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How to get rid of mosquitoes at home without a drop of blood


Oh, these mosquitoes ...

With the advent of summer, they are just annoying like never before. What about cute kids? That's who gets it ... When these bloodsuckers spend days on the street biting them all the time. And then itching, and nights become restless. In a word, nothing good!

And with today's article, we decided to help our readers, and tell everything from A to Z, about how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and midges forever, and give clear instructions for you.

We all spend a lot of time outdoors. Fresh air, the sun - all this is wonderful, if not one but. And these are mosquitoes.

And the matter is not only in their annoying itching and painful bites. Although, if the bite is not combed, then there will be no redness and blister.

There are also unpleasant consequences from mosquito bites, and they are associated with infectious diseases. With the word encephalitis, we imagine ticks. However, mosquitoes are also able to tolerate this disease. And therefore, it is called mosquito encephalitis.

Mosquito encephalitis (synonyms of the disease: Japanese encephalitis, summer-autumn, encephalitis B) is an acute viral, natural focal infectious disease characterized by fever and severe damage to the central nervous system - meningeal syndrome, hyperkinesis and muscle hypertension, sometimes spastic paresis and paralysis, mental illness . (medical encyclopedia)

Ticks and mosquitoes themselves are only carriers of this disease. Carriers are birds, as well as small and large mammals.

In addition, some people are allergic to the mosquito bite itself, which is also no less pleasant.

And how can one work normally in a country house if hordes of these “bloodthirsty” insects swarm around you, ready to suck your blood out of you.

See how many mosquitoes are waiting for fishing, if you do not apply sprays or treatment of the area

So you have to stock up on various types of repellents, since there are a lot of them in stores. There are folk methods to combat these insects. One of the most common and fairly simple ways - to make the so-called "smoke". In a bucket we set fire to the grass, and thick smoke from it will scare away these bloodsucking.

Tsifoks: instructions for use and how to breed mosquitoes

One of the popular and effective remedies used against a large number of pests and parasites is cytoxox. And I tested its effectiveness on the site. I just sprayed the entire perimeter, and for a week now I have not noticed so many mosquitoes. Although part of the neighbors still flies)) In any case, I recommend!

This drug is often used by professional pest control. If you follow the processing rules, then tsifoks allowed to apply at home.

According to the instructions Tsifoks provides complete destruction of harmful insects within 20-25 minutes. The duration of its action depends on the type of surface being treated and on the concentration of the emulsion and ranges from one week to three months.

On the premises, the duration of the residual effect of the drug is from one to three months, in water - 1-3 weeks, in nature - from one to six weeks, and when treated from ixodid ticks - from one to two months.

What attracts mosquitoes to the house?

It will be more effective not only to exterminate insects in the apartment, but also to block the path of their penetration.

  • Moisture. Bloodsuckers are crazy about moisture. Ask any fisherman, he will tell you about the mosquito hordes near the ponds. And if pipes leak in the basement, then the residents of the whole entrance, especially the lower floors, will have to fight off mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

  • Window. For tens of meters, insects smell the smell of human blood and sweat. More than a dozen bloodsuckers can fly into the room through a click in the window, and in summer it is impossible to sleep with clogged shutters.

Why do mosquitoes appear at home?

Mosquitoes in an apartment are very common, and hardly anyone can boast of a summer spent without them. Before looking for effective methods of combating these insects, you should find out the reasons for their appearance in apartments.

  1. Humidity. Mosquitoes favor dampness, so if water is in the basement of the house, insects will gladly adapt this basement to their habitat. It is from him that they will fly into various apartments. So, first of all, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the basement.
  2. Heat. As you know, only female mosquitoes suck human blood. They need it to lay eggs. The female insect feels a blow of warm air from the apartment and flies to the heat source.
  1. Muffled light. Sunlight blinds mosquitoes, and therefore they rarely attack during daylight hours. Most often they can be found at dusk or at night.
  1. The mosquito has more than 70 receptors that allow it to capture a wide variety of aromas. The most attractive for them is the smell of sweat and alcohol, or rather, the smell of ethanol from a drunk person. These are the smells that a person can influence the intensity of distribution. There are also a number of flavors that only mosquitoes understand. For example, mosquitoes are attracted by owners of 1 and 2 blood groups, children and pregnant women.

