then chopped onion is added to the pan, bring it to a golden color. Pour paprika and mix quickly.
  4. The added meat is slightly fried.
  5. Then mix with vegetables: carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, or tomato paste.

Important: it should be borne in mind that tomatoes, in any form, make meat products softer. And they act on the potato in the opposite way - they do not allow it to boil. Therefore, this component is put at will. Or at the end of cooking.

How to Make Hungarian Goulash with Gravy

Gravy is the most delicious part of goulash, which you always want more.

  • Beef or veal meat - 1 kg.
  • Onions - 0.5 kg.
  • Tomato paste - 2 tablespoons.
  • Lard or vegetable oil - 50 gr.
  • Paprika powder - 2 tablespoons.
  • Spices: salt, pepper, caraway seeds to taste.
  • Fresh garlic 2 - 3 cloves.
  • Meat broth - 1 liter.

  1. Fry finely chopped onions in a thick-walled pan.
  2. Salt, sprinkle paprika, spices, garlic, mix everything quickly.
  3. The pulp is cut into cubes and sent to the onion, pour the broth there, add the tomato paste.
  4. Simmer until soft.
  5. After the beef is cooked, for the density of the sauce, you can enter 1 tablespoon of dried flour diluted with cold water. Boil.

Serve hot, generously watering the side dish with gravy.

Hungarian goulash in a slow cooker

Goulash can be cooked in a slow cooker, delighting relatives and friends with a delicious meal. Cooking step by step:

  1. Set the frying mode on the multicooker panel. Cut 80 grams of bacon into small pieces - put to warm. Fat can be replaced with vegetable oil.
  2. Two medium onions cut into cubes, then send into the bowl, to fry until golden brown.
  3. Pulp of beef (pork can be) - 0.5 kg, cut into small pieces. Add them to the onion, paprika, salt, spices.
  4. The meat pieces are brought to a fried state, then add a little water and leave to simmer in the "Stewing" mode, for an hour.
  5. While everything is stewing - it's time to do vegetables. Medium-sized potatoes 4 pieces, carrots 2 pieces, 3 bell peppers, tomatoes - coarsely chopped, chopped a couple of cloves of garlic.
  6. Send vegetables and potatoes to the bowl, if necessary add water or broth. Extinguish for another 20–25 minutes. After cooking, leave the “heating” mode, another 15–20 minutes, to insist on a meal.

Serve hot, you can sprinkle with onion or dill.

Important: the recommended cooking time is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. It can be changed, depending on the power of a particular multicooker.

The original Hungarian dish firmly settled in the cookbooks, having won a place of honor there.

Opening Remarks on the Famous Hungarian Goulash

Goulash recipes no less than borscht recipes. And how many disputes arise in his homeland - in Hungary and here in Transcarpathia in the process of preparing this dish! Such fierce debate I heard only about borscht recipes. The battles here are not for life, but for death.

But this is just a folk dish. And, like every dish that was born in the bowels of the people, goulash has countless, astronomical amounts of cooking options! We will not argue - we will cook.

Speaking of authenticity, I want to emphasize that Hungarian goulash must include meat (beef, pork, lamb), onions, paprika, fresh pepper, melted pork lard. Even potatoes are not an obligatory component. There are recipes in which it is absent.

All other vegetables (carrots, parsley, celery, kohlrabi), spices (black pepper, caraway seeds and others), dumplings, mushrooms, beans, beans, wine, vodka and charred cherry tree cut into the full moon are only supplements to the base.

Another important point. Cooking the dishes is “more authentic” in a special pot called “bograch”. Hence another name for the dish "bograch - goulash", that is, goulash, which is cooked in bograch. In Hungarian it is more correct to say “guyash” (from the word gulyás, which means “shepherd”), and not goulash.

Invented (apparently) by the shepherds of the Hungarian countryside Alföld, thick soup is being prepared in our Transcarpathia and Hungary for a large company that gathers in the courtyard of a private house or outdoors. For us, bograch goulash is a process, not just a meal in the fresh air.

