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Unusual DIY decor photo frame ideas


If you decide to make a new frame for a photo, or you just want to update the old one, that is, the original way, by the way, is not complicated.

You can use fabric of any color and quality. You can come up with a rather original decoration. Alternatively, you can use a plain fabric and then decorate the frame with flowers in tone or vice versa, use a colorful fabric and complement it with various decorative details. You can take a fabric with a floral print and supplement, for example, flower petals with the same fabric, this will create a volume and so you will get a completely unique creation.

For work it is necessary:

1. We draw the fabric. Consider all cuts and bends of fabric on the frame. If you are afraid not to cut the excess, then wrap frame with a cloth and mark the edges, so certainly it will not work to underestimate the edges.

2. Cut out the marked out.

3. We coat the frame with glue, here you can use any glue, but it's getting better simpler, for example ordinary PVA. Glue the fabric to the frame in accordance with the marking.

4. When gluing the corner and butt parts of the frame, press down the fabric well, and the awl will help in this. We carry the awl with the edge in the corners and push everything through.

Ready frame decorate if necessary or just insert a photo and admire both the photograph and its design. Good luck

Types of decor photo frames

  • the first most common way to decorate a photo frame: stick something on it. And this “something” is a boundless sea,
  • to paste in the decoupage style,
  • original painting using a variety of techniques,
  • the frame can be sewn from soft materials,
  • to knit with a knitted fabric
  • decorate with a cloth
  • beautifully wrap with twine, various threads, braid, lace,
  • make from tree twigs,
  • it can even be baked (from salt dough).

The list can be continued indefinitely, only the limit of the imagination granted to you can limit it.

Glued decor

You can stick a lot on the frame, everything is determined by the taste and imagination of the master.

Frames for photographs decorated with buttons will look original, especially if you select them with the same color. However, this is not a prerequisite. The desired color uniformity can be obtained with acrylic paint. For example, buttons coated with gold paint will transform, beyond recognition, by a lucky chance, the old photo frame that did not manage to get into the bin.

Beads, Rhinestones

Over time, such things accumulate in abundance in every woman. All this can become a unique collection of materials for making an elegant frame with your favorite photo with your own hands, it is worth sticking them on a pre-planned drawing, ornament.

Tip: you can use whole brooches, beads, beads, pearls, interesting glassware, fragments of broken dishes, mosaic elements.

Coffee beans, lentils, acorns

Everything can go into action and create unique compositions.
Coffee beans are useful not only for you to make an invigorating drink, they turn out to be an excellent material for decorating photo frames with your own hands: they have a wonderful smell, original texture, noble color, they do not deteriorate. It won’t take much time either: it’s not so difficult with a glue gun or PVA glue to densely cover coffee beans with a standard photo frame, which in a new guise is guaranteed to become the leading interior accessory.

This can be done by replacing coffee grains with lentils, pumpkin seeds, acorns, corks and just chopsticks.
Creative craftsmen do not ignore ordinary pine cones: they separate each flake with pliers and glue the frame. A laborious, of course, business, but worth it - it turns out very beautifully. Work can be varnished.

Tip: to make the handmade frame fragrant, buy anise and star anise stars and find a place for them in the general decor.

This is one of the grateful materials for do-it-yourself photo frame decoration. For decoration, shells of various shapes and sizes are needed. In addition to shells, it is appropriate to use interesting glassware, sea pebbles and other finds made on the sea or river bank in inlays.

When creating an exclusive frame with your own hands, paper can be used, which in the usual scenario threatens the sad fate of the waste paper. Very original picture frames, decorated with tubes of paper from newspapers and magazines that have served their cause.

They can be either short (glued with an end face) or oblong - we use in a horizontal position.
Another decor idea: birch bark is a very effective type of natural materials. Cut the birch bark into five strips. Four will become the actual frame, the fifth can be made a stand.