The most effective mosquito control

To effectively fight insects in an apartment, we offer the most effective mechanical and technical means:

  • Mosquito nets are perfectly suitable for blocking the access of bloodsuckers to the room. A low-cost and easy-to-use tool blocks the path of penetration not only to mosquitoes, but also to many other uninvited guests from outside. You can easily purchase it on the market or make it yourself from slats with mesh or gauze.

  • Electric fumigators are a combination of an electric heating device and a plate saturated with insecticides. When the device is heated, the plate exudes toxic substances that destroy bloodsuckers. Also common are devices that vaporize an insecticide poured into the bottle of the fumigator.

  • Pyrotechnic fumigators are suitable for combating annoying insects in a summer cottage or in the yard. They are represented by plates mainly in the form of spirals mounted on metal brackets. They are set on fire, stewed and left to smolder for about 8 hours. This kills mosquitoes, or causes them to retire for a long time. Such a device can also be built from a conventional plate. Set it on fire and leave smoldering in a saucer or ashtray.

Important! This option is not suitable for fighting mosquitoes in the house, because the respiratory system can be affected.

  • Repellent does not kill insects, but has a deterrent effect. Means are presented in the form of aerosols, sprays, creams, ointments or lotions. The main active ingredient is essential oils. They evaporate from the surface of the skin, irritating the organs of smell of mosquitoes, scaring them away from the body.

  • Ultrasonic repellers are inaudible to human ears, but make mosquitoes keep a safe distance from you. The preferred tool is due to the fact that it is non-toxic and non-toxic, and you will not have to collect mosquito corpses. The devices are very compact in size, so they can be worn as a clip to the belt or as a bracelet on the hand.

  • Anti-mosquito systems with fogging spray substances based on Dalmatian chamomile. After spraying, the liquid is similar to fog, but it is completely harmless to humans and pets. Pyrethrum, which is the main component, has a nerve-paralytic effect on insects. The system is very effective, and of the minuses only its high cost.

Varieties of mosquito repellents

All funds from mosquitoes can be divided into two groups - individual and general.

  • As the name implies, an individual remedy can protect only the person who uses it. These include various products applied to the skin and clothing of a person - sprays, ointments, aerosols. It is worth noting that all these tools only repel insects, but do not destroy. The use of such funds is more appropriate on the street than in the apartment.
  • Varieties of common tools are aimed at combating all insects that are in the room. The choice of such funds is optimal for apartments, houses, cottages and even open street spaces.

How to prepare a solution, and how to handle it?

The working emulsion of Cifox is to be prepared immediately before its use. For this, Tsifoks is diluted with tap water, and continuously stirred for five minutes.

Solution concentration:

  • 0.01% - 5 ml of water requires 2 ml of the drug.
  • 0.05% - 10 ml of the drug are needed per 5 liters of water.
  • 0.1% - for 5 liters of water you need 20 ml of the drug.

Ready emulsion is recommended to be used in the first eight hours. For applying Tsifoks usually take multi-liter large-drop sprayers.

To destroy rats, scabies mites, ants, bed bugs, 0.05% Tsifoks aqueous emulsion is used.

As for mosquitoes, a concentration of 0.01% is sufficient for their destruction (ground treatment is carried out). This consumes 100 ml of working solution Tsifoks per 1 square. m. territory.

Although this drug is less toxic than other solutions, certain safety rules must be followed. Processing should be carried out in a mask and protective clothing, the room must be ventilated during processing, and after 12 hours after it, the remaining product must be washed off with warm water or a soap-soda solution.

Modern mosquito repellents

  • One of the effective substances against mosquitoes is diethyltoluamide (another name for the substance "death"). This substance was discovered in the middle of the last century and is actively used in personal protective equipment. Available in the form of aerosols, lotions and creams. The most well-known products using diethyltoluamide are Moskitol, Deta, and Taiga.

When using the product, it is worth remembering that this is a chemical substance, and its dosage for adults and children should be different.

So, if an hour and a half is to be spent at the place of mosquito accumulation, preference should be given to a remedy with a concentration of not more than 7-10%.

Before using any repellent, you must carefully read the instructions and do not increase the concentration as you wish.

Most likely, protection from this will not improve, but side effects are very likely.

