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How to install apk on android


Apk format (file name.apk) have all the application installation files for the Android OS. There are several installation methods: using a computer and directly from a mobile device. Remember that all applications that you download on the Internet do not pass anti-virus scanning, for this you need to check them on a computer or have an anti-virus on your device.

  1. Manual installation of apk files downloaded to PC
  2. Installing applications not downloaded from the market on android
  3. Unattended .apk installation from a computer

For work, we need a smartphone / tablet, USB cable, computer.

  1. Connect your smartphone / tablet to your PC using a USB cable
  2. Wait until the computer recognizes the device (it may take a certain time, and in rare cases, driver downloads are required)
  3. Now lower the notification panel on your smartphone / tablet and select the USB connection to the PC that appears there
  4. Choose “Connect as a media device” or “Storage medium” (the name may differ depending on the firmware or model)

  • After the process is completed, the "Run" application button will appear, and a shortcut will appear on your desktop (or in the menu for firmware under 4.0)
  • Download any .apk file using the Android device’s browser, go to “downloads / downloads” (the download is displayed if you lower the notification line, you can start the installation right there), then continue the installation, as in step 7 and 8, in the previous instruction .

    Applications for a more convenient and quick installation, especially several files at once: These applications are specially designed to install .ark files and are easy to use. We recommend System App Remover, because it copes with the main task and is very easy to use.
    Download System App Remover for free

    Install the application according to the previous method. Then all you need to do is go into the program and it will automatically start searching for the existing .ark files on your android device. When the search is over, you just need to click on the file or select several and click "install".

    The application will run the installation files on its own, you only need to agree (or not) with access rights. Even if you close the program, then at the next start you can easily select all uninstalled applications.

    In this way we will use the Airdroid program, it allows you to install games and applications on your Android device - right from your PC! Applications will be automatically installed on your device, and you do not have to confirm the installation of each individually.
    Download AirDroid

    • Installation is automatic
    • Full-fledged work with contacts, messages with the ability to create backup copies
    • Updating installed programs and installation files
    • Gives access to manage folders and files on the device
    • Shows all installed programs
    • Access to editing and downloading pictures, music, videos from the Internet

    That's all! In this article, we looked at how to install an application on an android in different ways. Depending on the situation, you can choose any method convenient for you. Have a nice use!

    Method 1: Via the Google Play app store

    The apk installation option from Google Play is the simplest and preferred for beginners, since it does not require specific knowledge. It is enough to go to the store, find the program in the search and click install.

    The disadvantages include the duration of the installation, since the server does not always allow you to download the application at maximum speed. Installing programs one by one also takes considerable time. Sometimes a program cannot be downloaded due to excessive system requirements, or when the author has forbidden downloading in a certain region.

    Method 2: install apk using ADB

    We must say right away that this is not for beginners: here you need to be able to write commands on the command line. ADB stands for AndroidDebugBridge - A special driver for android phones that connects a smartphone to a computer and allows you to control android commands from a computer from the command line. With ADB, various operations are easily solved by teams. To use the method, some knowledge is required, as well as appropriate configuration and drivers.

    Method 4: Install apk on an android phone from third-party sources

    Another simple and universal way that allows you to install applications downloaded from other sources - forums or application stores. The method is useful because it does not require the presence of Google services.

    The disadvantages include the probability of installing a non-original program with viruses. Therefore, installation should only be done from trusted sources.

    Each of the 4 ways to install apk on android has its own characteristics. The easiest way to install apk applications on android is through the Play Market or from third-party resources. Installing apk files and applications from recovery or using ADB is not necessary for beginners, as these are more complex methods that are suitable for experienced owners of android devices.

    What installation method do you prefer? Write about it in the comments.

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