The hero of our story today does not fall under the traditional classification of dishes. It is too thick for the soup, and quite a lot of liquid in the second course. Here the first, and the second - "in one pot."

Hungarian goulash - a classic recipe with photos

The classic most often called Hungarian beef goulash recipe, cited by an apologist for Hungarian restaurant cuisine Karoy Gundel in his gloriously famous Small Hungarian Cookbook. I would call this option restaurant. It is most suitable for cooking goulash at home in the kitchen in cast-iron dishes at any time of the year.


  • A kilo of boneless beef (shoulder blade, drumstick).
  • One and a half tablespoons of pork lard (categorically precisely it).
  • Three onions (80-100 g each).
  • Twenty grams of sweet Hungarian paprika varieties "különleges", "csemege", "édesnemes".
  • A kilo of potatoes.
  • Bone broth or warm water.
  • Two fresh green peppers.
  • One meaty tomato.
  • A couple of cloves of garlic.
  • Caraway.
  • Salt.
  • To a pipette (a dough product, as for homemade noodles).

How to cook

  1. Fry small cubes of peeled onions on melted lard. Tighten the fire to a minimum, pour paprika, stir.
    Do not put paprika in too hot fat. Otherwise, it will change color from red to brown, it will be unpleasantly bitter.
  2. Send meat to the dishes (cubes one and a half to two centimeters), add chopped garlic, minced cumin, a small amount of water. Extinguish on a very small flame of the burner almost to the finished state.

From time to time, add small portions of water, make sure that the beef does not burn.

The classic Hungarian goulash is very tasty, but too “sleek” and “smooth”. He lacks rural “texture”, which is achieved in folk versions of cooking due to the smoke of a fire, the addition of a variety of vegetables, smoked lard or bacon, hot red pepper and the soul of a big company.

After all, bograch - goulash is usually prepared by all participants of the event - from small to large, led by an extensive "neuni" (aunt) or a talkative "bachi" (uncle). That's how smoothly we move on to our family recipe for bograch in Hungarian or Transcarpathian.

Hungarian goulash soup - our family's recipe

Do not be afraid of her fiery scarlet color. A real good Hungarian paprika, which is used to make goulash, is never spicy.

We return the meat, pour a little hot water, a little salt. Stew on low heat until the meat is soft, sometimes adding water if necessary.

We try meat. Like? Add some water, put fresh pepper, potatoes, hot pepper, cook until the taste and consistency of the potatoes begin to like.

At this time, add water to the consistency we need - a little thicker than the usual soup. Bring to a boil.

We peel and chop the tomato, toss it to honest company, cook for a couple of minutes, pour the wine, taste, straighten to salt.

Remove the bograch from the fire, we sniff it and look forward to it. We give the dish to insist and calm down. Goulash soup is ready! You can chop some greens into it. Pour into plates, pour red dry wine from our own cellars into glasses. Life is a success!

I am often asked what kind of meat is the best way to cook real Hungarian goulash? I have no clear answer. We often cook at home from pork or young beef. Initially, Hungarian shepherds prepared it from beef. Then, with the development and popularity of pig farming, food began to be cooked from pork.

For today I will be rounded off. I look forward to your comments with special impatience. If the article turned out to be useful to you, then send it, please, to your social networks. Subscribe to my blog updates - many interesting meetings are yet to come!

The history of the dish and the type of cuisine

The name of the dish itself indicates its place of origin. Beef goulash belongs to the traditional cuisine of Hungary, which dates back to the 9th century, and the first written records date back to the beginning of the 18th century.

Translated from Hungarian, the name means “shepherd’s food”, because, initially, the dish was the dish of the shepherds, and they cooked it on a fire in boilers directly on the pastures.

The main ingredient was meat, which was cooked by evaporating all the moisture, then dried in the sun, and only then a dish was prepared with vegetables added to it to a characteristic viscosity. For the density of the dish used to be called goulash soup.