  • Another known mosquito repellent is permethrin. It can be applied to clothes, shoes and other materials, but in no case should you apply a product containing permethrin to open skin. The substance is also effective against ticks, fleas and other insects. It is a good option for camping trips where an overnight stay is planned.
  • Insecticide-based products are very popular. The fumigator is the most famous representative of this type of funds. The fumigator consists of a plastic container and an electric fork. A special substance is placed in the container (a plate or liquid), the device is connected to a power outlet, and due to heating, the insecticide begins to evaporate and drive insects away with toxic fumes.

As for the filler - the most common is a liquid agent, it begins to act 5 minutes after the fumigator is connected to the network. Plates are also popular and allow you to forget about mosquitoes for the whole night.

The most famous fumigators are Raptor, Raid, Fumitox.

  • The mosquito coil acts on the same principle as the fumigator. The device is ignited from one end, and during smoldering, the release of the active substance into the air begins. To eliminate the danger of fires, the spiral is equipped with a special metal stand.

  • Ultrasonic devices are the most advanced insect control device. The principle of operation is based on the fact that the device sends ultrasonic pulses that repel insects, but are harmless to the human ear.

Devices differ in the type of power supply (batteries or mains), as well as the range. The advantages of using ultrasonic protectors include silent operation, lack of smell, as well as the safety of use for children, adults and pets. Nevertheless, it is important to know that even expensive devices do not cope with the declared efficiency of 100%.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the country. What remedies or poison can I buy?

In order to get rid of mosquitoes in the country, you can offer three options for action. This is the planting of plants that scare away these insects, chemical spraying of the site and the installation of special mosquito traps.

As for plants, it is recommended to plant the following species:

Juniper, thuja, horse chestnut and elderberry. Of the grassy ones, basil, valerian, feverfew, marigolds, wormwood, lavender, catnip, matiola, blackcurrant are best suited. Perhaps not all of you will be satisfied with the result, but it's worth a try.

Chemical treatment plot consists in spraying with special compounds the entire surface of the plot. The effect of sprayed drugs in dry weather lasts for 3-4 weeks. After rains, the drug is most often washed off; its effectiveness decreases, so it is necessary to re-treat it.

There are five drugs that are especially popular for this purpose. One of them is tsifoks. The rest are: Medilis cyper, SIPAZ SUPER, Agran, Sinuzan.

Methods of use and dilution of these drugs can be found in the instructions that are enclosed in the package.

Electric traps are also used.based on the action of ultraviolet radiation. However, it is not necessary to speak with sufficient confidence about the effectiveness of these devices.

Folk ways to get rid of mosquitoes

Along with modern mosquito repellents, there is a huge amount of natural remedies in the fight against these insects. The use of these methods is especially important when a small child, a pregnant woman, as well as pets are in the house.

The following methods are the most common.

  • Decoctions with the addition of various herbs and essential oils. Mosquitoes in the apartment cannot tolerate the smell of plants such as vanilla, cloves, wheatgrass root. Decoction prepared from one of these plants can be used to lubricate exposed skin - it helps mosquitoes very well. Such a drug is likely to drive away unwanted insects.
  • Vanilla can also be added to baby cream and used without concern for the care and protection of children.
  • The vinegar aroma will easily drive mosquitoes away. It must be mixed with water in 1: 1 proportions and you can wipe the skin. After a few minutes, the aroma will cease to be felt by people, but will remain very unpleasant for mosquitoes.
  • You can also evaporate valerian, 100% eucalyptus extract, cedar and camphor oil in a water bath.
  • It is permissible to add essential oils to the aroma lamp. Oil extracts of cloves, anise and tea tree are perfect.
  • Aromatic oils can also be applied to light bulbs.
  • Also, mosquitoes in the apartment can not tolerate the presence of basil leaves or tobacco.
  • You can plant tomatoes or geraniums on the window. Another option for using flowers is to put a bouquet of lilac or bird cherry in the room.
  • Garlic is no less effective in fighting mosquitoes, but due to the strong smell, not everyone is ready to use it. It is enough to chop a couple of cloves of garlic and put it on the windowsill - you are guaranteed a good night.

How to make mosquito ointment at home?

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase any spray or cream in the store, you can use folk methods and make it yourself mosquito ointment.

