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Murano glass products: how to distinguish fake


In this article, we will tell you how to distinguish real Murano glass from fakes.

Since the secrets of making Murano glass by glassblowers are no longer so vehemently protected as they were before, naturally, falsification and copying of these products from Murano glass takes place.

Venetian glass is gaining more and more popularity every year, so faking it is also very profitable. Fake (fake) Murano glass is made in Korea, India, China and Romania. Prices for fake Murano glass can be very attractive, sometimes the same as the original glass. In the second case, it will be very unpleasant to get a fake product as Murano glass.

So how to distinguish real Murano glass from fake?

Real Murano glass is made from sand only from the Venetian lagoon and nothing else.This is similar to how real Champagne wine should be only from the Champagne region, located in France. So Murano glass should only come from Italy from the island of Murano, where it was created and where its quality is the painstaking work of hereditary glassblowers.

When buying Murano glass, you should pay attention to the following things:

1) If the details of the product, by definition, should be transparent glass, then it should be crystalline transparent. Transparent glass is called cristallo, and it’s not just that, you can find opacities, impurities and specks in fake products.

2) Murano glass jewelry is often decorated with precious metals. If they are, then they must have appropriate samples.

3) Products are never made anyhow. They are always distinguished by their high quality. Poorly polished rough products can immediately be thrown aside. It's a fake copy!

4) Glossy products should give glare and shine in the sun.

5) Bad jewelry has weak locks, chipping paint under gold and other unpleasant little things.

6) If the glass is made in the Avanturino technique, then it must necessarily have flickering sparks. They are obtained by crystallization of copper powder. If this is not so, then these are some other impurities and the product is a fake.

7) Murano glass is primarily glass, so if it falls, it will break.

8) Authentic jewelry will never fade in the sun, since various metal oxides are used for staining, not paint.

9) Like all glass products, glass should be cool to the skin. What plastic does not boast of.

10) The lack of small and clear details should alert you. But this does not always happen, so be careful about this criterion.

11) The glassmakers of the island of Murano are members of a guild, which allows them to put a special stamp with the text Murano Glass, finely in gold foil. There is no way to erase such text, since it is soldered into the top layer of glass. There is no way to scrape it off or scratch it.

12) All products are accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

13) Each product is unique - it is handmade. You will find a similar one in one jewelry, which means a fake.

Murano glass is primarily exclusive and high-quality products, so they should look accordingly. A.

How to distinguish Murano glass from fake

Murano glass is made on the island of Murano, located in the Venetian lagoon. Glass manufacturing traditions have been around for more than a century. This art glass of the highest quality has a distinctive shape and style.

These glass products are made by master glassblowers exclusively by hand.

In recent years, cheap fakes from China, as well as copies of originals made in other countries, have come to many countries. An inexperienced buyer may not distinguish a fake from the original, although genuine Murano glass stands out for its appearance and quality.

Look shortcut

Look for a foil or paper label on the product. Although the label usually simply indicates that the glass was made in Murano, the shape and style of the inscription and label often identifies the manufacturer itself.

There are books and websites with photographs and descriptions of labels that identify the manufacturer: Salviati, Seguso, AVEM, Fratelli Toso, Venini and others.

Verify the signature

Inspect the underside of the glass product to check for a signature. Venini and Cenedese often signed art glass produced in their factories, so even if there is no paper or foil label, the product will still be marked.

These companies still produce glass, although the founders have long died, and there are few products signed by them. But if there is no signature, the underside of the product will be polished to smoothness. If there are roughnesses on the bottom, this is most likely not Murano glass.

Pay attention to quality

Check the quality of the glass. The original has a clear color without noticeable defects or bubbles. Glass with “midge” - this is the name of glass, inside of which there are unevenly located tiny air bubbles, which is completely uncharacteristic for Murano glass.

Most of the products are made by manual blowing, so there should be no visible seams that remain after pressing the glass. But there may be traces of crimping tongs and other tools used in the manufacture of glass manually.

Such tools stretch the glass and leave parallel lines or grooves, folds or cloves on it.

Do not forget about the style

Compare the style of the proposed Murano glass product with photos in books or on the website. Most of the products that can be found today were made in the 1950s and 1960s, so they are made in a modern style. Smooth streamlined lines and biomorphic forms are characteristic features of the style of that era. Organic abstract art designs were based on nature, not geometry.

Sophisticated Designs

Look for glass products of complex designs: with bubbles inside (not random, but controlled), filigree glass, millefiori (glass rods that, when cut across, give thin pieces of different designs: flowers, circles and others).

These are sophisticated techniques that require more skill than fake manufacturers can offer.

The fake can be distinguished by the rough surface of the products, by the presence of seams, by the green shade of transparent glass, by small bubbles and low quality at the joints and joints. The color of different sections is often heterogeneous, and the shape is fuzzy.

Murano glass is heavy, but not massive. To learn how to easily distinguish genuine Murano glass from fake, visit the exhibitions of Murano glass collections, check on books and photographs on the Internet.

In Murano glass, there are often golden sparks that arose when copper was added to the glass, but it is also this feature of Murano glass that is often copied in fakes.

Characteristics of Murano Glass Products

Such glass is made in Venice in the province of Murano. For it, only Venetian sand is used. For many years, Murano glassblowers kept the secrets of making beautiful jewelry. This is handmade, and each product is produced in a single copy. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry are valued. Souvenirs, such as animals from Murano glass, are also popular.

How to determine that the purchased jewelry is genuine?

• glass is transparent, without a single speck,

• the surface is carefully polished, glossy and glistens in the sun,

• paints do not fade and do not fade,

• products, like all glass, are cool to the touch,

• a stamp made of gold foil is soldered to the surface,

• all jewelry is unique and handmade

• with a light impact, the product emits a thin ringing like crystal,

• in some types of Murano glass, unique holographic patterns are soldered into it,

• products made using the Avanturino technique are distinguished by flickering sparks of copper powder.

How to distinguish a fake?

If a person wants to get real Murano glass, how to distinguish a fake, he needs to know in advance. Signs of fake products:

• impurities, air bubbles, specks are visible through the glass,

• low quality: breaking locks, chipping paint,

• lack of certificate and brand of the manufacturer,

• seams and other signs that the product is made using instruments, rather than hands, are noticeable.

How to buy a genuine product from Murano?

Only a person who knows how Murano glass differs from ordinary glass can purchase an original high-quality product. To do this, carefully consider your purchase. It must have a label indicating the manufacturer, a quality certificate and an original brand. Glass is clean and transparent, smooth, without impurities and seams. Only a real glass product from Murano can become an adornment and a valuable acquisition.