In the XVIII century, Hungarian goulash was deprived of one of the main constituent ingredient. Nowadays, cooking a dish is unthinkable without paprika, because it gives it a special piquancy and aroma.

The benefits of the dish

Goulash has a high nutritional value, so it gives the body strength and energy. In addition, the dish contains useful macro- and microelements, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, sodium and vitamins A, B and C.

Beef goulash is rich in essential amino acids, proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates, so necessary for the body. Using lean meats, a meal can form the basis of a diet.

Product Preparation

For constant cooking of the national dish, beef meat should remain the main component. Before you start cooking, you should prepare the products for goulash in advance.

Rinse the meat under running water. Then dry well with a waffle towel and remove the film. Vegetables are usually peeled and chopped.

Step by step cooking with photo

For the proper preparation of Hungarian goulash, you must strictly adhere to the rules of preparation.

Step 1. Chop the meat into cubes and fry in a deep pan, preheating the vegetable oil.

Step 2. Finely chop the onion and fry in a pan until golden brown, preheating vegetable oil in it.

Step 3. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater and place together with the meat to the onion, salt and add a little caraway seeds. Pour some of the water into the pan so that the meat is stewed and not cooked. Stir and leave under the lid over low heat for 30 minutes.

Step 4. By this time, the broth has almost boiled over. Then cut the pepper into cubes, removing the seeds. Peel the tomato and cut into large pieces. Transfer vegetables to meat. Pepper, sprinkle with dried paprika and add finely chopped garlic. Darken for about 15 minutes.

Step 5. Top up with water. Place diced potatoes in a pan. After increasing the fire, put out another 15 minutes.

Step 6. Pour in tomato paste, add a little salt and pepper. Simmer for about 30 minutes until vegetables are ready.

The amount of fluid can be adjusted independently. Goulash should be thick enough. After cooking, leave to sweat under a closed lid for 10 minutes.

The finished dish can be decorated with greens.

Bean goulash

  • 500 g of beef,
  • 200 g of beans (it is better to take canned in tomato juice),
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 onion,
  • 1 carrot
  • 4 potatoes
  • vegetable oil.

Cooking. Fry pieces of meat in a pan with vegetable oil until a characteristic crust is formed. Pour half a glass of water and cover, leave over medium heat for 20 minutes. Then add the beans to the meat.

Stew until the beans are ready. Finely chop onions and carrots and put to the rest of the ingredients. Peel the tomato, cut into cubes and add to the meat. Cook under the lid over low heat for 40 minutes. Fry the potatoes separately and serve as a side dish.

With chipset

Hungarians do not imagine cooking traditional goulash without chips. They are small dumplings made from dough, which additionally add garlic, paprika, nuts or greens. To prepare them, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup flour
  • garlic - 3 cloves,
  • 1 egg
  • a pinch of salt.

Cooking. Mix everything in one bowl and knead the cool dough. Then, after wetting the fingers in the water, tear off a small piece of dough and lower it into the goulash to cook for 5 minutes until the dish is completely ready.

Hungarian goulash without potatoes

  • 300 g of beef,
  • Bell pepper,
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 carrot
  • wheat flour - 2 tbsp.,
  • water,
  • salt,
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • sweet paprika
  • white mustard - 1 teaspoon,
  • vegetable / butter for frying.

Cooking. Fry the meat chopped into cubes in vegetable oil. Salt and pepper the meat, pour a little water. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes.

At this time, in another pan, fry the flour for 5 minutes until brown. To the meat, put all the other chopped ingredients, pepper, add paprika and mustard.

Put out 20 minutes. Dilute fried flour in half a glass of warm water, stir with a fork until the lumps dissolve. Pour into a pan to meat and vegetables. Simmer for another half hour until the dish thickens.

With beef in a slow cooker

One of the easiest recipes for cooking is in a slow cooker.

  • beef - 400 g
  • 2 onions,
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 bell peppers,
  • garlic - 3 cloves,
  • dry paprika
  • salt and greens.