One effective remedy is an ointment based on essential oils. Take a baby cream, mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil, anise, geranium, lavender or eucalyptus. Lubricate open areas and nature!

Another remedy, also quite good: an ointment with vanilla. Vanilla contains substances that remove redness. We prepare the ointment as follows. In the prepared container (jar) squeeze the baby cream and pour vanillin. All mix well. Also, before leaving, smear exposed skin.

Instead of cream, you can use water, in which we dissolve vanilla powder.

And another ointment, which is made on the basis of oils and aloe juice.

To prepare this tool, we need 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons aloe juice, base oil (olive, peach, coconut) and any essential oil.

To prepare aloe juice, take its leaves, grind it and put it in gauze to collect a gel-like liquid. Next, add a few drops of essential oil to it, after which we pour the oil taken for the base into the prepared mixture. The resulting mixture is applied to exposed areas of the body before going out into the wild.

This tool retains its properties for 30 days, and it must be stored in a jar of dark glass and avoid sunlight.

Other mosquito control methods

In addition to the described means, there are other methods of combating blood-sucking insects. One of the proven mosquito repellents is a mosquito net on windows and doors.

  • Детям и беременным можно использовать специальные браслеты от комаров. Они представляют собой силиконовые повязки на руку с выемкой, куда заливается масло цитронеллы. Such a bracelet can be purchased or made with your own hands.
  • If you have dinner on the street, say, in the country, you can use a soap solution. A plate of water should be put in an inconspicuous place near your location. Dampness will attract insects, and a soapy solution will not allow them to fly away.

Pocket device for mosquitoes and what is it?

In addition to various kinds of chemicals, there are also so-called pocket mosquito repellers.

These are small-sized devices, both desktop and in the form of a keychain, publishing ultrasounds. The principle of operation is that the device makes the sounds of the wings of males, which females prefer to avoid. As a result, blood-sucking insects hear these sounds fly away.

Such repellers are made in two versions: stationary and pocket or portable.

Stationary appliances are most often connected to the network in the room and their range covers an area of ​​20 to 80 square meters. m. Portable devices are carried on the belt and are powered by batteries.

There are many options for models of handheld devices. The table below shows the comparative characteristics of the most popular models.

How to get rid of itching and redness after a bite of a midge or mosquito?

The appearance of itching at the site of the bite and redness of the skin is due to the fact that mosquito saliva enters the wound, which causes such a reaction.

If at hand there are no special ointments or gel, then the following tools have proven themselves well:

- boric alcohol or medicinal alcohol tinctures

- ammonia - wipe it with the skin at the site of the bite

- a solution of drinking soda (a quarter of a teaspoon in half a glass of water)

- alcohol-water compress (1 part alcohol 3 parts water)

Table vinegar also helps. Same, can use ice. If you attach it to the site of the bite for 10-20 minutes, it can also remove puffiness. Just running water from the tap can also contribute to this effect. Enough to hold the bite on the arm or leg under a stream of cold water.

If we talk about special medicines, then ointments such as: hydrocortisone ointment, Beloderm, Soventol, Golden Star balm will help you relieve itching and redness. Among heliums, one can distinguish: fenistil gel, advantan, psilo-balm, and among creams: baneocin and uniderm.

If you have an allergic reaction to bites, then antihistamines in tablets such as tavegil, suprastin, diazolin, zirtek and others will help to remove it.

The child has itching, redness, and swelling from a mosquito bite. What to do?

Mosquito bites in children and adults are very different. This is primarily due to the structure of the skin. In children, it is more tender. Therefore, not all products used by adults are equally suitable for children.

For starters, it’s best to use more gentle products for the baby’s skin, such as sour cream or yogurt, mint toothpaste, and soda in the form of a solution or slurry and tea tree oil will do

Among the medications, Ibuprofen and Naproxen, which relieve inflammation and swelling, are worth highlighting. There is no need for a prescription for such drugs as Hydroxysin, Diphenhydramine, and Chlorpheniramine. Bepanten Plus ointment, Fenistil gel, Tsindol suspension are very effective.

In pharmacies there are a lot of different drugs, you can choose any and do not worry about the consequences of a mosquito bite.