Salty dough

You can turn a regular photo frame into a design one using salt dough. Each has his own ideas: someone will decorate her with flowers, and someone will blind the name of the child in the picture. But first you need to make this dough itself: knead it from a glass of salt, two glasses of flour and water. Having achieved the consistency of plasticine, begin to sculpt the planned decor elements right on the corner of the photo frame - so the dough will take the desired shape at the base, and it can be glued to the right place without any problems. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes. Cool, glue to the frame and begin to paint with any colors. You can even limit yourself to one of the spray cans. The final stage is varnishing (it is better to make two layers) and drying.

Entourage of childhood

If the family has daughters, the number of decorative hairpins and elastic bands grows exponentially. Cute trinkets, decorated, for example, with flowers, can bring a second life to this idea. Cut flowers from boring gum. Stick those that are larger, stick to the upper corner of the frame, place smaller copies below.

As a result, a real floral cascade will appear. You can glue flowers only on top, leaving the bottom of the frame intact. After completing this process, place the work for several hours under the load. When the flowers are white, the remaining part of the frame, free from decor, should be covered with silver paint, or green, if they cause associations with the spring meadow.

Boys need, of course, a different design style. How do you like the idea of ​​designing a photo frame in a boy’s room with toy cars, preferably one series? The small owner will certainly appreciate such a refinement.

Before you start, prepare:

  • a frame (not necessarily new, you can just get bored),
  • sandpaper sheet
  • glue (if there is no decoupage, dilute PVA glue with an equal amount of water),
  • brush
  • decoupage napkins, cards.

After that, proceed to the decoupage process itself:

  • Sand the old photo frame first. A new one, if it is not lacquered, does not need to be processed.
  • First you need to cut out the desired area from a napkin or card, having previously measured the frame itself, not forgetting the margin needed to process the edges.
  • With a brush (you can use a sponge) carefully apply glue to the front side of the frame. Then place the prepared image in the right place and smooth it, making sure that all air bubbles come out from under the glued fragment. Do this, starting from the center, gradually moving to the edges.
  • Then literally for two minutes you need to put a frame under something heavy, for example, under a massive book.
  • To remove excess pieces of tissue paper, use a nail file to draw along the edge of the photo frame (the pressure angle should be 45). In the same way remove the remains from the central part.
  • Finally, apply another layer of glue and set the frame to dry.

A wide range of decoupage napkins will definitely allow you to choose the means of translating the idea and create a unique work.

Another option for decoupage photo frames

Add paint and varnish to the previous set of materials.

  • Ground the entire wooden surface of the frame in several layers, with each dried, white acrylic paint.
  • From the decoupage napkin you need to cut out the contours of the image you like. Do this carefully - fragile material is easy to damage.
  • Separate the layers of paper that make up the napkin, leaving the top, with a pattern, needed for further work.
  • Put glue on the frame, put the prepared drawing. With a glue brush with smoothing movements, go through the image. Do the same with all other fragments of napkins that decided to decorate the frame.
  • Mix colors to the desired shades and enhance the colors of the composition. Do not forget that so you need to adjust all the sides.
  • To fix the result, apply several layers of transparent varnish.

Brave and non-trivial

  • As a frame for photographs, people who value originality may even have a bicycle wheel that has served its age: take pictures of a general theme, think over a plot, insert a photo between knitting needles or fix clothespins - the original decor is ready.
  • It’s not worth guessing how a hunter will react to a portrait presented to him in a frame of spent cartridges. Of course, with sincere gratitude.
  • Option for anglers: attach hooks or brackets to the fishing rod, with a twine or a thick cable with original nautical knots, hang photo frames on them, add a couple of floats.
  • Even a regular glass jar can become a creative frame for a photograph: place the photo of the appropriate size in the selected container, decorate the empty space with sand, shells, starfish, LED garlands or any other surroundings close to the plot of the picture.

It is impossible to describe all the ways of decorating photo frames with your own hands: every day the ranks of lovers of this democratic type of needlework are replenished, new ideas are born, which, in turn, become an incentive for further ideas. The creative process never stops.