Cooking. Turn the slow cooker on the "Frying" mode, and wait for the pan to heat up. Fry slices of meat in vegetable oil until crusted.

Chop the vegetables into cubes and transfer them to the meat at the same time. Add salt, paprika and chopped garlic. Pour 200 g of hot water.
Important! Do not add a lot of liquid, since water from the slow cooker will not evaporate as much as from a pan on the stove.

Close cover tightly. And switch the slow cooker to the "Extinguishing" mode for 40 minutes. Sprinkle greens in the finished dish.

Goulash in a cauldron

Traditionally, the dish was prepared in a cauldron using a large number of ingredients, so the taste in it is excellent. For this you need:

  • 1 kg of beef meat
  • 200 г соленого или копченого сала,
  • сладких перца – 2 шт,
  • 1 острый/горький перец,
  • крупный томат – 1 шт,
  • морковь – 1 шт,
  • 2 лука,
  • 5 зубчиков чеснока,
  • специи: молотая паприка, черный перец, тмин,
  • greenery,
  • 1,5 л горячей воды.

And the next thing is to heat the cauldron and toss there the lard, cut into thin slices. To fat melted, and at the same time did not burn, you should languish over low heat.

Then put the diced meat. While it is preparing, at this time, cut the vegetables: onion into small cubes, then add to the meat and fry for a short time. Grate the carrots and immerse in a cauldron. Strain for 2-3 minutes. All spices are simultaneously put into the cauldron, and mix well so that everything is evenly distributed.

Add grated garlic and hot pepper. To salt. Pour about 1 liter of water. Close the lid and leave to simmer for 1.5 hours. Remove the skin from the tomato. Cut it and sweet pepper into cubes, put in a cauldron 30 minutes before readiness. Part of the greens can be let go at this stage of cooking, and part when serving the dishes hot.

In a pot

  • 500 g of beef,
  • 3 potatoes
  • 2 tbsp. tomato paste
  • 1 onion,
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 tomato
  • butter,
  • ground red pepper, dry paprika and salt,
  • water.

The cooking steps are simple. Melt the butter and fry the onion on it, sprinkle with ground pepper. To the onion, toss slices of beef and add salt. After that, transfer the pots to the ingredients, pour a little water and put in the oven to simmer for half an hour.

Dice sweet peppers and potatoes, chop the tomato. Immerse all cooked ingredients in pots, add more water, tomato paste and ground paprika. Stew in the oven for hours.

Useful Tips

Useful tips for preparing goulash in Hungarian:

  1. It is better to take a cooking container with a thick bottom, ideally this is a cauldron, it will provide uniform heating.
  2. The choice of paprika must be approached responsibly, because it is an indispensable element in the dish. Sweet red pepper and high-quality tomatoes should be preferred.
  3. Beef meat is cooked for a very long time, so it is best to use veal.

If you keep these simple secrets, the dish will come out very tasty.

Hungarian beef goulash according to the classic recipe

  • meat - 500 gr
  • onion - 2 pcs.
  • carrots - 1 pc (large)
  • bell pepper -2-3 pcs.
  • potatoes -3-4 pcs.
  • tomatoes in their own juice - 1 can
  • dill, parsley - a good bunch
  • garlic-3 cloves
  • paprika -3 tbsp. a spoon
  • cumin - a pinch
  • spices for beef -1 tsp
  • olive oil - 4 -5 tbsp. spoons
  • salt, ground black pepper - to taste
  • black allspice peas - 6-7 peas
  • red hot peppers to taste

Preparation of ingredients:

1. Wash and dry the meat with a paper towel. I got about 400 grams of pulp and 150 grams of meat on the bone. You can take 500 grams of pulp and meat bone, the meat will not be redundant.

2. Cut the pulp into fairly large pieces, about 3x3 cm. If you cut it to a smaller size, then in the process of cooking all the juice will come out of it, and it will turn out tough and not tasty. Therefore, we cut larger. The bone must be required. She gives the necessary fat to our dish; without it, it is impossible for him in any way.