We tried to make out the most effective ways to fight mosquitoes in the area, and for humans. Of course, there are also various tablets or spirals (green and black), which are also used both indoors and outdoors.

Your opinion about how you deal with mosquitoes on the site is important. Share below in the comments, your most effective way!

Folk methods of fighting mosquitoes

As already mentioned, these insects have a very sensitive sense of smell, and if some smells beckon them, then others are not transferred to the spirit. Your attention is a list of smells that scare away bloodsuckers and make them stay away from your home.

  • Effective tomato. The fight against mosquitoes under the power of an ordinary tomato plant. The sprouts exude an odor so disgusting for bloodsuckers that it will be quite simple to place several pots or drawers with tomatoes on the windowsill. In this case, the insects will forget the path to your room.
  • Indoor vegetation: pelargonium, rosemary, myrtle or mint perfectly repel insects with their bright aroma. The leaflets contain essential oils that act as an invisible barrier to your protection. As a decoration, place pots with a pleasant-smelling green on the windowsill. To "mosquito" plants work, periodically wipe them, gently shake them.

  • Aromalamps do an excellent job of protection. Choose the most effective essential oils: lavender, anise, geranium, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, camphor laurel, valerian. Maintain the temperature of the liquid in the aroma lamp at around 40-60 degrees. So you evenly and smoothly saturate the air with an effective aroma.

Important! Do not bring the effect of the lamp to harm the body. Overuse may cause headaches, nausea, and even vomiting.

  • Cut branches of lemon balm, mint, bird cherry, walnut, laid out on a windowsill, or put in water as a bouquet, also scare away bloodsuckers.

  • Broth from wheatgrass. It is the wheat grass that every gardener fights with that will help you cope with the problem. Thoroughly wash the wheatgrass roots and chop finely. Pour a cup of crushed roots with a liter of water, bring to a boil over low heat and turn off the heat. Repeat boiling several times. The resulting concentrated broth spread on exposed areas of the body. The effect will last several hours.
  • The combination of vanillin with alcohol. Dissolve a bag of vanillin in 100g of ordinary vodka. Stir until completely dissolved. Apply the composition to the skin of the neck, arms, face and other parts of the body that need to be protected. We guarantee 100% effect.

  • Lemon with cloves can be improvised means. Cut a whole lemon, and stick 10-15 cloves into the flesh of each half. Leave a pleasantly smelling product at home by the window and a good night is guaranteed.

  • Means of controlling insects in nature are different from home ones. In the forest by the fire, cones of spruce and juniper branches thrown into the fire will help you. Mosquitoes do not tolerate the resulting smoke from the needles.
  • On the street, just rub open skin with leaves of bird cherry or mountain ash.

Homemade Mosquito Traps

In order not to put up, and not tolerate painful bites, you can try to build effective traps.

  • Based on yeast. You can fight with such home remedies in the gazebo or even at a table in nature. Cut off 1/3 of the plastic bottle, fill the remaining 2/3 with a cup of warm water. Pour 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar into the water and stir until it dissolves. Put a teaspoon of dry yeast there, but don’t mix. Turn the cut-off third in the form of a funnel and lower it into the bottle with its neck down and set it nearby for your vacation. The contents of the bottle will lure bloodsuckers, and the inverted neck will not allow them to fly out of there.

  • Fly swatter with a secret. Destroying mosquitoes in a room with a folded newspaper or hand can result in bloody stains on the wallpaper or ceiling. If you refine this device, you can quickly kill mosquitoes without damaging the decor. Attach a handle about a meter long to a regular clothes brush, or use a floor brush with a handle. After a well-aimed blow, the mosquito does not spread across the wall or ceiling, but gets stuck in the bristle fibers.

Fighting mosquitoes with folk remedies can be just as effective as when using store-bought drugs. Everyone can choose the tool that will provide you with a sound sleep without annoying buzzing.

Useful Tips

You should refuse clothes of dark colors, as well as carefully calculate the time spent in the open air. Do not forget about the time when mosquitoes attack.

If, despite all the precautions, you have been bitten by insects, the damaged areas must be lubricated with hydrogen peroxide, a solution of vinegar, alcohol or a special ointment against itching. Ice packs and lotions from cold water are also effective.

Today, there is a huge amount of both folk and modern mosquito repellents. Which one to choose is up to you!