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Hyde Batman: Arkham Knight - basic game tips

Well, perhaps no superhero can compete with Batman! At least in the performance of Affleck. All the roles of the actor - from Batman to Chris Wolf, the hero of the recently released film "Reckoning" - embodied the ideal of MN. Affleck can boast not only voluminous muscles and strength, but also speed, thanks to the Malaysian martial art classes of the penchak silat. MN found out exactly how Affleck keeps himself in shape.

Muscle volume

Affleck's new characters are no match for the old ones - compared to his role in Pearl Harbor, he now looks like a real giant. According to trainer Walter Norton Jr., the system of exercises known as “chaotic training” helped to achieve this. Assuming a continuous change of programs, this system allows the body to avoid adaptation to exercises and reduce their effectiveness. Affleck rarely repeats the same workout twice, which allows his muscles to truly grow. Do you want the same biceps? Forget all the rules!

In “Batman vs. Superman,” Affleck did chain pulls around his lower back, rolled loaded cars, and pulled huge tires on a rope. These exercises allowed the actor to build real strength, and not just muscle volume. Further more - for the role of Chris Wolf in the Reckoning, Affleck Norton's trainer forced the actor to perform the classic series of exercises for developing strength. If you intend to catch up with Affleck, start with the following three exercises:

Pull-ups: 6 repetitions 4 times, 8 seconds per repeat.

Farmer gait with dumbbells: 4 sets of 1 minute.

Raising legs to the crossbar: 4 repetitions of 11 times.

Speed ​​is as important to Affleck as muscle strength or volume. For the role in Reckoning, he trained with the help of a pennant silat. “Silat trains reaction and mobility,” says Rakan Osman, a senior instructor in the Plenak Silat Federation. - In addition, it improves balance. Many movements in the silat are aimed at overturning the opponent and staying on their own. ”

The ability to balance and move correctly without unnecessary movements gives Affleck muscles the necessary speed. You doubt that silat will suit you? In addition to sparring, silat exercises include an exhausting series of exercises aimed at burning excess weight, cardio and strengthening muscles. Complete this series non-stop, take a moment to rest and repeat.

Push ups: 15 times 4 sets of 1 minute.

Squats: 15 times 4 repetitions of 11 times.

Bar: 45 seconds 4 repetitions of 11 times.