3. Peel the onion, cut into two parts. Rinse with cold water so that it does not make us cry and cut into thin half rings. The thinner you cut it, the better. It is necessary that he give all his juice to the dish, and he completely dissolves. And for this you need to cut it as thin as possible. Take a sharp knife, and in a minute the whole onion will be cut.

4. Carrots are needed larger, peeled and cut into cubes of approximately 1x1 cm. All vegetables will subsequently be cut into cubes of the same size. So that the dish was not only tasty, but also beautiful.

5. In the same way we cut bell pepper. It is believed that the more pepper, the tastier. There are recipes where pepper is taken as much as meat. The finished dish turns out to be very beautiful when pepper of different colors is used. In the autumn, when there are a lot of peppers, I try to take it in different colors. But now is the beginning of summer, all the pepper is “overseas”, it’s worth some crazy money, so we’ll limit ourselves to red.

6. Peel the potatoes in advance. Real goulash soup is always prepared with potatoes. Put it in the water. Later, in the cooking process, we will have time to cut it into the same cubes as we chopped other vegetables.

7. Peel the garlic, crush it with the flat side of the knife and chop finely.

8. Wash greens and put so that all the water in the glass. Fresh greens, odorous, fresh from the garden. There will be a good aroma.

9. Open a jar of tomatoes, get the tomatoes and if they are with the skin, remove it. She doesn’t need us. If you cook from fresh tomatoes, then pour boiling water over them and remove the skin. Then cut into large pieces. Cooking tomatoes must be juicy and very red. The color of the finished dish is also very important, and it will turn out only from very ripe tomatoes. You can of course "fool the color" by adding a tablespoon of tomato paste. So do if there is neither the first nor the second option.

10. Prepare all the spices in advance so that everything is at hand and not to forget anything.

11. And for cooking, we need a thick-walled pan or cauldron, in which we will immediately fry and cook. In such dishes, the heat is distributed evenly, and our dish will turn out to be simply incredibly tasty in it.

When you cook the dish for the second and third time, you can do all this preparation, which is called "in the process." But if you cook for the first time, then cook everything in advance so that you do not fuss later. And just keep track of the time, and send all the ingredients to the pan on time.

Any preparation of a delicious dish does not endure hustle and bustle. When fussing, one will burn, then the other. And when in a hurry, you can forget to put something at all.

Now that we have everything ready, let's start cooking.

Cooking goulash:

1. We heat olive oil in a pan, it is used in a traditional recipe. If it is not, then this is not a reason to refuse to prepare a delicious dish. Sunflower oil is also suitable.

2. Fry onion in oil over high heat. From time to time we stir it with a “stirrer” convenient for this business.

3. As soon as the onion is slightly “golden”, add meat and bone. Fry it over high heat until the meat turns white. A big fire is important, as it will allow the meat to be soft. It will quickly “grab” and all the juice will remain inside. The meat will be juicy and chewing well.

While frying meat with onions, it is necessary to mix the contents more often so that nothing burns. We do not have much oil, but the fire is big. Therefore, you almost follow, and then you will scrape meat with onions from the bottom. And you spoil the taste. Don't we need this? We do not move away from the stove, and stir, scooping everything from all ends and edges.

4. Now add the carrots. Mix. In the fall, when celery root appears on sale, add it too. It will fill the dish with a good combination and additional taste. Today I specifically looked for him, went around all the shops, could not find ... Sorry. Well, what will we cook without him. Well, if you are more fortunate, then take it about the same as carrots. And add to the dish with it.

5. Fry the carrots for 5 minutes and add the paprika. Mix, and immediately pour tomato sauce from tomatoes. If you have tomatoes and tomato paste, then spread a spoonful of tomato paste in water, and add it. Paprika can not be kept on high heat and in oil for a long time. It is quickly fried and gives the dish a bitter taste. Therefore, they just poured it in, immediately mixed it, and immediately added the liquid.

6. Once the tomato sauce has boiled, add the whole tomatoes. They are plum-shaped, medium-sized, and already peeled. If yours are larger, cut them into large pieces.

7. Again, wait until it boils. Now it is time to reduce the fire to medium, or even small. Until this time, we did everything on a big fire. Our soup should boil slightly, but not much. Only to "gurgle" and all. If the boil is strong, the color will go away and the taste will suffer. If it does not boil, then nothing will boil. Overexposed vegetables and meat in such a broth, and they will become tasteless and tough. So, as in many ways, we choose the “golden mean”.

8. Once you have reached the desired boil, close the lid and leave the dish for 20 minutes to “gurgle” quietly.

9. During this time, cut the potatoes into cubes. And knead the dough for the "chips". The recipe will be a little lower.

10. After 20 minutes, add chopped garlic and bell pepper.

11. Stir and pour boiled water. I poured a little less than a liter, about 850 ml. Do not forget that we should get a thick soup. Therefore, when we mix, we imagine how much it will turn out when we add more potatoes and “chips”.

You can add any vegetable broth to the contents. If it is prepared in advance, and most importantly, fresh, add. But you don’t need to cook specially. Vegetables and meat are enough to make a good rich soup.

12. Without waiting for boiling, put in the soup allspice peas, a pinch of caraway seeds and a slice of red hot pepper. We will not cook very spicy soup, but if you want to be sharper, add more pepper. Be careful with caraway seeds - just a little pinch and that’s it! This odorous seasoning can give an additional aroma and taste to the dish, or you can spoil it, moreover, with ease.

13. Add fire and wait for the broth to boil. Add potatoes, beef spices and salt to taste immediately. I added salt a little less than half a tablespoon. I didn’t need any more, because my tomatoes were salty.

14. As it boils, reduce the heat again. Cook until potatoes are cooked, about 20 minutes. During this time, chop quite coarsely greens.

15. When the potatoes are ready, we determine this by trying it, it remains to add greens and a little black pepper.

16. Then turn off the gas, cover. Boil greens is not necessary. Leave the dish to infuse for 25-30 minutes. For fidelity, you can cover it tightly with a towel. This is an integral part of the preparation. Do not neglect this! During this time, all the ingredients cool down slowly, exchange among themselves their juices and tastes. After that, the taste of the soup will be uniform, harmonious and very tasty.

It is this stage that will make the goulash so that you can not notice, inadvertently "eat a spoon."

17. Before you pour the soup, catch all the peas of pepper and a slice of red capsicum. If one or the other comes to the tooth, it will spoil the feeling of harmony. You also need to get a bone, remove meat from it. Cut the meat and put it back into the soup.

18. When serving, put a little "chips" and pour everything on top of the broth with vegetables and meat. To eat without mayonnaise and even without sour cream. There, without it, just enough. No need to change the taste of a natural dish with any additives.

Well, for now, our Hungarian soup is infused, we will boil the "chips." By the way, what is this word in general?

What is a "chipset". What they eat and how to cook

Everything is very simple, “chipsets”, or more correctly, “chipsets” - these are essentially small pieces of a regular dough that simply “tweaked” from the main piece. Or they can also be called Hungarian dumplings. The word, simply put, comes from the word pinching. That is, this is such a simple folk way of cooking pasta. That's right, but where did the shepherds roll noodles? Therefore, they came up with such a method, tweaked the dough and boiled it.

What they eat with is understandable. Of course with the Hungarian shepherd's soup! Goulash with a “chipset” is considered to be a folk and traditional dish of Hungary. It is in this combination that it is served, whether in a restaurant or at home.

And finally, how to cook them? They are prepared from a very cool dough. You can cook it just from eggs and flour, or you can with various additives. To do this, add greens or garlic to the dough.

A distinctive feature is that they are not dried, like other pasta. And cook raw. If you cook goulash at once, then the "chips" are immediately added to the soup. And if you eat it for the second time, it is better to boil them separately. And then, lying down in the soup, they will begin to creep. And the second time the dish will not look so appetizing.